Looking smarter by dumbing it down

From mgoblog, here’s a Michigan-centric take on how Georgia’s offense took off this season behind a true freshman QB after a mediocre 2016 campaign:

Summary and Conclusions

  • Georgia did NOT make offensive staff changes, and still went from a five-loss, incompetent offense to one of the best in college football
  • Georgia did NOT change offensive philosophy–they are still a pro-style outfit focused on a power running game.
  • Georgia did NOT change much of their skill position personnel.
  • Georgia had a true freshman QB and two new OL.
  • Georgia did change to a more simplified, shotgun-oriented offense, increasing their efficiency in both the running and passing game.
  • The biggest difference in the success of the offense was improvement and emphasis in blocking.

Simplification, a clear identity, and repetition of base concepts…sounds like a recipe for a successful college offense…

The post ends with a hope that Michigan, which has former Arkansas OC Dan Enos coming in, can emulate Georgia’s formula.  Hmmm… maybe there was more to that whole crayon thing than the Sports and Grits guys realized.



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29 responses to “Looking smarter by dumbing it down

  1. Mayor

    The tackling on D also improved dramatically.


    • Mayor

      That had an awful lot to do with the improved won-loss record. Maybe even more than the improvement on offense.


      • 92 grad

        I think by the second game this past season I was really surprised at how solid the tackling was, and to a slightly lesser degree blocking. Both techniques really developed this season remarkably.


  2. Dawg151

    I think overall consistency in the coaching staff and the schemes on both offense and defense along with an increased focus on fundamentals was the main factor in our 2017 success.

    Also, this is why I don’t worry myself about the running game next season:

    “…in 2017, they were highly successful, posting 3,876 rushing yards along with 42 TDs at a 5.79 YPC clip. Having guys like Michel and Chubb in your backfield helps, but in 2016 virtually the same guys produced 2,486 yards at 4.66 YPC, and only 18 TDs.”

    Improved blocking and fundamentals led to a massive increase in the running game’s production even though the same two guys were running the ball. With a continued focus on blocking and fundamentals, our running game should be plug-and-play successful; we simply plug talented backs into the system and it works.

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    • Saltwater Dawg

      Agreed. Many, many factors went into improving on offense. But I still think that having the same OC and OLC was the biggest. Last year, the veterans had their 3rd OC and 3rd OLC in 3 years. Moving up the ranking ladder, especially as you get closer to the top, is about talent and refinement. The talent has certainly been addressed, but for refinement, It is hard to focus on the little things when you’re having to relearn the big things.


      • Tony Barnhart

        yep, makes me appreciate continuity all the more in the world of crazy coaching carousels. There’s only so many ways to skin a cat. Chaney and Pittman with Fromm as a Sr., Cade Mays, Zeus, et al. as Jrs, we should be dominant.
        In a world of trend setting coaching salaries, one trend that would, but shouldn’t be, a shocker would be for Sam Pittman and Chaney to be making the same amount of money. We redshirted some guys on the OLine as well, so we are about to be disgustingly deep up front.

        This year, we still had one of the smallest O-lines but they were coaches up tremendously…. imagine a line of 5 stars with 3 years of up-coaching. “Conventional Wisdom” says EVEN I could call the plays then.


    • dubyadee

      I think that is mostly true, but want to acknowledge that Michel and Chubb were a bit more than “talented” backs. We saw many long touchdown runs this year through gaping holes that any speedy back should have been able to exploit. But we also saw quite a few carries where a good back would have been stopped dead but we picked up two yards. And we saw some where a good back would have gotten 3-5 yards, but we got 7 or more out of it.

      I know we are loaded with 4 or 5 stars at the position, but we will miss these two seniors more than you think.

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      • Russ

        I absolutely loved Chubb’s one-play TD drive to tie the score in the Rose Bowl, where he broke (at least) three tackles around the LOS, including Okoronkwo, and then sprinted 48 yards to the house.


  3. Heyberto

    I’d add, senior leadership and buy in. These guys played hard all season. That was the little extra.

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  4. Uglydawg

    One more, “Georgia did not”. I think it’s the biggest.
    Georgia did not have 5 seniors forgo their last year of eligibilty.


  5. This year was the first year since 2015 that we had the same offensive and defensive coordinators. By that fact alone, the players could be more natural in the system because they were not changing terminology or trying to remember what a play call meant in the “new” system.


  6. sliceshs

    In the article, they really seem to downgrade on Fromm’s abilities. I certainly agree in the beginning the need to simplify but he still had to make the reads and passes to keep chains moving. As much as I loved Eason’s arm talent, I still question how if we would have gotten as far with him vs Fromm.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    What would we have looked like with Eason taking all snaps?

    I wonder if the temptation to Chaney would be to throw more often and more challenging routes….which may have been detrimental ultimately to the team suceess this season.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      This is a question that if often ponder. I am one of the few that wanted Eason to regain his starting role around the time of the Tennessee or Vandy game. I completely understand the staff’s unwillingness to make a change given the teams success, but I wanted to see what Eason was capable of with a much improved OL. I still hope that the kid stays and wins the starting job next year. Has Eason’s accuracy improved? Can he read defensives better now? Has his football IQ improved? The kid has all of the talent/arm strength in the world and I would love for him to stay in Athens.


      • I thought someone said he was officially transferring to Washington.


      • Macallanlover

        We will never know. My strong bet is we come no where near what was achieved. I wish him well, where ever he goes, but I am so very glad we had Jake Fromm ready to go when Eason was hurt. I also hope he watched Fromm and picked up some pointers about QBing and throwing. He will get his chance to show what he has under the hood, then we can make a better guess about how 2017 played out.


  8. Greg

    “X’s and O’s or the Jimmies and Joes”


  9. Will Trane

    Where is Dan Enos now?
    And did tackling and blocking drop off significantly in the second half against Bama.
    53 yards offense over last 22 minutes of a game. For all purpose your offense was totally shut down. No RPOs, schemes , or adjustments worked if used.
    So it had to be blocking.
    And Tua may have gone back to the sidelines if Dawgs tackle him rather than letting him get out to gain 9 yards on a 3rd and 7.
    Not there yet.
    So would Enos done better than Chaney?


  10. Erk's Forehead

    The concern was never if Chaney could call plays. But that he would have epic brain farts in crucial moments. Which is validated almost weekly.


  11. AthensHomerDawg

    “….maybe there was more to that whole crayon thing than the Sports and Grits guys realized.”
    Just interfaced my HTPC/entertainment center /(Acer Revo with i7 and 8 gigs, and 2 terabytes SSD) playing with new keyboard (40 ft range) when I read that. Hope i like it as I spewed beer on it. lol.


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