One less five-star quarterback on the roster now

Jacob Eason makes it official.

Eason’s been nothing but a class act this year — no whining, no public pouting.  A model teammate, in other words, who capped off this season with this:

He’s got the talent and the physique to play at the next level.  Hope he gets the direction at wherever he’s headed to make it.

Best wishes, Jacob.  You’ve been a damned good Dawg.


UPDATE:  While we’re on the subject of departures, Trent Thompson just announced he’s leaving early for the NFL Draft.



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67 responses to “One less five-star quarterback on the roster now

  1. VoxDawg

    Hate to see him go, but totally understand. DGD, indeed.


  2. Top ten draft pick when he goes.

    Does he have to sit out 2018?


  3. Tronan

    Kind of a bittersweet moment. I wish the kid well, as long as he’s not playing against us.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Fields pushes Fromm at all. Considering he’s coming in as the backup heir apparent, it looks like he won’t have a redshirt year.


    • Sanford222view

      There have been reports they may change the redshirt rule to allow players to play in up to four games and still redshirt.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Interesting point. Not sure Ncaa pricks would go for that. Doesn’t a transfer have to sit out a year regardless? Using the redshirt allows Eason to maintain eligibility for another 2 years. But I don’t equate that to mean he’s actually a redshirt – allowing him to skirt the sit-out (for lack of a better term) requirement.


        • Rocket Dawg

          I think he was talking about Fields. If we “redshirt” him and use one of the walk ons for mop up duty he could still play in 4 games and not burn a year of eligibility


          • Mayor

            Eason was injured. He might be able to apply for a medical redshirt and not lose this year. That means he could transfer and still have 3 years of eligibility left. May have played in too many games as a mop up though.


  4. Mary Kate Danaher

    Couldn’t agree more. A classy young man. Good luck to him.


  5. artful codger

    Great to see how well this fine young person has handled such personal adversity on a very public stage. Best of luck going forward #10!


  6. Timphd

    Hate it for us, but wish him only the best. He was very classy all year long and was a great teammate apparently. Good luck Jacob, just don’t pick a team that plays us in the future so I have to root against you.


  7. Cojones

    I’ll send you that great grits recipe (that goes along with the others you have received) to your Washington home address. Just think, you can introduce great Southern breakfast food and how to eat it correctly in the Northwest!

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  8. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    How short is Jake Fromm that it looked like the top of Jake’s head was even with Jacob’s shoulder pads?

    either way, GATA Jacob


  9. Athens Dog

    Might have been the best thing to happen to him. He went from being out partying downtown five nights a week to rarely being seen. Humble yourself indeed. Best wishes and hope he kicks it in the NFL.

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    • CPark58

      Damn Good Dog for paying his dues and running for his life in 2016 only to go from star to sideline with grace and a team mentality. It’s rare that a guy THAT big and talented learns such a valuable lesson in his sophomore year of college when the stakes are relatively low.

      I hope he goes to UW knowing hard work beats talent, focuses on being the best he can be, and leverages his god given size and abilities into a top 5 draft pick and a couple super bowl rings.


  10. Red Cup

    Here’s hoping to playing against him in the 2019 CFB playoffs.


  11. Debby Balcer

    I hope is a first round draft pick. Good luck Eason.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    So we know whether but not where yet?


  13. BWD

    Is it bad that my first thought is that we now have one more scholarship available for February?

    Best of luck, Eason. Certainly can’t blame him and agree with everyone about how well he seemed to handle a tough situation.


  14. Rebar

    I wish Jacob all the best and hope we never see him on an opposing sideline for the rest of his college career.

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  15. 3rdandGrantham

    He will do well at Udub, where I said he’d be heading back in October. Udub is a perfect place for him, as the atmosphere is a bit more reserved than the wilder party scene of Athens, even though you have a major city as your backdrop. It’s just different out there, and IMO he will be in a position to better focus on improving as a QB. Not to mention that the girls aren’t as attractive either.


    • illini84

      It wasn’t in the summer of 68 but. . . .


      • Cojones

        Drank a bit of Seattle/Tacoma tomato beer there in 64-65. Back then they had Dixieland Jazz and barrels of roasted peanuts in the shell with shells 2-3″ deep – felt like home in Georgia whenever you had the sun out.


  16. mwo

    Skinny will still be a DGD, just a different breed.


  17. Russ

    DGD. It was bad luck for him how it turned out, but hopefully he’ll continue to develop into the first round draft pick he should be. Maybe a Falcons uniform in the future?


  18. Hope we never have to face off against him, but I have an odd feeling we will. Crazy year. Who could have ever guessed that our 5-star pro prospect QB would be leaving because he could not get playing time? Best of luck to him though.


  19. Sportsdawg

    He could have easily flipped when Richt left but chose to stay with us and that helped keep Kirby’s first recruiting class together.I hope things turn out great for this young man.

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  20. Starbreaker

    He will be lethal in Petersen’s offense at UW. Can’t respect the kid enough for the way he handled himself this year…truly a victim of circumstance with the injury. Agreed that he was huge helping Kirby keep that first class together once he decided to stick with the commitment.


  21. Russ

    Dang, hate to see Thompson leaving. I think he’d improve his stock staying another year, but hard to argue with that kind of money. Go forth and prosper, young man. Another DGD.


  22. Anybody have a 2018 Depth chart?

    Lots of holes to fill it seems.

    How long until Roquan breaks our heart too?


    • Just Dawg

      Unless he just wants to try THAT much for a Nat’l Champ.there is no reason whatsoever for Roquan to come back. I hope he surprises us, but it would be decided with his heart alone, not his head.

      I think Thompson may be making a mistake, but … oh well.


  23. lakedawg

    Razor thin at QB with Jacob leaving. Hate to even think what results would be if Fromm suffered a freak injury early on.


  24. Jt (the other one)

    Thompson making a mistake. He needs another year.


  25. Rebar

    I agree that Thompson is making a mistake; he was kind of hit and miss this year and I thought another season would project him higher in the draft than he will go this year. Regardless, good luck to Trent and thanks for the memories, damn good dawg!


  26. Erk's Forehead

    DGD. He’ll be a star for Washington & probable 1st Round pick. I hope he succeeds at a high level.


  27. Stoopnagle

    We’ll always have that year with you, Baby Stafford.



  28. Stoopnagle

    Kirby needed to sell Trenton harder. But if you need money, you gotta get it while you can. Football careers are short, brutish, and mean.


  29. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Absolutely good luck to Eason.

    My first thought about TT is that he should stay, but he knows his particular situation better than I do. My eyes say he needed another year, but that’s only if he wants to max his contract. He’ll get picked, I think just on rough talent, but later than he might like. There could be lots of reasons this is the best time for him. Good luck to him, too.


  30. DGD indeed, and yea Fromm looked like a little kid standing next to Eason.


  31. Will from Perry!

    Farewell Jacob Eason. You taught a course on character and teamsmanship all year long. If we meet on opposite sides of the field one day, you will get a much deserved standing o’ from Dawg Nation!


  32. As a UDub alum, hope he heads that way. Close to home and Petersen is a great coach. No nonsense coach too.
    I never knock anyone for leaving early, one never knows all the circumstances behind their move. Football is a short brutal career.
    Oh yeah, the girls at UDub are very pretty. Those days in warm sunshine sitting around Red Square and looking and just admiring.

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    • After graduation from UGA, lived and worked in Seattle for 16 years and always enjoyed that solitary day of sunshine,usually around the 4th of July. Now retired in Florida where the sunshine is indeed regularly warm for the majority of the year.. As far as the very pretty girls at UDub, I really don’t remember that part. And, skinnyqb10 won’t remember them either.


  33. Bulldog Joe

    The Washington spring game just got interesting.

    However, missing two years of game action will be a challenge when he returns. Eason’s new QB coach is currently on the Falcons staff and he is being counted on next season to revamp Washington’s anemic passing offense as OC.

    It’s a shame Eason can’t open the 2018 season at QB. His new team begins the season in the same building his old team ended theirs. Will be pulling for them.


  34. Got Cowdog

    Ah hell. I’m an Eason fan. Dude will kick ass at WU. Best of luck my Dawg. I’ll be checking the highlights to see how you do. I hope many wins, an outstanding QBR, and dim but slow footed DB’s in your future.



  35. Debby Balcer

    I wish Trent had stayed one more year. I would if he would have if Rocker was still his coach?


  36. Cosmic Dawg

    I wish CKS had either gotten Eason meaningful snaps in the 3rd / 4th quarter of games or put Ramsey in to hand off to Holyfield in garbage time. Waste of eligibility for Eason for truly zero benefit to the D AWGS. Here’s hoping he won’t need it.