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Nick Saban is a practical man.

You gotta love this — throwing a punch at a Georgia player wasn’t enough to get Mekhi Brown tossed from the national title game (or to prevent Saban from putting him back in the game at a later point)…

… but it seems it was enough to send him packing from Tuscaloosa.  (And, yes, I see the note about Brown being admitted to TSU before the game.)  Priorities, bitchez!



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To today’s smartass commenter who quipped that Jim Chaney was targeting Da’Ron Payne…

… that wasn’t the problem.


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He stayin’.

Good news here:

Junior cornerback Deandre Baker will be back with the Georgia football program for the 2018 season.

Baker announced on Twitter that he will come back for his senior season after thinking about potentially heading to the NFL draft.

One less thing to worry about, eh?


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When freshman meets senior

This isn’t… um, good, is it?

Pre-injury, I thought Parrish was a good, if undersized, defensive back, but he never was the same afterwards, it seems.  Alabama sure figured that out.

(The PI call was BS, by the way.)


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He gone.

Georgia junior inside linebacker Roquan Smith, arguably the most dominant defensive player in college football this season, is entering the NFL draft.

He announced his decision on Monday, the NFL’s deadline day for underclassmen to declare for the draft.

“As you know this is somewhat of a crossroads for me,” Smith said in a statement released by Georgia. “I’ve had discussions with coaches and family and a lot of thought and prayer. The decision to leave is not easy but I know it is the right one. Georgia will always be my school and my home and I sincerely wish all the best to the coaches, staff, and players as they continue to reach higher goals in the years to come.”

Had to do it.  I give him credit for struggling with the decision, but it’s the right thing for him to do.  Best of luck, R.  You’ve earned it.

And, once again, thanks to the coaching staff that was on the ball enough to sway him away from UCLA.


UPDATE:  More.

I bet he gets a few cheers the next time he sets foot in front of a crowd in Sanford Stadium.


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Two biggest reasons for optimism in 2018

Obviously, it’s a long way from now to September and I could find myself feeling differently, but for the moment there are two things I really like about Georgia’s chances for another excellent year.

First, there’s the schedule.  The out of conference games are awful and they’re all at home (yeah, it’s time to beat Georgia Tech in Athens).  There are only four true road games.  Auburn, the only Georgia opponent that finished in Sagarin’s top thirty for 2017, has to come to Athens.  Look at that schedule and tell me in your honest opinion if you can see more than two losses there.  I can’t.

Second — and I fervently hope I’m not jinxing things by noting this — Georgia has a returning starter at quarterback in Jake Fromm, who, if he manages to avoid injury, will offer the most stability at the position since 2013.  (I know, I know.  I was saying the same positive things about Eason before last season’s opener.)

There are things to be somewhat nervous about, like who steps up at inside linebacker and on the offensive line, and whether there’s a viable replacement for Javon Wims, but those two pluses, along with a largely intact coaching staff in their third season on the job and a rapid rise in the quality of team depth as a result of Smart’s work on the recruiting front, should mean that Georgia’s chances bode well in a division that looks to have several rebooting jobs in the works in 2018.


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Vicarious living seeks roommate.

Apparently Stingtalk is open for business and they’d like to hear from us.


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Should they stay, or should they go?

In case you didn’t know, today is the deadline for collegiate juniors to declare for this year’s NFL draft.  Georgia has a few kids on the bubble.

Roquan Smith is, of course, the biggest name on the list.  Word is that he’s genuinely torn about his decision.  As a Dawg fan, I am certainly gratified that he’s considering staying for his senior season; as a normal human being, though, all I can think is that if he’s being advised he’s a legitimate first-rounder, he would be crazy not to leave.  Life goes on and he can certainly come back and get his degree, so turning down the big bucks and risking not seeing that chance again… well, like I said, if he were my kid, I know what I’d be telling him to do.

The other big question is Deandre Baker, who was Georgia’s most consistent player in pass coverage this season.  I’m not sure where he projects (certainly he won’t go as high in the draft as Smith), but if he goes, he’ll be a sizeable loss.

Smart and Tucker are in the hunt for some big cornerbacks in the 2018 recruiting class.  Rachad Wildgoose’s decision to de-commit (damn, I’m gonna miss that name) would seem to be an indication that they’re likely to land at least one of them.  If Baker goes, they’re certainly going to need to.


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