He stayin’.

Good news here:

Junior cornerback Deandre Baker will be back with the Georgia football program for the 2018 season.

Baker announced on Twitter that he will come back for his senior season after thinking about potentially heading to the NFL draft.

One less thing to worry about, eh?


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19 responses to “He stayin’.

  1. VoxDawg

    Hell yeah!


  2. Dawg in Austin

    The fact that he and Ledbetter are returning is huge. If Natrez can make it back we’ll have experienced top level talent at all three levels.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Good News, Indeed. I like our ‘crootin’, but I like quality experience mo bettah. Here’s to hoping he plays himself into the first round.


  4. Aladawg

    Amen to that. This was a big deal.


  5. Granthams replacement

    Now we need 2 more cover guys like him.


  6. Fried Biscuits

    Woot! I needed some good news today.


  7. Mayor

    Our best cover DB back for another year!


  8. Jim Diamond

    Daily visitor. Infrequent commenter. Speaking of defense, this guy should help. Saw this and had to post…



  9. Turd Ferguson

    Godwin’s back, too.


  10. 69Dawg

    I’ll be praying they don’t get injured.


  11. Baker could play himself into the first round with another year like he just had. I imagine Mel Tucker’s backside relaxed a bit when Baker gave him the news. I hope LeCounte can take Sanders’ spot and play within the system to team up with Reed. A healthy Gibbs at star would be a big help. Throw in McGhee or Speed at the other corner with some of the other young guys, and we may have some early challenges. I would suggest this group may be much more athletic than the guys leaving.


  12. Raleighwood Dawg



  13. McGhee and Baker are two pretty solid CB’s. I expect Lecounte to be a break out player and reed was very good already.

    I guess LB will be are biggest area of concern, but there is a ton of talent there and if Natrez comes back…

    We are just about at the reload not rebuild stage… Future is bright


  14. Russ

    Any word on Gaillard? Who else left early?


  15. Macallanlover

    Great, great news on Baker. There were 2 players we didn’t need to lose off this defense, Baker means we kept one of the two. Not saying he is the equal of R, but his position is our biggest risk area for 2018. His staying on will give us a chance to be decent at the beginning, and be better as we move deeper into the season. With the talent we have coming in, we may be able to fill enough of the defensive holes we have going into 2018 to not only get to Atlanta, and maybe win again. I also feel Baker can improve his draft stock enough to justify this decision. He and Reed can provide the leadership we need for the incoming DB pups. This is a very big piece of the puzzle for Kirby..