Should they stay, or should they go?

In case you didn’t know, today is the deadline for collegiate juniors to declare for this year’s NFL draft.  Georgia has a few kids on the bubble.

Roquan Smith is, of course, the biggest name on the list.  Word is that he’s genuinely torn about his decision.  As a Dawg fan, I am certainly gratified that he’s considering staying for his senior season; as a normal human being, though, all I can think is that if he’s being advised he’s a legitimate first-rounder, he would be crazy not to leave.  Life goes on and he can certainly come back and get his degree, so turning down the big bucks and risking not seeing that chance again… well, like I said, if he were my kid, I know what I’d be telling him to do.

The other big question is Deandre Baker, who was Georgia’s most consistent player in pass coverage this season.  I’m not sure where he projects (certainly he won’t go as high in the draft as Smith), but if he goes, he’ll be a sizeable loss.

Smart and Tucker are in the hunt for some big cornerbacks in the 2018 recruiting class.  Rachad Wildgoose’s decision to de-commit (damn, I’m gonna miss that name) would seem to be an indication that they’re likely to land at least one of them.  If Baker goes, they’re certainly going to need to.


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9 responses to “Should they stay, or should they go?

  1. Timphd

    Most of the projections have Roquan in the top ten to twelve picks. I would love for him to stay but it only makes sense that he sieze this opportunity. First round money sets him up for life if he manages it well.


  2. Cojones

    Whatever his decision, Roquan will hopefully do exactly what he thinks best for himself, plus, his hesitancy only makes us fans salivate for more in Sanford Stadium. We aren’t privy to what drives his conscious, but I would expect that he will declare today. Seems I remember a QB from USC (?) a few years ago who just wanted to complete his college experience while he could enjoy it.

    If Roquan does stay, he will be a man among boys leading a superior D under Mel Tucker. I suggest we don’t think about it or hope one way or another and that we wish him well whatever he does.

    Would think that he declares today.


  3. Jared S.

    Yeah, who wouldn’t love to see R play for the Dawgs next year (the rest of the SEC aside)?

    But he should go pro. No sense risking his chance at a pro career by coming back for his senior year, when he’s a consensus first-rounder.


  4. R is likely to go, and given his likely draft position, go on take the money and run, R. If he decides to stay because he loves the college experience and has unfinished business, he could be a guy who would end up on a Bulldog Mount Rushmore.

    Baker needs to stay and hone his craft. If you’re a middle round selection at DB, get ready to play a lot of special teams and maybe in some dime packages. Continue to develop and possibly be a first round selection with some post-season honors.


  5. Derek

    How about a press conference today with Roquan and Baker announcing their returns?


  6. It’s official … R is gone. DGD.