To today’s smartass commenter who quipped that Jim Chaney was targeting Da’Ron Payne…

… that wasn’t the problem.


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24 responses to “To today’s smartass commenter who quipped that Jim Chaney was targeting Da’Ron Payne…

  1. Puffdawg

    Damn. Payne was impressive there, but that LBer blew the play up.


  2. Greg

    Yep…heads up and eye on the play. He is a monster, 1st rounder imo.


  3. Derek

    That’s just a mismatch. Nice two gap technique by 94.

    Baker did a nice job of getting away with a hold.

    Sony might have wanted to take that one outside.


  4. Mayor

    Bama certainly loses something with Payne leaving.


  5. gastr1

    Maybe we can have another argument about whether it was Payne who blew up the play or not. LOL


  6. Oddly, seeing stuff likes this makes me feel better about the loss.


  7. Boz

    If it weren’t for smartassery and sarcasm, this blog would be fine, but with it, it’s religion.


  8. lakedawg

    Tough dude to throw Big Ben around like that.

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  9. Payne was a bad dude. Game wrecker.


  10. Granthams replacement

    Galliard drops his left foot back on his first step like it’s a passing play. He’s not going to drive Payne back 3 yards on an RPO anyway so I have no clue why he doesn’t step forward with his left foot and try to get his head across Payne’s shoulder.


  11. 69Dawg

    It’s guys like this that make you wonder why we don’t take a play from the GT playbook and cut the hell out of him the first few plays. Then he would be playing for his future NFL check instead of Bama. Sometimes you’ve just have to be meaner than they are. If Ben Jones could block Mount Cody as much as he did it was because he was as mean as hell. By the way shout out to the UGA centers in last weekends Pat’s Titan’s game. The two best UGA centers of the modern era.


  12. William

    Chaney was too busy sending Chubb “right up the middle” of the Alabama front, while making no progress. But that didn’t stop Chaney from continuing to do it! Chaney needs to be replaced. If not, UGA will not win a NC!


    • CB

      Are you taking into account that Georgia allowed a 40 yd, game losing, overtime TD pass in the NC game just last week, and would have otherwise won the championsip with Chaney as OC? Also officiating.