Signs things are looking up

Sure, it’s the nature of college football that there are going to be new holes to fill every season — well, maybe Alabama’s been the exception to that rule — but I’ve got to say that if punting qualifies as one of Georgia’s big three concerns going into 2018, this program’s come a long way in a short time.


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  1. Vidaliaway

    If I have ever felt this good going into the spring about our offensive line, I cannot remember it. If we could get/develop 1 DT in the elite category, it is going to be another fun ride.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    After coming out of nowhere Nizialek was steady all year. Not sure he’s gotten enough credit for a fantastic season.

    We all love seeing the 5-star studs signing with UGA. But you’ve got to truly admire Kirby (& staff) ability to find bluechip players under a rock. Nizialek, JR Reed, Wims, and 3-star signees like McGhee and Marshall. If Kirby signs a no-name or 3-star player, you can pretty much guarantee the recruiting services undervalue the guy.


  3. In net punting, we went from 112th in 2016 to 8th in 2017. That’s unbelievable. Our opponent started, on average, 8 yards worse in 2017 than they did in 2016.

    I’m not a nerdy stat guy, but I would venture that “average” net punting doesn’t really do justice to the field-flipping Nizialek was capable of when the situation arose. His net is almost certainly brought down from shorter sideline pin-em-deep kicks (which he was also great at), but his real value was when we needed to flip the field and boom one with ZERO return. I’d love to see net punting stats on punts from inside the punting team’s own 30 or 40.


  4. Thorn Dawg

    Cam was solid all season. He was a major weapon for our defense, and he will be missed. Good luck in the NFL!.


  5. archiecreek

    Punting was outstanding all year. Then entire special teams were indeed special. Kirby got it, Dawgs went from loosing games because of special teams to winning games because of special teams. Cam is indeed a DGD!!


  6. DawgByte

    I believe there are 4.5 holes to fill. They are as follows:

    Defensive backfield, the Horcrux of Georgia’s existence for years. Every cycle we seem to field a Prince Miller clone that gets shredded by good opposing QB’s. Luckily Kirby see’s this weakness and has been trying to address it over the last two recruiting cycles. We need bigger lock down corners and Safeties that can put fear in WR’s. We have neither with the exception of Baker and LeCounte. My dream is for us to land O’ Neal and ITS in this 2018 class.
    IDL – We’ve got some good interior DT’s on the roster, but the elite Da’Ron Payne or Derrick Brown is missing. Thompson was a beast… when he was healthy! Coach Scott needs to get on the recruiting humping stick and bring in a big fish. The Thompson ship has sailed, so the pressure is on to land Sandidge.
    Inside Linebacker. We all saw how a talented ILB can make a difference. We had Roquan and Vandy had Cunningham a couple of years ago, who was a tackling machine. We need to stockpile those type of players. We’ve been hit or miss on ILB’ers.
    Center & LG – The interior of our OL has been exposed over the last two seasons. Galliard improved dramatically this year, but got blown up in the Natty. Baker is a good LG, but against a healthy AU DL and a stout Bama front he was exposed. We need a more physically imposing LG. Salyer, Schaffer a combination of others (Johnson, Hill, etc.) will give him a run for his money.
    4.5. Our WR corp has improved significantly and we have some depth now, but there’s room for improvement. Wims will be hard to replace, so the pressure is on Landers to do just that. If we land Tommy Bush that could help as well. We need guys who run great routes, can separate themselves from the DB’s and hold onto the ball.