I have a dream…

… that one day Georgia will sign a massive lineman with more vowels than consonants in his name who hails from the South Pacific.

Keep choppin’, Kirby.


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20 responses to “I have a dream…

  1. Russ

    What happened to that big Australian/Pacific Islander kid in Florida? I believe he was an OL. Is he still in play?


  2. Sportsdawg

    Love it!


  3. Rusty

    Love the exotic names. My favorite was Mohammed Massaqua. (Spelling)


  4. [Mohamed Massaquoi]

    He deserved a better fate than to have his Pro career derailed by inclusion with the Browns.


  5. J-DawG

    Tua at Bama is the exception to the rule. Pacific Islanders are big and strong but they can’t move. Speed is not the norm for these guys. I know this from spending 3 years in Hawaii plus watching what UGA did to Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl in ’07. Our guys blew past them before they could get set.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Ronaiah Tuiasosopo turned to Lennay Kekua and then back to Ronaiah pretty quick


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Hmmmm….you got some ‘splaining to do J-Dawg. 😉

      “When University of Washington Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton arrived for the NFL Draft in Chicago wearing traditional Samoan dress and almost choked the life out of Commissioner Goodell in an on-stage hug, it symbolized the amazing dominance that one tiny island and its’ Polynesian neighbors have in NFL football. Five Polynesian players were selected in the first 66 picks of the 2015 NFL Draft, the most ever for the first three rounds. Over 70 players in the NFL are of Polynesian descent. There are 30 players from American Samoa in the NFL and more than 200 play Division I NCAA Football. A Samoan male is 56 times more likely to play in the NFL than an American non-Samoan.”



  6. Bulldog Joe

    After receiving today’s McGarity’s Minutes, I am fully convinced The Process® has reached high gear in Athens.

    It reads as if it was written by one of Kirby’s staffers.

    Keep choppin’ indeed.


  7. Remember the Quincy

    I’d like to be the lead re rioter on this kid and get a couple of in home visits with him in Hawai’i.


  8. Didntgotheredawg

    Watch any Southern Hemisphere rugby match and tell me again that Polynesians aren’t both big and fast… Terrifyingly big… and fast. I too would like to see a few dozen vowels on the back of a dawg nose tackle or a thumper at ilb to complement a roquan clone.