This doesn’t sound promising.

I wonder what’s going on with Deangelo Gibbs.

Georgia freshman defensive back Deangelo Gibbs is not currently enrolled in classes at UGA, a school spokesman confirmed on Friday.

Responding to an inquiry, UGA spokesman Rebecca Beeler said Gibbs was “not currently enrolled in classes at UGA.”

Gibbs’ status going forward with the team is unclear at this point. He was not with the team during the latter portion of the season, tending to what was termed a “medical issue” by the team.

The news means Gibbs almost certainly will not be with the team for spring practice or participate in G-Day, barring something unforeseen. It was also not clear whether Gibbs was still in Athens or somewhere else.

Well, dayum.  Hope the kid’s not in serious trouble.


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9 responses to “This doesn’t sound promising.

  1. If it is a rehab thing I hope he gets the help he needs and straightens himself off. If it is a medical problem I hope for a complete cure.


  2. This is weird. I understand the need for privacy in regards to medical issues, but usually the team gives some guidance as to what’s going on. Hell, it seems half the country is in rehab so that’s nothing to keep secret. The silence makes it seem like something more sinister. Of course his medical issues are none of my business, so I will just have to wait.


  3. ChiliDawg

    This reeks of a medical issue in which case we will absolutely never find out what happened.


  4. GruvenDawg

    FYI…this kid had a near death experience after his junior year with a really bad car crash. Based on the story I read it was a pretty bad concussion…sometimes to cure those concussions correctly you literally have to “rest” your brain for it to really heal…I know someone that it took a year to recover…don’t know DG, having said that it’s better to not jump to conclusions. Most reports out of high school is he was a great kid from a good family.

    Praying for he and his family as he works through whatever it is he is dealing with.l

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  5. South FL Dawg

    For how everybody is acting, I’m thinking he did something taboo. But since they aren’t saying that he’s not coming back, I figure he’ll be back. And when he gets back Kirby will be like, “yeah he’s out there ….next question”


  6. Debby Balcer

    If it is medical HIPPA prevents anyone but the student athlete from releasing info. I hope he is ok. We did not really hear anything about Roubdtree when he was dealing with his concussion issues so I am assuming it may be a similar situation.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Didnt Rambo receive a concussion during that Auburn game? Seems like they were fairly open about it. Heck I got a headache from seeing that hit.
    I got a concussion from a skiing misadventure. Happy Dix was my doctor. Bruise my optic nerve….double vision. Took forever and a day to heal. Dr. Dix bedside manner was very direct. “Damn Son! That’s a pretty stupid thing to try. Try keeping your skis on the ground!”


  8. Hope, no matter what the issue is, that he will come out of this, just fine and ok