Fromm knows the drill.

To paraphrase, that which does not unseat Jake Fromm from the starter’s position makes him stronger.



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  1. I have been a Framm Fan & Supporter Since his High School Days.
    I will continue to be both.



    We need more Fromm’s Mom


  3. Doyle Hargraves

    Big Fromm fan. DGD. But Fields is starting by mid season. His kind of ability at the QB position, which comes along once a generation, covers up a lot of deficiencies. The 3rd down scramble for Bama was the deciding play in the game.


    • Aubrey E walker

      Just my opinion but from what I have seen from Fields Leeds me to think that if he had played his High school ball south of Atlanta against better competition he would not be rated as high as he is. I believe when he sees the speed and size that he will see he will be shocked and very surprised. I only saw him play two games and in those two games he was taller and heavier than anyone on the other teams defense, and at best I thought he was average at best. Then a couple of weeks he was downgraded. I thought it should have been lower. I could be wrong I hope I am. But don’t think him taking th starting job at QB is going to be that easy. If so we need new coaching. And if any one thinks that Eason bets out Lambert for the job they are delusional. He was gave the job because of his up side. That same reason he retained his job at first or the year. I hate that he got hurt but that was the best thing for UGA. Eason would have never been able to do what Fromm did. Just my opinion.


    • By calling him a “once a generation” talent, you’re saying he’s better than $Cam or Deshaun. I don’t see it, and that’s why Jake will be starting unless he gets hurt or is ineffective.


      • Doyle Hargraves

        For US a once in generation talent, at the qb position. He’s in Cam and Watson’s class. Better arm than Watson, not Cam. Similar to Watson’s running ability, not as good as Cam due to not being as big. But I think he will develop into being more accurate passer than Watson. Definitely more accurate than Cam…..even NFL Cam. Fields is coachable, particularly footwork, Cam never was nor is now


        • Macallanlover

          That is pretty high expectations, I hope you are close to right on this. Have only seen him play on tape, but look forward to seeing him in the GDay game in April. I admit his talent as both a runner and passer is very impressive but want to see against athletes of a higher level than he saw in HS. It has been the equalizer of many highly touted players.


  4. ATL Dawg

    Seniority means nothing. Play whoever brings the most to the table. Just like every other position on the roster.


  5. ViewsfromtheSouth

    Justin looks like Lamar Jackson with a better feel for passing. Lamar wasn’t Lamar as a freshman.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Jeebus, Emerson is full on with the ajc clickbait with this article. For starters, Eason’s game had a lot of holes in it. He was slow on the trigger, had happy feet, a propensity to give up on plays and dump it out of bounds, etc., etc. Sure, a terrible OL was a big contributor.

    Jake, on the other hand, is as comfortable running this offense as any QB I’ve ever seen in cfb. He’s not the athlete Fields is, nor has the arm of Eason. But he brings leadership, enough arm strength to get the job done, and again, an ability to run plays to near perfection.

    I hope to see Fields contribute and be successful. But supplanting Fromm any time this decade ain’t gonna happen.


  7. Russ

    Come on, gang! Have a little patience! Can’t we wait until the G-Day QBRs before we anoint a starter? Then we’ll know for certain.


    • Got Cowdog

      Thanks Russ! Finally a voice of reason. My goodness, I had no idea Doyle would get the toilet paper out of his trees that quickly.


  8. Truckin

    Fromm ain’t losing the qb job guys. QB isn’t just strong arm or quick feet. He will know that offense as well as anyone.


    • ChoochMcGoo

      Agree 100% – plus Jake gets another offseason of conditioning and weight training to get his arm stronger and feet quicker. Kids is only 18 too – he might still have a little growth spurt in him as well.