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When you’re hot…

What is it with preseason Heisman hype and quarterbacks from the state of Alabama?

Tagovailoa has never started a game in his college career — nor has he been named as the 2018 Alabama starter — and he’s fourth on the odds list.  Jesus.  We can’t blame this one on Gus, either.


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“He’s a first-round talent, so that’s on him.”

If Carlton Davis had only known Auburn was playing in a national title game, he would have suited up for the Peach Bowl.


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Y’all go on without me.

One of the fantastic things about this past season for me was checking off not one, but two, cherished bucket list items, the trips to Notre Dame and the Rose Bowl.

In that light, I just want to make clear that if this one comes up for Georgia, I’ll take a pass.


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In honor of Jordan Peele garnering an Oscar nomination for Get Out, I thought I’d share something topical from “Key & Peele” that’s always made me laugh my ass off.


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Saying the quiet parts, right out loud

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Vrabel, new head coach of the Tennessee Titans:

“The NFL has the greatest farm system in the world. We pay our farm-system coaches $10 million to develop players,” Vrabel said. “[Alabama coach] Nick Saban is our farm system. [Ohio State coach] Urban Meyer is our farm system.”

The sentiment is no surprise, at least it shouldn’t be to any sentient being who follows college football, but WTF is with that “we”?  Are Saban’s and Meyer’s salaries being underwritten by the NFL and nobody told us about it?


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“It’s hard to be confident when you’re getting your butt kicked.”

One of the less pleasing aspects of the Process is the “speak with one voice” approach that hides the assistant coaches from the public except for the rare times when their presence is mandated by higher ups.  That’s a shame, because it’s always nice to get a little insight from the assistants about what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Take Sam Pittman’s appraisal of Isaiah Wynn’s two years under his tutelage.

“Isaiah Wynn meant everything to our offensive line,” Pittman said. “If you look at him last year to this year, it’s night and day. He gained 20 pounds, and he gained way more than that in confidence. He may only be 6-2, but he’s good football player — make that a really good football player. He wasn’t as a junior, and very rarely do you see a player who wasn’t great as a junior turn into a wonderful player as a senior.

“That usually doesn’t happen, but he got stronger and bought into the techniques. Once he got confident, he poured over everybody else.”

Pittman’s made Wynn a lot of money this season.  I’ve seen NFL mock drafts projecting him all the way into the late first round, which is something nobody would have expected after the 2016 season.  Yeah, Wynn will be seriously missed this season, but I’m looking forward to seeing what Pittman can do to polish Andrew Thomas’ game in 2018.


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Is the NFL trolling college football now?

You tell me.

When the NFL’s brightest stars take the field at the 2018 Pro Bowl in Orlando, they will be joined by UCF’s football team. In recognition of their national championship, undefeated season, the UCF Knights will be honored by the NFL following the first quarter of the game.

Maybe this is just a case of a school’s PR department getting a little too breathless and all that’s going on is a nice hat tip for a great, undefeated season.  Then again, maybe not.  Of course, this being the Pro Bowl, will anybody be watching to find out for sure?


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Musical palate cleanser, dipping into the obscure stock edition

I’d like to share with you a few cuts off one of my favorite off-the-radar recordings, Dash Rip Rock’s first, eponymous release from 1987.  Hard to categorize these guys… sort of a post-punk, roots rock group, originally out of Baton Rouge.

Anyway, here are four songs, which comprise most of the first side of the record.  (Yeah, I’ve got the vinyl version.)  Listen and let me know what you think.


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