Saying the quiet parts, right out loud

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Vrabel, new head coach of the Tennessee Titans:

“The NFL has the greatest farm system in the world. We pay our farm-system coaches $10 million to develop players,” Vrabel said. “[Alabama coach] Nick Saban is our farm system. [Ohio State coach] Urban Meyer is our farm system.”

The sentiment is no surprise, at least it shouldn’t be to any sentient being who follows college football, but WTF is with that “we”?  Are Saban’s and Meyer’s salaries being underwritten by the NFL and nobody told us about it?


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22 responses to “Saying the quiet parts, right out loud

  1. Barstool

    Boom. Roasted.


  2. Vrabel speaks for every NFL executive. We won’t fund minor league football because we have it now for free and better than we can do it.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Greg McGarity will be making inquiries to get some of that ‘we’ stuff.


  4. Got Cowdog

    Of course the NFL is underwriting coaches salaries. They’re laundering the money through ESPN. If players want their share of it the only option is to intern with the NCAA. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.


  5. Bright Idea

    The NFL used colleges for their farm system way before salaries escalated. It is our drunken obsession and willingness to turn the sport over to TV that created this monster. Vrabel says “we” cause he’s giddy right now.


    • Uglydawg

      Cowdog + Bright Id x 1000


      • Got Cowdog

        Off topic, but Bright’s comment made me think of it: Back in the mid 70’s, when I was a kid playing Pop Warner, the Steelers were perennial super bowl contenders. Even though I was a Green Bay fan I loved to watch Bradshaw, Lambert, Greene…. those guys were great. Great characters, great stories, great games.
        Now? The Patriots are perennial SB contenders and if they were playing in my front yard I’d call the law. Somewhere along the way the game as I knew it changed, became too much about money, maybe? To many Prima-donnas? I don’t know. For whatever reason, I no longer care for pro ball, and it has nothing to do with the protesting. My point and concern is that something similar is happening to college football, and before long it WILL be NFL Lite, and I’ll no longer care to follow it either.
        And that will suck.


        • Former Fan

          Agree with you GC. I remember when I lost interest in the NFL. It happened in one season for me. The college game no longer is as interesting to me as it once was. I still watch a few games, but not near like I use to. And if it continues down this path, I will lose even more interest. Right now, its hard enough knowing the players are on the short end of the money stick. Anyway, the day is coming when my interest will wane even more unless things in the sport change drastically. That is one reason my moniker for this blog has changed.


        • Russ

          I’m the same. I remember watching the Ice Bowl and was crushed that Dallas lost. I later grew to hate Dallas. Now I don’t really care about any of them, though I’d love to see Brady get hammered.


        • Tybee Dawg

          I understand where you are coming from, and while I don’t claim to have the answer, I do have a theory: We live in a capitalist world and as Gordon Gecko said, “Greed is good.” The problem is too much of anything is not good and over-marketing and excessive commercialism has taken its toll, not just on football and other sports, but holidays (think Christmas). Not that I am espousing a replacement for capitalism, just stating it has problems too.


    • Otto

      Would you really rather be sitting on the porch listening to the radio?


      • paul

        No, but only because the radio sucks now too. Money ruined it as well. I think we might need a Musical Plate Cleanser with The Brains “Money Changes Everything.”


  6. ASEF

    Maybe Vrabel is whatever Ohio State calls a major booster. A Big Bad Buckeye? Then he would technically have some accuracy to his statement.


  7. Macallanlover

    Not sure how smart that loud, outcry was for an NFL guy to blurt out. Of course most know that already, but it makes it look seedier when you boast about it.


  8. 69Dawg

    Free agency in the NFL ended it for me. The teams we remember from our youth were great team and they had the same players for as long as they were good enough to play. Once every team had a fruit basket turnover at the end of every season that was when a fan had to be a local fan of the team. Fans from out of the area usually pulled for a team because of the players, and that ended with free agency. College football, if an unrestricted transfer policy takes effect, will lose a large number of sidewalk alumni. The people with close ties to the school will still care but it’s going to hurt.


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