When you’re hot…

What is it with preseason Heisman hype and quarterbacks from the state of Alabama?

Tagovailoa has never started a game in his college career — nor has he been named as the 2018 Alabama starter — and he’s fourth on the odds list.  Jesus.  We can’t blame this one on Gus, either.


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15 responses to “When you’re hot…

  1. Granthams replacement

    It’s all about the hype. More $ for the pay sites and ESPN.


  2. 81Dog

    Is there some chance Tua might transfer to AU? Maybe that would explain it.

    I get that he played a stout half in the NC final. He got away with a couple of almost disasters that turned out pretty good for him, so I’m not trying to take anything away from his clutch performance. But I wonder: UGA didn’t have any film on him, hadn’t seen him under duress, really didn’t have much way or much reason to game plan too hard for him. I’m sure he’s an excellent QB, but I wonder if, over the course of a season, DCs start finding holes in his game or ways to attack/exploit him in a way nobody could have done in the title game.

    At least he’s actually got some non garbage time play about which to get all excited, unlike the last several AU qbs, right?


  3. DawgPhan

    shocking…the bama QB that just came in and won the national title game is getting national love. imagine that.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Any list that doesn’t have Jake Bentley as the presumed Heisman winner has to be completely bogus.

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  5. Cojones

    When Love or SDSU’s Penny didn’t get it last presentation, I wasn’t too interested.


  6. ASEF

    Just think of it as ultimate respect for Georgia’s 2017 D


  7. Derek

    There’s not always a neat correlation between what gamblers will put their money on and reality. This is one of those times.

    Alabama QB’s under Saban aren’t going to put up enough stats and by the time the big games come around: Auburn, the SECCG and the playoffs, the Heisman is either done or close enough to it to be decided.

    You can scratch Fromm off too until he’s a senior. His best shot is as a “lifetime achievement award.”

    I’d put my money on McSorley.


  8. Macallanlover

    Admittedly, I am not a Heisman enthusiast and haven’t been for a long while. It is hardly possible to pick the best at any one position, much less the best in all of CFB. But to rank Tua near the top of any talent list on such a small sample is just premature. I am not saying he won’t be good, but he wasn’t blow you away good in that one half. I think we were one busted play of tackling from sending him back to the bench, and probably off to pack his bags for another college team for next season.

    Good, maybe every good, but among the best at this point in the forecast for 2018? Sports media these days are like roller coasters with their shallow, up and down observations with flavor of the day predictions based on one event. I get that the stage elevated many to this level of hyperbole but what play did he make that most QBs couldn’t? That last throw could have been one made by most every average QB not wearing a GT uni. And the TD pass which was caught by the wrong receiver, and the INT bobbled by Sanders could have easily been two more picks. Again, he may turn out to be VG before next year is over, but to list him among the best players in the country is pretty laughable. If the statement was he has a higher ceiling than Hurts, I am all in.

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  9. UGA'97

    Nice Rat Poison. Hurts will probably remain the starter, and Saban will just keep Tua in one of those “in case of emergency, break glass” containers.


  10. Merk

    Hurts looked good year 1, then stagnated year 2 because Kiffin left and he had a new OC. Now year 3 for Hurts will have another new OC and year 2 for Tua will have a new OC. Would not be very surprised to see both stagnate this next year due to the change up.


  11. JasonC

    It’s things like this that reporters should ask Saban about every time they can. He hates this stuff and anyway you can increase the rat poison and distract them is great.