Hugh Freeze? Never heard of him.

You may remember a story bubbling up before the SECCG that Kirby had reached out to Hugh Freeze for some offensive coaching insight.  I blogged about it here.  The story barely had time to hit the Internet before everyone associated with the football program vehemently denied its accuracy.  Also, note the last update to my post, in which Dan Wolken gets a denial from Freeze himself.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Here’s what Wolken had to say about it:

Freeze aided Georgia in its offensive game-planning before the SEC championship game, USA Today college football reporter Dan Wolken said.

“I was told by sources that Georgia sent (Freeze) a laptop to look at their film (before the SEC championship game),” Wolken said on the “Out of Bounds” radio show hosted by Bo Bounds in Jackson, Miss.

“Hugh consulted for Georgia (dating to) this past preseason,” Wolken said…

“Georgia, within about 10 minutes of the leak, put out a strongly worded statement that Hugh Freeze has had no affiliation with their program this season and, frankly, kind of lied about it,” Wolken said. “They wanted to shut that story down. The week of the SEC championship game, Georgia did not want to answer questions about Hugh Freeze.”

Well, if so, that worked.

Wolken, in my experience, doesn’t make up shit out of thin air, so I’m really curious about the laptop.  If it’s school property, is it a legitimate subject for an Open Records request?

Personally, it matters not to me what rocks Kirby turned over to game plan for Auburn.  I’d just love to hear McGarity try to explain it all away.  GATA, beat writers!


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29 responses to “Hugh Freeze? Never heard of him.

  1. ScoutDawg

    Just wow.


  2. 69Dawg

    WGAS if he helped or not. The guy is a great offensive coach, who has been punished for his horn dog ways but unlike Perino who actually was involved with a subordinate, Freeze gets blackballed. He would make a hell of a QC staffer for somebody with the balls to take him.


  3. UGA '13

    Hugh’s that? – Greg McGarity, probably.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    The more important question is who’s laptop did Freeze have before the National Championship game?

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  5. JoshG

    Better wipe that labtop down with some bleach.

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  6. barneydawg

    How quickly (or not for many of us) we forget the name Laramy Tunsil. I don’t care about Freeze and hookers. I did care that he bought away our left tackle. I will always wonder if Tunsil could have saved Richt, even though I am ecstatic about what Kirby is doing and moved on the second he got the job.


  7. ScoutDawg

    Well said sir.


  8. Jt (the other one)

    One thing…I highly question Bo Bounds and anything he says or does. He has a strong dislike for Georgia and then there’s this…

    So if stating he has an axe to grind is well…


  9. Derek

    FWIW, the Wolken story seems to be down right now.


  10. No Axe To Grind

    To echo a prior comment, who gives a damn? Not me.


  11. steve

    Mike Price says keep the computer but forward the contact list.


  12. Tony Barnfart

    I heard Anthony’s Weiner is on that laptop.


  13. Erk's Forehead

    I wish we would bring in Freeze as OC


  14. DawgPhan

    seems like such a weird thing to lie about. It’s easy to figure out if it happened or not and then you have to explain why you felt the need to lie about hiring him instead of explaining why you hired him.


  15. AusDawg85

    Wolken: “So laptop…were you with Hugh Freeze?”
    Laptop: (just sits there…laptops can’t talk of course)
    Wolken: “You seem uncomfortable answering the question.”
    Laptop: (silence)
    Wolken: “I take it by your silence then, that you don’t deny the story?”
    Laptop: (silence)
    Wolken: “I appreciate the situation you’re in and thank you for your cooperation.”
    Wolken turns off recorder and walks away.
    Laptop via Siri: “Fake news PAWWWLLLL!!!”


  16. I care if we consulted with Hugh Freeze. I think it’s awesome! I just shows that Kirby is always thinking of ways to improve the team. Freeze wasn’t convicted of any crime. What’s really rich is people who don’t want players to be able to transfer without penalty are making moral judgements? Give me a fucking break. If Freeze was part of that ass whooping of AU, then both he and Kirby deserve a bonus.


  17. Cousin Eddie

    Was he paid in the left over condoms from the G-Day concert, because, well history says, he could use them.