They’re bad and they’re back.

With regard to the Florida players who were suspended last year for their collective foray into credit card fraud, do you really need to know more about their fates than this?

“All of our players understand the standards and expectations we have of them to be members of the Florida football program,” Mullen said.

Hey, who would know more about those standards and expectations than the guy who was once Corch’s right hand man in Gainesville?

If you’re not already amused by the news, here’s an added chuckle-worthy note:

A source told ESPN that the four players will go through workouts, spring practice, summer workouts and fall camp, but there is no promise that they will play in the first game of next season.

Uh hunh.  Right.  Florida opens against Charleston Southern.  Easy virtue.  Let’s see how many of those four play the next week, against Kentucky.


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9 responses to “They’re bad and they’re back.

  1. Dolly Llama

    Pretty interesting split of opinion in Gator Country.

    Some are “All is forgiven, they’ve paid a fair price,” to the folks that go straight into the X-and-O implications, to “I’d rather go 0-12 than have any of them back.”

    Sample exchange:

    Poster A: “Damn, the guys missed a whole year of football and lived under the microscope for a non violent misedermeanor violation. I think they’ve paid their pentance. Welcome back.”

    Poster B in reply: “You mis-spelled felony.”

    That’s good stuff right there. And people wonder why I lurk on our rivals’ boards.


  2. Spike

    How brave of you Coach Mullen.


  3. Derek

    In fairness to Meyer, sCam wasn’t reinstated. Mullen would have a hard time finding someone as lenient as he is. Didn’t he bring a kid to MSU who had waylaid a woman on video?


    • Russ

      Yep, their all world d lineman was beating women before he even got to State.


    • “In fairness to Meyer” ? C’mon D! $cam is cocky (and probably justifiably so) but he got framed at FU. He got bought and sold twice by his old man to FU & AU with MSU running up the price of poker the second time.

      The reverend probably told Corch to play the boy instead of Tiny Tears or he’d tell how much the church got from FU. Corch figured out a way to get rid of the problem. $cam was released for academic cheating (a plausible deniability), not buying a hot laptop that he was initially accused of stealing. MSU & AU then got into a bidding war. $cam is a generational athlete who had the misfortune at FU of playing Jacob Eason to Tiny Tears’ Jake Fromm. They just wouldn’t let him go quietly.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    “All of our players understand the standards and expectations we have of them to be members of the Florida football program.”
    Mullen can certainly dissemble at standards worthy of the Florida football program. That’s a very nice platitude there.



    Obviously Mullen needs all the help he can get!