Today, in a penny saved is a penny earned

Based on some financial disclosure information that came out yesterday…

Georgia offensive analyst Jay Johnson has received a new salary for the 2018 season, an indication he will remain on staff this year.

Johnson is now set to earn $135,000 in base salary, according to information provided by UGA on Tuesday. Johnson was earning $50,000 last year from UGA, during a year he was still being paid $550,000 by Minnesota, his former school.

The information provided by UGA appeared to only be base salaries. The school typically also pays coaches in supplemental compensation, and that often is much more than the base salary. (Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, for instance, is receiving $390,000 in base salary, the school said Tuesday, but Tucker’s total salary last year was $900,000.)

The information also confirmed the hiring of Tyson Summers as a quality control coordinator. Summers, the former coach at Georgia Southern, is being paid $50,000 in base salary. Summers received a $900,000 buyout when let go by Georgia Southern last year, per his contract.  [Emphasis added.]

… inquiring minds want to know (or at least my mind does) something:  is Greg McGarity getting a buy out discount for Summers?  Johnson’s old salary and Summers’ new one sure seem like more than mere coincidence.  If so, I can’t help but be amused by the thought of Georgia Southern indirectly subsidizing the reserve fund.  Usually the money flows in the opposite direction.



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6 responses to “Today, in a penny saved is a penny earned

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    It could be as mundane as integrating their salaries with the buyouts from their former schools. I see what you mean about indirect subsidy, but bargaining leverage is what strikes me, i.e. these guys weren’t likely to get a job at a high salary.


  2. Otto

    Looks like Smart is teaching McGarity the ways of the process.


  3. Stoopnagle


    And we’re taking your money.



  4. 69Dawg

    Daughter is GA Southern Grad. GSU has an AD that makes McGoofy look like a genius. He basically ran off the prior coach that had UGA on the ropes because he wouldn’t give him a multiyear deal. The he hires on the cheap and totally destroys a one good program. Never under estimate the power of the Peter Principle.