Babes in the woods

I’m not saying that Nick Saban’s gentle “I think the road we’re going down right now is not always best for the players that are making decisions to go out early” criticism of college players who elect for early entry in the NFL draft is off-base, or that Saban himself is full of shit for making it, but when you prohibit these same players — many of whom come from impoverished backgrounds — starting from the beginning of the recruiting process all the way through the decision to submit to the draft from being allowed to engage professional advisors to look out for their best interests, what do you expect?


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  1. gastr1

    Saban is so unbelievably self-interested. Many in the coaching profession, I really believe, are in it in large part because of the “teaching young men” aspect. Not Nick, though. Not Nick. His agenda is always right out there for all to see.

    The BS he spins is as transparent as the plastic of his Coke bottle.His depth of cynicism is sort of refreshing, in a way. We don’t have to wonder about moral ambiguities like we do with so many other coaches (Izzo comes to mind, right off the top).


  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    He’s getting a little long in the tooth.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    better yet, when you don’t allow these players to profit from their celebrity.

    If a talented (though an unlikely NFL draft) player was able to endorse the local Chevy dealer in T-town and cut some ads for Dreamland, he might be inclined to stay 5 years.


    • Erk's Forehead

      But they’re already endorsing Mag stores and Menswear Stores in Alabama and getting money. Not to mention booster money.


    • Allowing student-athletes to have side jobs in their “free time” like other students sounds great on the surface and indeed like a given right in a capitalist society. However, it would degenerate into pay-for/per-play by boosters with the money laundered through t-shirts, appearances, autographs, etc. You really want Auburn and Ol’ Miss boosters buying player filled out coloring books as “art” at $5000 a pop? Once you open that can, it’s ripe for abuse. You think recruiting is dirty now? The bagman would be walking tall and the stink would be just as high. Oh, and let’s combine it with open transfer and let fan bases in effect bid on other teams players for next year. Ugh. On the other hand, anybody know a good corner looking to transfer and make $500 an hour flipping burgers? But I digest.

      Share the wealth. Sure. But do it through the universities. The NCAA needs to set a standard salary based on years experience and conference level (Power Five being the best paid). It needs to just be the revenue producing sports but this would probably require Title 9 and antitrust exemption.

      Anything we could come up with will be flawed but it has to be a system that is transparent and as least apt for corruption as possible. Of course, if we took the stand that public university sports tv rights were open access, then much of the issue goes away. I mean, don’t we already contribute taxes that support stadiums, salaries, and scholarships? Why do we indirectly have to pay so much just to watch the product on TV? Does a public university have to make so much money beyond the cost of running the programs that it causes all these issues? Respectively, it’s money, athletics, and only then academics in order of importance to the university in this situation. If the educational systems have a legitimate need for more funds, then they should pursue other sources that don’t produce this obvious inequality among the participants.

      I’m going to stick my head back in the sand now and ignore the situation like most fans until it directly affects me. Go Dawgs! Oh and ya’ll remember to make those Hartman fund donations so they can keep the lights on.


      • Faulkner

        I’d pay 5K for Q’s coloring book if it would help him stay. I think most of you would chip in with me.


      • If everything is disclosed and aboveboard and taxes are paid, what difference does it make? If the money flows through the schools to compensate players beyond the scholarship, the bagmen will still be out there with their tax-free cash.

        Sorry, but why should I care if a bunch of rich idiots who want their picture taken with a trophy give their money to some kid who plays football?


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        You’re assuming that it’s desirable to designate certain amounts of income from certain sources to be righteous while income outside of those standards are corrupt. And who should design the standards? Why paragons of virtue such as Mark Emmert and Nick Saban!

        Not only is it undesirable to dictate the minutiae of another person’s earning activities, one can argue that it’s not even possible. Price controls simply push economic activity underground. Is it preferable for Todd Gurley to sign autographs in a hotel room or the back of a car under the threat of suspension if found out, or to spend an afternoon at the local car dealer signing those autographs?

        Bringing economic activity into the light of day doesn’t encourage bagmen, it eliminates them. No more neighborhood “agents” latching onto a kid in high school or college only to try to expose him of rules violations or questionable behavior when the kid is drafted into the NFL and tries to hire a competent representative.


  4. TnDawg

    “The NFL doesn’t let players go through the draft and then return to college. The league considers them professionals and wipes out their eligibility as soon as they sign with agents.”
    The NFL doesn’t restrict these players, it’s the NCAA.
    Say what you will about Saban, he has a point.

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    • Russ

      Exactly. There is zero logic (other than preserving the status quo) for not allowing a kid to go through the draft and then decide to return to school. That is an easy fix.

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      • barneydawg

        And if having players return to school after going through the draft causes discomfort and problems for the NFL, that is a bonus for some of us.


  5. DawgPhan

    I bet that it wouldn’t take a ton of money to get most of these guys to stay and finish school.


  6. Scout team salary buys a lot more groceries than whatever COA stipend Alabama is offering.


  7. Mayor

    The first step is to let kids have legal representation/agents without penalty. I believe barring that is illegal any way. Frankly I can’t see how that rule hasn’t been invalidated by a court already. The second thing is for kids to be able to make money off their images/likeness/autographs/endorsements, etc. Same thing. How can a rule punishing that withstand judicial scrutiny particularly at the appellate level? I don’t think it does.


  8. Macallanlover

    They are old enough to make their own mistakes, and be accountable for them. I agree they should have advice/wisdom available, why do they have to sign a contract or accept money at this time? I know the coaching staff and parents talk with them, why not a consultant (s) paid by the school? I would trust them more than the greedy con men throwing money at them now.


    • DawgPhan

      hmmm…I bet the person that comes to mind when you say “greedy con men” is probably very different.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “They are old enough to make their own mistakes, and be accountable for them.”

      So a cfb player can’t get council for career, economic, legal, and professional decisions, but saban can get obtain council for all those decisions and more for his career? You’d be howling if those privileges and rights were denied to you (or saban, I suppose). But if a young underprivilaged kid gets council that’s not right. Got it.


      • Macallanlover

        You are so often off base, blinded by your naivete, that you cannot read. I said I favored them getting advice. And who said anything about “underprivilaged”? I think they should all get input from people who are knowledgeable, would suggest multiple opinions. What I howl about is people who make stupid assumptions when they have no clue what was said (not that it matters to folks like you anyway.) Don’t let facts get in the way of one of your weak points.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Do you really think a consultant paid by the school wouldn’t consider the interests of the school before the interests of the player? Don’t answer that.


      • Cousin Eddie

        The only person looking out for the player is often the player. A lot of times the families only see a future income maybe not Mom and Dad but Aunts and Uncles and etc.. The school only sees them as a way to get into wallets and the coaches only see them as a way to keep their high paying jobs.