“It’s a whole new avenue that we haven’t experienced in recruiting.”

My favorite hot take making the rounds this week is that the early signing period is bad because it’s made the two weeks leading up to the February signing date uneventful.


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  1. Russ

    We need one or both of those top CB’s and I’d like to get Bush at WR out of Texas.


    • Brandon M

      I’m with you on the CB’s, but I would much rather one or both of the remaining spots to go to a DL or LB. Our WR room is solid and deep enough to get through this year and then we’ve got the top 2 in the nation coming in 2019. I love that Bush kid from Texas but I just don’t think we have room and have bigger needs.


      • Uglydawg

        “but I just don’t think we have room”…This is a telling thought, Brandon. If we are running out of room, it tells us something about the way CKS views the linebacker (NP) who could have been “processed out” very easily to free up another scholarship.
        I would think his retention tells us at least one thing (he’s got a lot of talent) and maybe one other (CKS has a bigger heart than the original “process” prescribes.)
        Not that we don’t already know that the kid can play, but the fact that his name persists on the roster when it could have very well been marked off strengthens my feeling that the defense will be very good.


        • CB

          Bigger heart? If NP wasn’t an experienced starter at a position where we lost the best lb in the country then he’d almost certainly be pounding asphalt.


      • Macallanlover

        Agree, if we get a special WR this NSD let’s take him, but we don’t have to have another receiver this year. My preference would be more defensive help, this class is already loaded more toward the offense.


  2. Uglydawg

    Using those numbers
    The average SEC E team is pulling in the 22nd ranked class.
    The average SEC W team is pulling in the 27th ranked class.
    The average for the whole is 25th.
    If you throw out Georgia’s number 2 and Arkansas’ number 63, the conference average class has a 23.5 rating.
    This doesn’t mean shit, but I was just curious.

    BTW…who is at #1 now? We slipped?


  3. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I like Dave Paschal, but he buries the most important point in the last paragraph of the article. Namely, the early signing period gives teams that do well in the December signing period a leg up on recruiting for the next year, as they don’t have to chase many more commitments for the current class.


  4. Atticus

    3 spots left?
    Who is the 3rd? Walker, Reese, Bush or Sandidge?


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Certainly wouldn’t call the February signing day “uneventful”. I think it’s vital to maintain momentum and finish on a high note – even for a team like UGA that did so well during the early signing period. But it is a huge advantage for us to be focused on 5 or 6 top players.

    The 2018 UGA signing class is unlike anything we’ve had before. In regard to the quality of recruits, I think the 2018 class is equivalent to our 2 previous top classes…combined. Particularly when you consider 9 are early enrollees and already in class, working out, learning the playbook, etc.



    It would be great to get Standridge on board!