Musical palate cleanser, glorious mono edition

Someone mentioned the late, great Gene Clark yesterday, so I thought I’d put up my favorite song of his from his solo debut, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers.  There’s a helluva cast of backing musicians on the album:  former Byrds bandmates Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke; Glen Campbell and Leon Russell; future Byrd Clarence White; and Clark’s future collaborator Doug Dillard.

The song is “So You Say You Lost Your Baby”.  The clip I’m sharing isn’t the LP version, though.  It’s the mono version released first as a single, back in the day when they did that kind of thing.  It’s mixed differently, most notably with the harmony voices.  Just a great song.


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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, glorious mono edition

  1. PharmDawg

    Thanks for including this great song. If only The Byrds had kept Gene Clark and run off the overrated David Crosby…


  2. Russ

    I liked him in his later years with the Hot Nuts.