“It’s a very complicated dynamic with Hugh Freeze.”

Is it, really?  I mean, it sounds pretty straightforward to me.

“Because there were other SEC programs this year who wanted to hire him. I know there was one who wanted to hire Hugh Freeze as offensive coordinator, and I’m not saying the SEC told them no or necessarily discouraged them, but I think there was a fairly clear message from the SEC office, or at least it was perceived that way to say, ‘Hey, maybe wait a year. These were the circumstances surrounding the NCAA stuff.’”

Wolken went on to mention the fact that an SEC bylaw states that coaches who have been involved in a major infractions case have to be consulted with the SEC commissioner.

That’s just one of two hurdles that stand in the way of Freeze coming to Tuscaloosa, according to a report from Aaron Suttles of TideSports.com, the other being that Saban is facing internal objections about the hire.

“Yes, Nick Saban operates on a different level, and he can maybe get away with things that other people can’t get away with from a PR standpoint, and we’ve seen that with some of his other reclamation projects,” Wolken added. “However, I do think the dynamics are very, very complicated throughout the whole thing.”

Coaches want to win.  Administrators want to look pure.  Sooner or later, we’ll find a school where the coach gets his way over the AD.

By the way, when push comes to shove, there’s nothing Greg Sankey can do to stop the hire.


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7 responses to ““It’s a very complicated dynamic with Hugh Freeze.”

  1. Bright Idea

    Me thinks if Saban wants Freeze bad enough he’ll get him hired. If Saban can’t get Bama and SEC to buy in on Freeze then nobody can. Freeze got lucky in that he was technically fired for calling escorts but we all know that turned out to be a convenient excuse for Ole Piss.

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  2. Macallanlover

    We can all agree that Freeze has a few layers of sleaze, but as morally wrong as it may be, calling/using escort services is not high on the scale of permanent stains. Office and social romances are far more likely to wreck homes and keep fathers away from families. And it isn’t even close to other sexual assault/ violence issues we have seen for many years. I get that many would like more of a cooling off period, but you will not find many perfect people in a competitive environment, or any other large groups.


    • Mark

      “…but you will not find many perfect people in a competitive environment, or any other large groups.”

      Or the comments section of a sports blog, for that matter.


      • Macallanlover

        True, I think this qualifies as a big group doesn’t it? Of course, even small groups and individuals are flawed aren’t they? I thought we needed to speak relatively because the outrage seems out of proportion, at least to me. I am not a fan of Coach Freeze, and perhaps he shouldn’t be the head of any program, but to think he should be blackballed is ridiculous to me. Perhaps the SEC should have been tougher by placing a suspension on him being a head coach in the conference but as an assistant, or staff member? If it is all about the escort services, I would say he has been punished enough by loss of his job and public/family humiliation.


  3. I could care less about his personal misdeeds, but I don’t think you should be able to torpedo a football program (even if I take amusement in Ole Miss tears) and just walk across the state line. He should be punished for leading a cheating enterprise more than anything–and while the comeuppance being dealt to the once-apathetic-now-huge-fanboy ole miss frat star that was 2013-2016 is somewhat amusing, there are plenty of reasonable fans, boosters, administrators, etc who should not do the brunt of Hugh Freeze’s suffering for him.


    • AceDawg

      I agree on his off field indiscretions not really being enough to stop a program from hiring him. Widespread ethics violations with a football program are the reason this dude should be out of NCAA coaching for a while as he sits back waiting to see who will play him in the Rated R “Blindside 2” film.


  4. I think Freeze should go spend a season or two in the NFL coaching QBs then come back and coach at the college level as all this blows over and he reproves himself as man meant to lead younger men