Musical palate cleanser, strange bedfellows edition

Today’s MPC was inspired by a Tom Jones tweet I saw yesterday.  I kid you not.

Jones, like a lot of 60’s pop stars, wound up hosting a TV show, This Is Tom Jones.  He invited all sorts of rock stars on, but… um, liked singing with them.

For example,

That borders on the surreal.  Don’t take my word for it — look at some of the expressions on Neil Young’s face.

One more:

I gotta admit they look like they’re having a lot of fun there.  Crazy, man.


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15 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, strange bedfellows edition

  1. truck

    I can’t get past Stephen Stills being a stinking Gator. He appears to be trying to “out-Tom” Tom in that clip. Like most lizards, his ego shines through.


  2. artful codger

    Tom Jones = 1 cool cat

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  3. illini84

    Neil is high as the cost of living. . .

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  4. illini84

    That’s Janis with the “Full Tilt Boogie Band” I saw her right around then at the Palm Beach Pop Festival and she did a song with Johnny Winter!


  5. Russ

    Saw Tom Jones in Vegas once on a lark. Turned out to be a fantastic show and I’ve been a fan ever since. The guy is a true professional and puts on a great show.

    But yeah, some of these duets are surreal.


  6. illini84

    Tom Jones & Van Morrison – Sometimes We Cry (SR)


  7. Chopdawg

    Great stuff! Also saw Tom Jones in Vegas, the dude can sing.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    “Crazy Man” …. first time I ever heard of women throwing hotel room keys up on stage.


  9. Mary Kate Danaher

    I could use a little of whatever David Crosby was on right about now.


  10. Red Cup

    I saw TJ at Chastain once. His pants were very tight. He spent alot of time wiping the sweat off with bras and ladies underwear he got from the crowd.