All the right moves

Allow me to submit the proposition that a man willing to subject himself to this on the recruiting trail (with apparently good humor, mind you)…

… isn’t the kind of man intent on hanging his spurs up any time soon.  (h/t)



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20 responses to “All the right moves

  1. Uglydawg

    Good for him. What’s weird is were this CKS or Boom, or Pruitt, we might be saying, “Can you imagine Saban doing that?”


  2. The Old Jeffster

    Senator, I agree 100%. Saban’s a warrior on the recruiting trail so his stepping up (no pun intended) to increased competition is a clear tell of future intentions. He’d have to be on the receiving end of a 2009-ish SECCG beat-down or somebody in the west div. would have to wrest Bama’s stranglehold away for him to ponder retiring. As long as Saban’s in the playoff hunt every year he’s staying put.


    • Mayor

      I respectfully disagree. I think (and all it is would be my opinion–no inside information) that when he breaks Bryant’s record for number of national championships he’ll retire. He saw what happened to SOS after SOS got to 70 and Saban is to smart to let that happen to him.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        He saw what happened to SOS after SOS got to 70 ………”

        We will know if he is or isn’t when he appears w/o a shirt on a billboard.


      • Otto

        We can see SOS having fun outside of football, can you see Saban having fun outside of football?


  3. Russ

    LOL! I wonder if recruits think up weird shit for coaches just to see if they will do it?

    BTW, I hope Saban stays for a while because I want Kirby to be the one that puts him into retirement.


  4. Doyle Hargraves

    I know from a winning standpoint college football is easier due to being able to recruit/stockpile vs. draft/FA/53 man roster. But it’s hard for me to believe he wouldn’t rather be BB and work on game planning vs kissing 17 yr olds ass. To quote Jerry Maguire, “It’s a pride swallowing siege”. I’m really surprised he hasn’t given it one more go. Here’s hoping


    • DoubleDawg1318

      I think Saban is done with the NFL for two reasons. 1)He knows one of, if not his best strength (and the source of his success) is recruiting. That would be a wasted talent in the NFL. 2)In the NFL he would not have the total control over the program and roster that he does at Alabama.


    • ASEF

      Imagine Saban at, say, the Colts. Great talent at QB.

      Aaaaand he’s walking into the office of a guy with a literal spoon up his nose trying to get him to change this or that in order to make something happen on the field. I mean, Belichick’s got owner drama all of a sudden, and if anyone NFL coach should be beyond that nonsense, it’s BB.

      In college, Saban’s the owner. And the good news is that Kirby probably realizes that the grass isn’t greener on the NFL side.


  5. HiAltDawg

    Open the door, get on the floor
    Everybody walk the dinosaur!


  6. cardawgrapher

    “What do I do with my hands?”


  7. steve

    That’s a clip from the 1989 cult classic ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’. You can see the strings on his hands.


  8. BMan

    He’s telling someone that their footwork and hip turn are gonna have to improve if they want to play DB at Bama, a’ight.


  9. Gaskilldawg

    So THAT’S why Paul Johnson can’t recruit!


  10. DawgPhan

    Seems like saban enjoys recruiting.


  11. n/a

    Yep….and he is getting exactly what he wants, the publicity. I would think he appreciates your contribution. Good job!!