Getting noticed

Georgia’s current prowess on the recruiting trail, that is.  The obvious — Georgia sitting in one of the most talent rich states, the other P5 school not contesting for the majority of that in-state talent, the athletic department devoting ever-increasing resources in support of the staff and the staff’s approach to recruiting itself — isn’t enough for some folks.

There’s the benign explanation, as pitched by a Michigan commit:

While Michigan’s current class isn’t ranked as highly as in recent years, according to some recruits, that could be attributed to the product on the field.

“Recruits go to the mainstream schools that are having a lot of success in the moment, if you look at Georgia and how they’re doing,” said ESPN 300 tight end Mustapha Muhammad, a Michigan commit. “In Michigan’s case, we didn’t have the best year and that’s why we missed on a few guys.”

I’m sure Georgia’s 2017 run has helped sell the product, but let’s not ignore the momentum that was already in place with Georgia’s recruiting before the ’17 season was even underway.

Then there’s the ol’ “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin'” spin.

Yeah, evidently that came straight from the keyboard of a moderator of a recruiting site message board.

The point being not that this can’t be dismissed as arrant bullshit, but that with great success comes a target on your back.  I imagine the Georgia chatter on the recruiting trail grows more harsh and will continue to do so.



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  1. OurADisaGlorifiedAccountant

    The only way to know if rival recruit really got paid would be if you got outbid. UNC wasn’t in the mix. So they wouldn’t know. And 7 figures has never been the going rate for anyone.

    So even if we paid a kid. UNC wouldn’t know and it wouldn’t be that much. So that’s just a truly absurd claim.


  2. Charles

    Seven figures, huh?

    What’s the going rate for a few fake classes at Chapel Hill? Asking for a friend…

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  3. Bright Idea

    Did McGarity figure Fields into the budget so tickets are going up?🤓


  4. Cojones

    A UNC “scout”? Wtf? Isn’t that libelous? He (Blake Morgan) should have to defend his “rumor” in court or, at least, be subpoenaed unless he can name the person who is smearing Justin, his family and UGA?


    • You really wanna “open up” those libel laws, huh?

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      • Dolly Llama

        I don’t know much about the law except for libel law, and you wouldn’t have to “open up” anything to do what Cojones is suggesting. The question would be is Justin Fields a private citizen or a public figure? Even if he were adjudged the latter for the purposes of a libel action, unless somebody has some kind of information supporting this “reporting,” it could still be called reckless disregard for the truth. In either case, the Fields family would have to prove that this internet chatter harmed them in some way. I doubt it really has.


        • Three things:

          1) I’m a free speech absolutist. Very few good reasons to restrict speech. The burden is on the listener to screen out bullshit and to question the speaker.

          2) someone who lies constantly complaining about lies is at a minimum.ironic??

          3) someone who claimed that he had sent investigators to prove obama was not born in Hawaii and that they had found “amazing things” complaining about undermine elections or unsubstantiated bullshit is just a complete unapologetic asshole.

          I don’t believe in karma, but when it appears as happenstance it is quite entertaining.

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          • Dolly Llama

            What the fuck are you on about? I was talking about this:

            He (Blake Morgan) should have to defend his “rumor” in court or, at least, be subpoenaed unless he can name the person who is smearing Justin, his family and UGA?

            Can you tell me what that has to do with Trump (who I presume you’re talking about) and his birther shit?

            As to your “absolutism,” hey, that’s your journey. Libel is a civil thing, not a criminal one. As a working journalist and as one who still works in the industry as an educator, I’d whip out my “absolutism” and stick it up next to yours any day, but I still see the value of libel laws. It takes something a little bit more than caveat emptor now more than ever to prevent complete entropy in the marketplace of ideas.

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            • My comment about “opening up libel laws” was a recent (and past) quote. I was happy to leave it at that. You’re retort, given the ambiguity and unspecified nature of my prior comment, appeared to me to be an attempt to argue the merits of the substantive underlying issues. Sorry if I misread it.

              As far as the effectiveness of libel laws, can you give me a recent example? The last one I can think of was the Saturday evening post case over 50 years ago.


              • Dolly Llama

                Well, Hulk Hogan in recent years put a right big internet news place out of business, literally, over their publication of a sex tape of his. That’s probably the most recent and significant. But Wallace Himself Butts is a major figure in one of the landmark libel cases in history, one of the ones that set the boundaries. It more or less put the nails in the coffin of the Saturday Evening Post. That’s an old case, but still one of the ruling ones. Carol Burnett won a big one, too.

                Hulk Hogan was bankrolled by a dubious right-wing outfit. Take it for what you will. It happened. All those laws exist.


              • Dolly Llama

                Here you go.


                Libel and defamation law is a far more active field than you’d think.


            • Derek is an absolutist regarding free speach as long as you agree with him. Disagree and he attacks. By the way, how is your 401K looking Derek. This “winning” ain’t so bad is it?

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  5. Cheating aside, recruits have always been attracted to teams perceived to be “on the rise” or those that have arrived.

    Many kids also dream of playing for the in state team.

    That’s a pretty potent combo given the talent in Georgia. I think we lost a ton of kids to Alabama and OSU who just didn’t think they could win championships at Georgia under CMR. That’s over.

    They can claim we’ve gone Hugh Freeze but this ain’t bumfuck Mississippi.

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    • Russ

      Exactly. It’s not like we were signing terrible classes before. We just moved from 5-10 ranking to 1-5 ranking. And we have a better spread of recruits, addressing all needs instead of just skill positions.


      • Football player or not, nearly every 16-19 year old who ever spends a second in Athens and on campus wants to attend UGA. There are way fewer dorm beds and desks than there are applicants and would-be applicants to UGA. That’s why for years talking heads with ZERO association to UGA have called it the “best job” in America. If the football team is rolling, signing up blue chip recruits is like shooting fish in a barrel. You don’t have to cheat.


  6. The North Carolina schools can’t handle the fact we come in and take their blue chips (especially RBs) right under their noses.


  7. No Axe To Grind

    Success on the field breeds success in recruiting. Too bad for them that ain’t successful. The NC schools are a joke in college football, no matter how one looks at it. Other than Clemson, the ACC is a joke, including Miami.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      Eh, the ACC has some very solid teams including VT, Louisville, and (until this year) FSU to go with Clemson and Miami. The SEC only went 7-5 against them this year so it’s not like we have a lot to beat our chest over.


    • Ozam

      I wouldn’t be so quick to hammer on the North Carolina schools……. They are at the top of list as basketball powers.

      Unfortunately, we can’t say that about either football or basketball (or baseball). That is the real story. 😒


  8. AusDawg85

    Blatant lie. It was 8 figures…as in the size of his NFL contract in a few years if he plays for our Dawgs. Simple.

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  9. DoubleDawg1318

    7 figures? C’mon now. Even Cam was only 180,000. The bagman article talked in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. Ain’t no way anybody is offering half a mil much less 7 figures for a recruit.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    There are inherent benefits to being the flagship school in a state teeming with talent. For one, I noticed the Touchdown Club of Atlanta gave their Mr. Football award to Justin Fields. Of course Fields was a fine HS football player. But he missed the team’s last 5 games, and was picked over other notable players like Trevor Lawrence, who went 11-1 and signed with Clemson. I’m not saying UGA had any influence over the award, but I think one could argue pretty convincingly that if Fields had signed somewhere like Penn State or UNC, he probably wouldn’t be walking away with the Mr Football trophy.

    The point being UGA has a lot of advantages. Opponents are gonna need to work their butts off to snag a recruit from Kirby’s grip. As for the Morgan story, Fields signing anywhere else would’ve been the more unusual situation.


  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The Michigan kid’s comment is spot on, but so what? ‘Tis always been that way.

    I might actually worry about the UNC blogger’s allegation, except for these reasons: 1) Greg McGarity’s purse strings (I guess a ‘booster’ could do that, but who has 7 figures in cash laying around and how big of a suitcase would you need?), 2) Kirby did this for years at Alabama and as far as I know never had any problems, and 3) we’ve said for years that if we just recruited our state like we should we would be top rated. Here you are.


  12. Cojones

    I can’t believe the response here. Bluto included a statement that quoted an anonymous source that we cheated in recruiting and that hurts many innocent people, but I infer from several of you that we have to substantiate to the public why he chose Georgia. Bullshit! That is a lying accusation that the writer has to substantiate and he should be called out as to who this anonymous “UNC scout” is or he should be held responsible for writing an irresponsible statement that impugns the character of my University, but more hurtfully, personally libelous to Justin and his family.

    If someone posts that Trevor was paid to chose Clemson, wouldn’t we, at the least, want to know if that is true? I thought libel had to do with intent to hurt someone’s character, which in this case, seems to speak for itself. It was not an off the cuff statement like “…they must have cheated” or anything nebulous at all; it states a figure to prop up the story even more.

    Where are you barristers when we really need an opinion or even an educable moment for the great unwashed legal ignorant here? Can people , with malice aforethought, say anything they wish in order to gain an advantage in a situation? And if this statement isn’t malice aforethought, what is? Or is there something I should know about our recruiting that is left unsaid by the GOBs and leaves us with no wish to pursue for fear of the truth hurting our institution?


    • Gaskilldawg

      McGarity refused to give raises to assistant coaches, made Right fly coach to Washington State, and wouldn’t pay for an IPF out of AS funds. Some clown now says we paid to Fields over five times what Auburn paid Cam?

      The source must be Stingtalk with that logic.


    • Cojones

      BTW, thanks Dolly Llama for taking up the question as serious and with a thoughtful reply. Seems we are the only ones it aroused.


  13. The Dawg abides

    Here’s the guy that made the original seven figures for Fields statement on a recruiting message board. He is a paid writer and mod on’s UNC site, Carolina The thread seems to have been taken down, but not before it made the rounds on most of our rivals’ boards. He was a walk-on at FSU so that explains his saltiness over the Fields decision. They were the fanbase most pissed by his recruitment.


    • That guy’s allegation has as much credibility as TMZ’s allegation that AJ Green was at that agent’s party on South Beach. I guess McGarity will open up a full investigation of the Fields family’s finances as a result.


  14. ASEF

    Guessing he just lost his job


  15. Mayor

    Why would Kirby pay Fields 100 large to go to Georgia when the Dawgs were already fixed at QB? Fields signing is what caused Eason to leave. Otherwise Eason probably stays and tries to beat out Fromm–a not totally impossible event given that Eason has beaten out Fromm for the starting job before. Fake news!! You got proof Sucka? Show it to the NCAA. Otherwise……


  16. I thought the market price for dual threat style QBs was ~$180,000.