We know what you are; we’re just haggling over the fee.

I love the way this stuff dribbles out.

UGA is set to raise the price for tickets to football games when the school’s athletic board meets Tuesday.

It is expected to be a modest increase from the $50 per-game price last year, according to someone familiar with the plans. That, of course, does not include donations to the Hartman Fund, which are required to give fans the right to purchase season tickets. The minimum donation levels were raised two years ago.

It was not clear whether the price increase would happen for the 2018 season.

We’ve gone from an amorphous “adjustment” to a slightly more specific “modest increase”.  It’s like McGarity thinks if he breaks the news over time, we won’t really notice.  All the slow walking in the world won’t change this:

The school is planning this increase after the Bulldogs’ run to the National Championship Game this past season. The home schedule for the upcoming season is not overwhelming (it includes Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia Tech, but also UMass, Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee and Vanderbilt).

Commit to the “G”, peeps.  And just think — if the Dawgs roll again this season, look forward to that 2019 adjustment, too.  Those Notre Dame tickets won’t fill the reserve fund coffers by themselves, you know.


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15 responses to “We know what you are; we’re just haggling over the fee.

  1. Jack Burton

    What did you expect? This happens everywhere after a successful season.


  2. Some guy

    Meh, supply & demand…. you’ll still buy the tickets so they’re not overpriced. Same goes for 93,000 other people.



    If not now, when? You act surprised….you’re smarter than that.


  4. walk34

    Technically you’re not gouged until you buy the ticket. So we’ve got that going for us.


  5. This is like complaining about the weather on your day off. It serves no purpose, and you are left with two choices; go out in it or stay your ass home.


    • Uglydawg

      I disagree somewhat, dmk.
      “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”
      While we can’t do anything about the weather, complaining is a natural step in effecting change.
      You know there was complaining before the King signed the Magna Carter.
      And this is a lot more important than that, isn’t it?
      So bitch away. It probably won’t change things, but it will make McG and Co. less comfortable with the deed and may help down the road somewhere.


      • Tim in Sav

        McG and Co are perfectly comfortable with this and any other price increases. The only thing that will change that is one Saturday when they show up at the stadium there are about 35,000 empty seats.


  6. Sanford222view

    Raise the ticket prices, fine. In return how about making some improvements in the game day experience? Maybe, better concession options? Better service from a trained staff? Better bathrooms?


    • DawgPhan

      exactly. I am getting what amounts to the same experience I got when I was a student and was paying next to nothing for tickets. except that I am no longer paying next to nothing for tickets.

      I have always wanted them to put seats in the lower bowl and raise ticket prices accordingly.

      A smoother concessions experience. Better bathrooms. Face value on a nosebleed seat with donation is close to $100. There are several things they could work on to improve the overall experience and drive some value back into their tickets.

      Overall I am happy with the parking, tailgating, and traffic out of athens after the game, but I understand that is a compliant for some as well.


  7. MDDawg

    Maybe an off-the-wall question here, but if B-M released a statement saying “We’re raising ticket prices on the heels of our most successful season in years” or “We’re raising ticket prices to help pay for the 10th assistant coach”, would either of those statements change the way people feel about the price increase?


  8. Made my 2018 contribution already- 12/31 to take advantage of disappearing tax deduction but still unsure if I’ll buy 4 season tickets for that awful schedule. Seriously considering aftermarket for the games I want from now on, they’ve bled me out long enough.