All is not lost.

Just when I was starting to believe things were getting hopeless, comes this news.

A lame marketing campaign for an even lamer product fails to produce.  Way to go, America.  I still have faith.


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42 responses to “All is not lost.


    Stupidest thing ever….bring back Spuds McKenzie..


  2. the fact that it is not an American company anymore might have something to do with it also…Dilly Dilly

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  3. Argondawg

    Living in Athens I dont see anyone asking for a bud light etc. It is all locally brewed stuff. I hope the kids are still drinking it though and I imagine they are considering the price difference.


  4. gastr1

    Only good Bud anything ever (beer OR ad).


  5. hassan

    Looks like the marketing manager will get a private tour of the pit of misery.

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  6. truck

    Good. That inane “Dilly dilly” crap has replaced “It is what it is” as the most cringeworthy phrase on television.


  7. BCDawg97

    I think it is the hipster craze. You can’t drink macro and be cool anymore. It has to be craft beer. Now get off my lawn! 😉


  8. Granthams replacement

    Inbev ruined Budweiser by going to generic ingredients. They don’t care because they make it up in the other 10000 beers they sell at a premium.

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  9. Charles

    “Pit of misery!!!”


  10. Mike Cooley

    Why do we care what kind of beer people drink?


  11. Mike Cooley

    Yeah it got old fast.


  12. And who said nothing good came from the anti-globalism trend sweeping the Americas and Europe? Good riddance to a terrible beer that we have a long suffered.


  13. Glenn - Newnan

    Get over yourself. Beer is beer, to each his own. Because someone read a pamphlet on making beer does not make it a craft. Bud and Miller will be here long after we are all gone. And “Dilly, Dilly” is as good as your frat boy drinking salutations ever were. They are all insane. Don’t try and make sense of the senseless.


  14. Mary Kate Danaher


  15. Go Dawgs!

    If you’re inclined to say “Dilly Dilly” when you lift a glass of beer, it turns out that you can do so while lifting a glass of actual good beer. I think that’s the flaw in the marketing campaign.


    • Jman781

      I agree with this. Even if I find the pit of misery and dilly dilly mildly humorous, the ads never convinced me to buy and drink Bud Light. So from a marketing perspective, the ads are massive failures.


  16. ugafidelis

    This is my favorite…