The sweet smell of success

From McGarity’s Minutes comes the new ticket pricing structure, starting, as I expected, in 2018.

Basically, they’re going to a two-tier format, one for P5 opponents, at $75 a game, and another for the cupcakes. at $55 a game.  Total cost for a season ticket:  $465.  The average per game ticket price has gone from $50 to over $66.  That’s some “adjustment”… er, “modest increase” you got there, Greg.  I’d hate to see what a full bore, rip ’em a new one would look like.

The secondary market for the attractive games just got more expensive for those of you who intend to forego the season ticket route.  I feel your pain, dawgs.

As a finish, this is a nicely weaseled touch:

With the success we have experienced, we will incur increases in compansation compensation to maintain that level of success.  We plan to make substantial adjustments to the compensation of our coaching staff, which will necessitate these ticket increases.

Hey, don’t blame Greg, blame Jimmy Sexton.  I’m sure not a penny of the scheduled increase will make its way to anywhere but Kirby’s paycheck.

Jeez, man, I knew the hit was coming.  At least you could have been straight about it from the get-go.  If I’m getting screwed, I’d like to be kissed.


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  1. Jack Burton




  2. Yo

    i think I called it.


    • LOL. As many have already pointed out, I don’t think it was rocket science to expect a sizable increase.


      • Dawg1

        Yeah, but at $75 plus $475 donation per seat, we are at a tipping point IMO. Frankly, the experience in Sanford kind of sucks at that price. I’m complaining now about boy scout concessions, mickey mouse videos and pathetic, overpriced food. Thirty years a season ticket holder, and as you said the other day, it IS time to complain.


        • Tony Barnfart

          well, you have just topped the $1000 threshold for 2 season tickets in the least desirable spot in the stadium.


  3. Shorter AD: You’re a wallet. We had a great season. Pony up especially once we adjust the minimum contribution levels.


  4. Castleberry

    Was this in McGarity’s minutes? Surprised Greg didn’t let Kirby sent out the update. What with all the job training Kirby gave him it’d be the least he could do.


  5. Complete with a Koch popup! Oh Timmy, where are you??


  6. ATL Dawg

    Despicable business practices. They’ve been collecting donations for months without even hinting at something like this. The pricing should be known beforehand so that people know what they’re getting into.

    But I guess the important thing is that the Reserve Fund isn’t being impacted.


  7. 81Dog

    “CompAnsation”? Doesn’t anyone in the athletic department have spell check? Dan Magill is probably spinning like a top at the thought of the simpletons cranking out and proofreading (sic) press release over there. Way to project a first class operation, McDoofus.

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  8. DawgPhan

    Tickets going from $300 to $460
    Lost the tax benefit on the donation.
    Parking lot went from free to paid.

    guess McGarity found a place for your tax cut money.


  9. Bigshot

    665.00 extra for 4 tickets. I may be going to 3


  10. Jim

    Supply and demand folks. Wonder where this puts us relative to our peers in the conference? Still middle of pack in pricing?

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Someone else will. I gave up season tickets after the ’16 season because of poor upcoming home schedule and I can buy better seats on the secondary market without all the hassle of dealing with the tickets I don’t use

    Yeah I spend a lot more on the games I go to and in years like ’17 I spent a fortune on post season tickets because I’d given up 20+ years of Hartman points But I also had much better seats in the post season than I could have had with my Hartman score

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    • Here’s the fact sheet, it looks like the same table twice but we don’t look bad.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        The ticket prices referenced in the fact sheet don’t include the Hartman fund donation requirements. The AJC published an article with the that includes both donation requirements and ticket purchase prices and concluded we’re tied for 4th highest total ticket cost with TA&M when you combine donation requirements plus ticket purchase prices for all SEC schools. I think Alabama, Auburn and Florida were the 3 teams ahead of us, but not 100% certain. Not unreasonable, but not nearly as “poor” as the UGAA makes it sound.

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  11. Squatch

    Damn Russians!


  12. Market Analysis
    For several years, the UGA Athletic Association has benchmarked itself against
    other SEC schools, past College Football Playoff participants and other national
    powers, to evaluate various football ticketing models and determine the best
    way to generate revenue to support the needs of all its athletic programs.
    Even with these adjustments, when compared to 2017 numbers from those
    institutions, the cost per home game will remain in line with UGA’s peers.
    The UGA Athletic Association weighed these findings against the ongoing
    commitment to providing the best value and most meaningful experiences for
    dedicated Bulldog fans. Some key findings:
    • Historically, Georgia has been in the bottom third of the conference —as
    well as near the bottom nationally vs. peer institutions — in per game
    season ticket price.
    • Many conference and peer institutions utilize a variable pricing model
    when setting the per game price.
    • Many schools charge a premium for higher-demand seats above the
    base season-ticket price, which is not being recommended at this time.
    • Secondary market data shows that demand for Georgia football tickets
    far exceeds the face value of the ticket. Last season, the average price
    on StubHub was $113.43 per game.

    2017 SEC Football
    Season Ticket Prices

    LSU (6)
    Texas A&M (7)
    Auburn (7)
    Alabama (7)
    Tennessee (7)
    Arkansas (6)
    Ole Miss (7)
    Florida (7)
    Missouri (7)
    Miss. State (6)
    S. Carolina (7)

    Kentucky (6)
    Vanderbilt (7)
    Georgia (6) $300 $50.00

    ► Third-lowest price in the SEC in 2017

    The UGA Athletic Association is committed to making the necessary
    investments in personnel, facilities and support resources that will maintain
    a championship-level football program and a comprehensive athletic program
    that is nationally competitive.
    For the 2018 football season, the UGA Athletic Association will move to a
    variable season ticket pricing model. The total price for a seven-game season
    football ticket package will be $465, with an average price of $66.42 per
    game for season ticket holders. The per-game season ticket prices for 2018
    will be divided into two tiers: Tier 1 games ($75 per ticket for season ticket
    holders) will include home games against Power Five opponents; and Tier
    2 games ($55 per ticket for season ticket holders) will include home games
    against non-Power Five opponents.

    For more information on season football tickets,


    • That’s nice but throw in the contribution and compare the prices. If I could buy the season ticket without the “contribution” which is no longer deductible, I would do that. The problem is you can’t.

      I will likely be reducing my contribution to the minimum to maintain my tickets, drop one of my season tickets, do both or tell the athletic association to go pound sand. I had been giving more than the minimum to improve my seating over the last few years … all to no avail.

      The fact they are passing on the full cost of all this to season ticket holders who sit while TV runs commercials during every break to pay for the TV rights makes me mad as hell.

      What’s going to happen when Jeffrey Kessler burns the whole thing to the ground?


      • With the repeal of the tax deduction, the out of control spending and salaries, the continued race for revenue and the desire to fatten the reserve fund, it’s time for the IRS to end the tax exemption for the NCAA, the Power 5 conferences and the P5 athletic associations. I’m as anti-tax as they come, but there is literally no reason these organizations should be exempt from the corporate income tax (both federal and state), property tax, sales and use tax, etc. The only fig leaf they can hide behind now is the ability to provide educational opportunities for athletes, and that will be gone when Kessler is done with them.


        • AusDawg85

          Who, exactly, do you think would pay the taxes if UGAA had to pay income taxes? You already know the answer is “you, the consumer” right? The tax exempt status keeps the price of tickets from being 20%- 30% or more higher. Net revenue is net revenue to a business. Taxes are just another expense item passed along in the price of the product (ticket).


          • That’s one of the products. The TV revenue is the other. I don’t like the tax exempt status for an organization that truly operates as a for-profit enterprise. As someone who has been on boards for true NFPs, this designation for an athletic association is a joke. They should have to compete on a level playing field with other entities that provide entertainment (that’s what they are … entertainment organizations that hide behind the athletic scholarship to get this favored tax status). What contributions to other 501c3s aren’t deductible by the donor? Maybe the AA has to move a PSL model rather than this non-deductible “charitable contribution.”

            When Kessler is done with the NCAA, it isn’t going to matter because the IRS is going to step in.


  13. Otto

    The ticket price hike, especially with the new tax laws is a shell game as the real price of getting tickets always included donations to get you more points so you could get to the better seats, or a chance at the SECCG.

    Those of us that buy on the second market really face minimal impact, the market will set what ticket will sell at, high or low. Tickets to a winning team will cost more.

    It is good to see UGA spending to put the program in a position to win.


  14. ugamelt

    Alabama ticket sales $40,118M; UGA ticket sales $28,024M. The process doesnt leave money on the table, I thought everyone knew that by now.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      Very true, but don’t forget that Bama has over 9,000 more seats to sell for every home game. Assuming 7 home games, that equates to roughly a $5M difference, so the 33% price increase should basically balance things out.


      • ugamelt

        They also have more suites. So it’s not an apples to apples comparisons…but pointing these differences out didint fit well with my original “process” joke.


  15. PTC DAWG

    The whining continues….you got to pay to play…


  16. Some guy

    The same guy who claims he’s a free market libertarian thinks organizations should be more fair with their supply when demand calls for a price increase. There’s no such thing as price gouging if a buyer agrees to a seller’s terms. 93,000 people will agree to these prices, so please feel free to keep complaining… but please recognize that your public complaining only goes so far. A buyer’s action will speak much louder. There’s a tipping point for sure, and we’ll see soon if they’ve met it.


    • Otto

      In a world of mass media, influencing others to take action goes far further than 1 consumer, just look at Bernie Sanders’ houses.


    • ugamelt

      It’s slightly misleading to boil it down to a simple supply/demand curve considering the amount of inputs involved in this particular economic problem.


      • Jman781

        Also, as pointed out above, at least for this season, many folks were held captive due having already donated to the Hartman Fund.

        I’m not sure what my tipping point is, but even if I decide it’s at nearly a $1,000 a seat for my location (the current reality), I’m already committed to this season. I’ll be curious what happens next year.


  17. Bulldog Joe

    Knew this was coming.

    Just happy to see the end zone project will be finished before the season starts.


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