“This is the AAU of football.”

If Texas high school 7-on-7 football is a harbinger of the general future of college recruiting, Gawd help us all.

I mean, doesn’t talk like this warm the cockles of your heart?

“It’s bad when it gets to the point of having a street agent,” Joseph said. “It’s not about the kid anymore. It’s about that guy and what they can do for him.”

Said Herman: “There’s good trainers and good 7-on-7 coaches that have provided some of these young men with some really, really good mentorship. And so … to lump them all into shady character category, I think, is unfair to them as well.

“As long as we’re following the rules, unless we’ve been specifically told that a guy has been sanctioned by the NCAA — which we have a list of — as long as we go about our business in compliance, who we’re dealing with is irrelevant. Just follow the rules and you’ll be OK.”

“What I learned when I was a GA under coach [Bob] Stoops is you have to find out who helps them with their decision, who is influential in their life and you have to make sure you have a relationship with them,” Texas Tech linebackers coach Zac Spavital said. “Well, when you do that now, there could be 10 people, but it could be somebody other than their parents. I think that’s been the biggest change is you’ve got to build relationships with people that you normally didn’t have to in terms of the impact and trust in the kid’s decision.”

We’re fucking doomed.


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6 responses to ““This is the AAU of football.”

  1. Just imagine how bamboozled Herm Edwards must be by all this. 🙂


  2. Dawg1

    Next, we’ll be following the in home visits to the agents!


  3. Bright Idea

    Travel ball, AAU and now 7 on 7 are ruining high school sports, but in the case of 7 on 7 the coaches brought it on themselves. They started it and now the rogues have stolen from them.


  4. 69Dawg

    This could be stop if they wanted to. I think the NCAA is just afraid that it would affect the money if they suddenly declared that any high school athlete that participated in a 7 on 7 league outside of their high school association would be ineligible to play in college. Saying that, the NCAA does not have the PR strength to pull that off. The one and done rule in college basketball is one of the reasons the NCAA can’t stop the AAU stuff.


  5. TnDawg

    Well said Senator


  6. Hunkering Hank

    7 v 7 will never be like AAU is to basketball because 7 v 7 is not actually football. And neither are lineman drills. AAU is actually real basketball. The high school coach is still the key in football. Game film. Can’t get it from 7 v 7. A kid can look great in those endeavors and not pan out as a football player. What happens when the wideout superstar is “asked” to block for example? It’s flag football. Doesn’t compute. Still gotta block and tackle. I’m sure some street agents are selling kids something else however.