Today, in four tickets, four hot dogs, four Cokes

Signs your fans aren’t as excited about your football program as the in-state rival’s are:

A fundraising challenge to increase Georgia Tech’s recruiting staff is more than 90 percent of the way toward being met.

More than $185,000 has been pledged by fans and alumni, money that will be matched on a 50 percent basis by an anonymous donor. Tech has a goal of reaching $300,000 (donations plus match) by next Wednesday (national signing day), which would be enough to fund four recruiting staff positions for the coming year.

Athletic director Todd Stansbury and coach Paul Johnson made public the department’s fundraising challenge on January 6. It’s a two-year program – another $300,000 will need to be raised for 2019 – after which Stansbury anticipates that the athletic department will be able to fund the positions through its annual budget.

Then again, maybe they’re just worried about throwing good money after bad.


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27 responses to “Today, in four tickets, four hot dogs, four Cokes

  1. Otto

    Sell some Krispy Kreme and they’ll be set


  2. Derek

    I wonder how much $ they could raise if we canceled the series.

    Something about suggesting a rotation between Southern, State and Tech with all games in Athens just really cracks me up.

    What would they do without us?

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    • The other Doug

      One of my favorite ways to gig my GT brother inlaw is to talk up our rivalry with Clemson and suggest that UGA should play Clemson in odd years and GT in even years.

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    • Got Cowdog

      Slightly off topic, State plays at Turner Field. I had the opportunity to check out the venue a couple of days ago, eyeball test for a project concerning artificial playing surfaces. My first thought was “Georgia needs to come here to play a game.” There is not a bad seat in the house. I (Capital “I”) would pay to see the Dawgs play live there. With limited seating and the proximity of said seating to the field? They could charge a small fortune for seats and I’d try hard to get a couple.
      That’s saying a lot, y’all know what a cheap bastard I am.


  3. Bright Idea

    Recruiting! That matters at Tech? I thought all of the good players were too dumb to go there. Maybe they’re too smart to go there.

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  4. Navin Johnson

    $75K per year to try to recruit to play for PJ and play in that offense? Someone needs to add hazard pay.

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  5. Bulldog Joe

    “Because four more years of cut blocks and practice against a high-school offense prepares you well for the NFL.” “Strengthens the knees and ankles.”

    “At Georgia Tech, you can do that.”


  6. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    When it comes to Tech football, what else have they got to write about?


  7. The Dawg abides

    I’d speculate that some high schools in Texas have a larger recruiting budget than tech.

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  8. Is there any other Power 5 School that acts so Group-of-5’ish ? The gross mismanagement of both marketing and operations, at what should be an annually competitive football program, is unbelievable.


  9. Vidaliaway

    I was at a party the other night talking about “R” and how much we were going to miss him. A Tech buddy of mine came up and asked “who is that?” That is all you need to know about their commitment to football.

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  10. Spike

    They are “.. going to need a bigger boat..”.

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  11. AceDawg

    When the admissions office of Ga Tech celebrates the national title game appearance of its chief rival, I think that is a pretty good indication that the athletic department does not enjoy a large enough fan base to improve its lot in life. Does GT even have 1/20th the amount of fans as UGA?


    • Faltering Memory

      UGA had more fans at ND, the Rose Bowl, the Natty, and Grant Field every other year than GT sends to Grant Field/Bobby Dodd. This is to say nothing about Atlanta United.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Man, if I were a comedy writer!! Imagine all the jokes that would begin with: “Hi, I’m a recruiter for Georgia Tech football…”

    Recruiting call #1: “Come on over. There’s nobody home.” The gtu recruiter went over. Nobody was home!

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  13. Macallanlover

    For a school that touts how more students leave there with valuable degrees to assume big money jobs, that is a very modest sized fundraiser they are struggling with. Did they send the request and explanation out in multiple languages?


  14. Thatguy

    This is the same program that had to steal an idea from Rice of all people a few years back to try and engage a significant portion of their undergraduate population into the football program – – I’m beginning to wonder what the ramifications within the ACC would be if Tech dropped to FCS for Football, and stayed in the ACC for everything else?


  15. Russ

    But aren’t we regularly told by the nerds that they all make $1M annually, at a minimum? You know, because “calculus” and stuff?

    This sounds like chump change.


  16. Jim

    Am I the only one be that took immense pleasure in driving thru the ghetto GT campus to watch the DAWGS play for the national title?


  17. ChiliDawg

    I laughed all the way through this article. GT has been irrelevant for a long time but Paul Johnson really has driven them so far from the light it’s hilarious. And they just extended him! They should have just shut down the program instead of hiring him. Would have been the same effect.


  18. John

    If Tech thought that extending Johnson’s contract would be good for the fan-base morale they thought wrong. Its a small sample size but the Tech people I know are very down about it.


  19. old dawg

    Since GT isn’t getting rid of Johnson, it appears to me they have decided to double down on recruiting…I believe most GT people know they are getting lapped in the recruiting race…I see it for what it is…desperation