ESPN sez good times are coming.

ESPN looks at the numbers and sees a lot of things coming up roses for Georgia in 2018.

  • “Georgia is projected to return as many as eight players who were primarily starters from an offense that ranked fifth nationally in overall efficiency.”
  • “…Georgia will enter signing day with ESPN’s No. 1 class for 2018, a spot that Alabama has claimed five times in the past six years (Florida State signed the No. 1 class in 2016).The Bulldogs have signed 15 players in the ESPN 300, including seven from the top 50 prospects — the most by any school.”
  • “The Bulldogs will play one road game in 2018 against a team that finished in the final AP poll (Oct. 13 at LSU), and their non-conference schedule consists of an FCS team (Austin Peay), two Group of 5 teams (Middle Tennessee and Massachusetts) and Georgia Tech. Even better? All four games will be played at Sanford Stadium.”

It looks like it’s okay to be a little excited.


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21 responses to “ESPN sez good times are coming.

  1. Uglydawg

    To make the playoffs, Georgia will likely have to win the SEC outright. I think the days of two SEC teams getting in are about over. The SOS isn’t good for us this year.
    (my comment is exhibit A for how having a NC playoff has changed the criteria for success. For a lot of fans of elite programs, it’s all or nothing. I’m not that demanding, but that Natty is looking like ripe fruit…like a high change up pitch)

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    • Itsdone

      Keep in mind that the “second SEC team in” is always Alabama. The historical success and air time they have accumulated gives them a benefit-of-the-doubt UGA is far from having at this point. I think it is unlikely UGA will be the second team in like Alabama has (no SEC divisional championship x 2). If UGa were undefeated in convincing fashion and fell to bama in the SEC championship in a game like this years OT game where we largely had our way with them, then maybe.


    • Macallanlover

      No conference should have ever gotten in the playoff in years where every other conference champ was not invited first. Doesn’t matter if it is Bama, or UGA, conference champs should be in, then we can see who else deserves the other spots.


  2. Uglydawg far as the polls are concerned, “style points” are still in style. The days of backing off once the prey is slain have to be over. It’s not something I like to see, except against GT, UT, UA, an UF.


  3. J-DawG

    What happens with the fan base if we win the East and the SEC and then fall in the semi-final? Will they be happy and forgiving, or will the honeymoon be truly over?


  4. DawgByte

    Sorry, but our 2018 schedule is a disgrace and will do nothing to further the goal of making UGA a national brand. We play a FCS team in Austin Peay and two Group of 5 teams, Middle Tennessee and Massachusetts. Are you kidding me?

    One of the reasons why 2017 was so special is the Notre Dame game. The ratings for that game were through the ozone and got a lot of people talking about us nationally. Do you think anyone will be talking about us wiping the floor with Austin Peay? At the end of the season if we’re hovering around the 6,7 or 8 mark this weak schedule could keep us out of the Top 4, particularly if it comes down to us and say a Ohio St.


  5. CaptainVideo

    Who is ESPN? Oh, in this case, Jason Starrett.


  6. Russ

    If we’re not back in Atlanta with a serious shot at beating Bama’s ass, I’ll be disappointed.


  7. RackemDawg

    If you love football, CKS is our guy regardless of record in any single season, with his recruiting prowess, Attn. to detail, fundamental soundness, and dedication to a physical style of play….we are in every game…gotta love our chances every year going forward. Sure losses sting, but I see us running with the BIG BOYS now, so a dynasty is not OOTQ!


    • Tony BarnFart

      Our emerging O-Line talent is about to make our outlook akin to a late-90’s Tiger Woods hitting wedges into the Par5s.


  8. Macallanlover

    Give me a guarantee for another SEC title in 2018 and I would sign on the dotted line tomorrow. I would love for us to win bowl games too, but SEC titles are special, another one puts us in solo 2nd (and closing the gaps on Bama.) Would be a helluva an accomplishment, and then we should have both sides of the football ready to play with any team in 2019.