“I was a knot on the log there.”

The more I read about Phil Fulmer’s level of involvement in the UT football program, the weirder it seems.

Fulmer took the unusual-for-an-athletic-director step of getting NCAA-certified to recruit on the road during Pruitt’s two-jobs-in-two-cities period, and he even went on the road with Pruitt a couple of times. And he claimed to love every bit of what he saw.

“I was a knot on the log there,” Fulmer said. “He was the focal point. He handled the room. When he sat in the home, he was great with the mom and dad and the kid.”

So Pruitt in essence was selling himself on the recruiting trail to Mama and his boss.  I’m sure that wasn’t the slightest bit awkward.  Nor was this:

Fulmer knew about Pruitt’s reputation as an elite recruiter. He got excited when watching Pruitt get up “on the edge of his chair” with a “nervous twitch in his leg” when the two talked recruiting during the interview process.

Jeez, guys.  Get a room, would ‘ya?


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22 responses to ““I was a knot on the log there.”

  1. Uglydawg

    Talk about having a monkey on your back…Don’t see how JP puts up with it.


  2. 81Dog

    I guess that just shows Pruitt is openly ambitious enough to be the HC at a major SEC program that he’d be willing to drag the guy who hired him along on the road. I guess Pruitt understood who was pulling the trigger up there and decided the best way to get all that he wanted was to let Fat Phil on the bus.

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Fat Phil to throw Pruitt under the bus, because if there’s one thing Phil has always been, it’s a backstabbing SOB. Pruitt he said may end up as the frog in the frog and the scorpion tale.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pruitt seems like the kind of guy who’s leg shakes when he’s sitting and talking. You know, the hyper caged animal type.


  4. artful codger

    Recently is the first I’ve heard of this NCAA certification to be able to go recruiting. What potential problem is this certification intended to curtail?


  5. Atticus

    This won’t end well……..


  6. Spike

    If I didn’t know bettter I’d think Fat Ass has a woody for Pruitt.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I’ wish he had a “thrill go up his leg”. We’d know where UT was headed for the next 8 years.


  8. Stoopnagle

    All I can say is “bring it, Vols.”

    Kirby is on the mother.


  9. I think Pruitt can be a successful head coach. But I don’t know that he can do it at Tennessee with Fulmer breathing down his neck.


  10. steve

    Making Phil the moral compass and stability ballast of UT’s FB program is like asking Stevie Wonder to drive a school bus. This is ALL about attempting to rebuild a brand image while the FB program takes 2-3 yrs to become competitive. Phil is a media myth placed front and center to spin ‘credible’ evidence that ‘everything is OK’ on Rocky Top. If Chlamydia itself could get a VD that would be Phil. A stealth worm with the survival skills of a rhinoceros cockroach. He is the best UT can show??
    Ninety percent of the byline stories printed about UT since the self-demolition are either written by UT creepers and fed to the sites or by writers paid to spin the story…UT learned that from Auburn. We read: ‘Recruiting is great’…. ‘JP is the best recruiter in the world’…’UT’s coaches are on fire’…..We don’t read: ‘JP was the 8th selection..why?’ ‘Phil has to supervise the HC on recruiting visits….why?’ ‘How much has UT paid Greg Schiano not to talk to the media?’
    This will likely end like Boom at UF and the funniest thing will be hearing the dense UT crowd say ‘I wish Butch was never fired’.


  11. 69Dawg

    The only way Pruitt gets Phil off his back is to win and win fast. If he does then the fans will anoint him and Fulmer will slither off into the night.


  12. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are already in front of this.

    Our football staff is announcing we will not be paying the NCAA certification fee to enable our athletic director to recruit.