Down the home stretch with signing day

Times are quieter.

But no one’s really sure what to expect. The noise has been turned down — and we’ll see, but maybe a lot — by the advent of a December early signing period.

“There’s no doubt it’s different,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn says. “From our standpoint, it won’t be near as hectic as it was.”

Most of the hay is already in the barn.

But this year, things have changed. College football’s Christmas came at, well, Christmas. Many schools secured the majority of their recruiting classes December 20-22 after the establishment, for the first time, of an early signing period for football.

According to ESPN’s rankings, 221 of the top 300 players signed letters of intent in December. Only nine of the top 50 players in 247Sports’ composite rankings remain unsigned.

Approximately 80% of prospects in the 247Sports database who had given schools nonbinding, verbal commitments signed. Using the total number of signees from the 2017 class as a baseline, 247Sports estimates 65% of prospects in the Class of 2018 have already signed.

All of which means come Wednesday — well, what exactly?

“In terms of the big names and the big stories, it’s gonna be similar to every other signing day,” says Barton Simmons, director of scouting for 247Sports. “There’s some major programs fighting for the same guys. There’s five-stars that have everybody guessing. There’s plenty of drama that we’re used to for signing day — the difference is, there’s just not the same quantity of it.

“There’s not the depth of drama. There’s not the frenetic energy to it that we’ve seen in years past, where every school in the country is scrambling to hold onto a class or fill it out.”

Who could have ever predicted that the biggest crisis the early signing period would create would be the challenge for the recruiting services to keep their clientele as engaged as before?

One of the ways they’re trying to promote some of that faux drama is over which of Ohio State and Georgia will finish first in the school recruiting rankings for this class.  (Oooh, I sit on the edge of my seat.)  If for some reason you find that to be a compelling story, I’m here for you.  Here’s a look at that race from the Ohio State perspective — with math! — from the good folks at Eleven Warriors.


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17 responses to “Down the home stretch with signing day

  1. Cojones

    Somehow, with the class we have already, the significance of winning a recruit’s hand from another SEC team just isn’t as important as in the past. It still makes them a total asshole (not!) when they don’t choose us, but it just doesn’t matter too much when you are already set.

    The funny part is how greedy you find you are by hoping more 5*s sign at UGA that will really crush other schools. It’s also beneficial to see exactly how some schools pledge a big player that has been teasing other schools up to the Feb signing date and beyond. Methinks that some may have been looking for a little illegal remuneration bid beyond the normal visiting swag in order to get some of the dirty birds to compete with moola, so it will hold my interest for that reason.


  2. waterloodawg

    “Most of the hay is already in the barn.”

    I see what you did there.



    Does anyone know where Sandidge is going?


  4. Truckin

    I know a “5” is likely a stud but there are Gurleys out there too. “R” was a 4. Give me them and solid coaching.


  5. Russ

    I want that 5* corner out of Florida. That will be the cherry on top of this class.


  6. Macallanlover

    I think those who get so worked up about the “science” of determining how you assign a “value” (to the 3rd or 4th decimal point!) to a HS player at age 18 and project how he will grow/mature four years later are laughable. There are measurables that can contribute to a successful path, but what separates so many of these players, and thus a team’s ranking is fractions of a point. How seriously can you take some of that?

    Again, you certainly want the best players to fit your needs, but you can not be certain who they are until you get them on campus, train them, and wait to see what takes. I am fine with the ones our coaches want, and don’t think being 1st or 8th is much of a big deal. It is almost like finding a wine you really, really love for $10 a bottle while many of the folks paying $85 aren’t as pleased but buy it because some wine “expert” gave it 95 points. I like beating the system and finding that high 3, or low 4 star athlete that becomes a 2 time All American and leads your team to a ring season while the team that passed him by for a highly touted 5 star gets nothing from that player. Beating the system is more fun.


    • Sanford222view

      True but the more 5 and 4 stars you sign the better your odds are to find the good ones. Just ask Bama.


      • Macallanlover

        Don’t disagree, and I am not saying I don’t want those guys, just that it is exciting/pleasing to see the 3 star Pollack’s and Davis’ outshine them all. And also trying to make a point, there really isn’t that much difference between rating classes within maybe 5 positions on the rankings (1-5, minute difference, same will 11-15, or 25-30, etc.) More important that the coaches fill positions of need, and get a good fit.