“Go save us from ourselves.”

While I’m on the subject of academic leadership in the world of college sports, this advice column (using the term “advice” very loosely) from Indiana Purdue president Mitch Daniels to Condoleezza Rice warning her about the minefield she’s stepping into in chairing the NCAA commission to (allegedly) reform college basketball (h/tis a masterpiece of misdirection and misguided self-congratulation.

College basketball’s integrity isn’t threatened by one-and-dones so much as it is by college presidents who have created the rules these institutions are expected to live by and then try to pretend it’s somebody else’s problem when the proverbial shit stirred up under those same rules hits the fan.

The only way you’re ever really going to clean up college athletics in a meaningful way is to take the money out of it.  And since that’s never going to happen…


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3 responses to ““Go save us from ourselves.”

  1. Gaskilldawg

    The Federal prosecution shows that the market value of star basketball recruits is the value of a scholarship plus money in the tens or hundred of thousands of dollars, but the NCAA imposes a compensation cap of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the market value.
    This charade that Brian Bowen decided to enroll at Louisville just for its academics creates drives the NCAA public relations approach.
    Boosters and some coaches want the top players enough to offer the true market value. Condi Rice isn’t going to change that.


  2. jermainesdye

    Quick, yet significant correction with those of us with Hoosier state ties:

    Daniels is the President at Purdue, not IU.