“… we’re going through an assessment of our signage…”

I guess this is how we’re supposed to know Florida means business now with its football program:

The Gators are coming off their second losing seasons in five years and have not competed for a national title since 2008.

But the expectations at UF are such Stricklin had grounds crew members remove the recognition of the two SEC East titles won under Jim McElwain. Those appeared in the north end of the Swamp.

Kind of sounds what Stalin used to do when the Soviets would whitewash recent historical events.  That worked out well.  Is it possible we’ve underestimated what a sea change took place at last year’s Cocktail Party?


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12 responses to ““… we’re going through an assessment of our signage…”

  1. Tronan

    “We don’t have any other division titles and we don’t have any division titles listed at our facilities.”

    Say what you will about the commissar vanishing, at least they’re not members of the George O’Leary school of CVs.


  2. gastr1

    Maybe they could replace those signs with one that says “42-7.” Seems we’d have overlapping purposes, amiright?


  3. Jeff Sanchez

    Do they still have the “First in the SEC” sign they used to have for the season they were on probation?

    I’m serious.


  4. McTyre

    As the Dawgs may be poised to go on a run of SECG bids, Stricklin may want to warehouse those SEC East banners just in case they need some filler in the bare spots. On a related note, do Butts Mehre and Practice Facility walls still include East titles in years we lost the tiebreaker – sometimes even HTH with the winner – to the SECCG? That seemed so desperate – like Auburn claiming a 2004 title or Spurrier’s 11-win ring.


    • stoopnagle

      I never took issue with having division titles (even the ones where we lost tie-breakers) displayed somewhere in the bottom of B/M where no one really sees them but the team.

      Now, if we were putting up flags in Sanford Stadium for ANY division titles, I’d be a bit put out.


  5. Cojones

    Gee, I don’t know what with the FU alums in the dark as well. None of them seem to keep up as they did before and some don’t even know who their coach is now. I feed’em bullshit about how their recruiting program has jumped into the top10 (it’s still hung up between 18 and 26 each week) just to get them to look so they can’t play ignorant. I want them to get the grapefruit in the face for breakfast that they deserve after years of taunting.


  6. J-DawG

    I guess we’ll find out how good a coach he really is after he hauls in all that talent in Fl and “coaches” them up. Of course outrecruiting CMR and the Natty champs at UCF won’t be easy. 2 to 3 years before a competitive team hits the field to challenge us.


  7. Cojones

    Didn’t see Mullen make any promises about beating UGA as Muschamp did.



  8. Spike

    Work em silly Gators.. bwahahahaha


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    Has it been ten years since the Urban retired to spend more time with the family? Poor Jim McElwain. Fired w/o full buyout, and on the hook to his Colorado State for cool mil.