“I hope I can be that kind of help to Jeremy.”

I wonder how many times we’re going to hear a variation on this theme over the next three seasons.


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26 responses to ““I hope I can be that kind of help to Jeremy.”

  1. Jared S.

    Do you think we’ll get to see Fulmer on the sideline with the team moments before the end of a big game?

    Taking credit fo…..I mean congratulating the players and coaches for a victory?

    Please, please let this happen.

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    • Jared S.

      *** let me make clear I wish no big game victories for Tennessee, but if they happen to have one, I want to see him on the sideline…. with a perfect camera angle showing Pruitt’s face when he first catches site of him.


      • Got Cowdog

        When do they play tech again? i would be OK with a repeat of 2017. That was a true highlight of the season. Me sitting in front of the big screen with an ear to ear grin, drinking an old fashioned, laughing out loud occasionally, all the while knowing one of them had to lose eventually.

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    • Stoopnagle

      That’s guaran-dam-teed.


  2. Walt

    Fulmer could be of a huge help to Pruitt. Fulmer should be on the sidelines for every game, and if the Vols win, Fulmer can take to Gatorade bath for Jeremy.


  3. Spike

    What was Pruitt. Their tenth guy they tried to hire?


    • Russ

      Yeah, I love how Pruitt was “the winner” in their coaching search. I think I got a call the other day about how I had “won” a “free cruise”. Must be similar, I guess.

      Man, I’m going to enjoy this show for a while.


  4. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    At home…drawin pictures…of Rocky Top…with him on top….
    Highway Orange Sun….arms raised in a T….

    Eddie Vedder also wishes he could have been more of a help to Jeremy

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  5. Uga'97

    He offered the 3 year warranty to CJP?

    *Recruiting- take back the state of Georgia!
    *Strength & Conditioning- No more injuries!
    *Facilities- will be expeditious, ontime & under budget!
    *Scheduling- rotating Bama out!

    ….Each Gua-Run-Teed in just 3 Easy Installments of 1 Year or Less

    Order now and get *Zero Fulmer Cup Appearances!


  6. Bright Idea

    I agree with Fulmer about old coaches making good ADs. If Tanner had not been a coach the 16 game against SC would not have been played on Sunday. A gutless bean counter would have cancelled with the pressure coming from the governor. Fulmer probably ain’t a Tanner.


  7. Dolly Llama

    You reckon Fulmer is running interference because he might possibly believe Pruitt is a stone fucking redneck and not ready for prime time, even in Tennessee?


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    One thing about Fulmer that I remember crystal clear is he was never a ‘good’ loser. He always played the blame game after a loss. The helpful guy we hear today is gonna (continue to) be the backstabber when adversity hits.


  9. Uglydawg

    My breakfast almost came back up when I read the line proclaiming JP to be “The Winner” in AD Pumpkin’s first coaching search”
    All the other contestants must feel like the dudes who lose out on “The Batchelorette”… except there weren’t any other contestants.

    Good giggly wiggly. Talk about spin.

    It’s obvious that Fulmer is full of (sausage biscuits and) himself and he clearly sees himself as the HC in stature and JP as his apprentice.

    I wonder if he will hold Jeremy’s hand as they run out of the tunnel at their first game together…and Phil will have Jeremy’s “Vols” lunchbox in his other hand with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in it for little Jeremy’s lunch.


  10. gastr1

    My favorite quote:
    “Tennessee’s new athletic director didn’t deny that he planned to be a ubiquitous presence inside the football offices, though, and that he planned to be heard when he had an idea”



    • Uglydawg

      Can you imagine Pruitt reading this crap? I wonder if he feels like going to work and being that fat ass’s apprentice, or just calling in and telling fatso to quit wheezing on his gig.


      • barneydawg

        I am looking forward to the post-loss Sunday morning fight in the Krispy Kreme parking lot.

        Do you think Fulmer will insist on having his daughter accompany Pruitt for the post-game handshake at mid-field, like he did when he was coaching?
        That was a priceless look after the “Hobnail Boot” game. Both were fighting back the tears, which made me ecstatic.


  11. Uglydawg

    Sign over CJP’s office door. “Phil’s Apprentice”


    • I wonder if Pruitt’s seen the “Opportunity Is Nowhere” sign yet.


      • Uglydawg

        I nominate “that kind of help for Jeremy” for the lexicon. It’s a pretty rich little quip…think of all it entails…acts, motives, smiles, the good old pat on the back, etc. Palace intrigue fit for a storybook ending!


        • Uglydawg

          and “Phil’s Apprentice” ain’t a bad handle for CJP . Although I doubted it at first, it is beginning to look like Fulmer wants to run the football program his way and Pruitt is to be awed by the opportunity.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      “The Pumpkin’s Apprentice”