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Meanwhile, in Knoxville

The rest of the first Pruitt/Fulmer recruiting class checks in.

I’m sure even though Booch is gone, they’re all gonna wind up being Champions of Life.  If it somehow doesn’t work out, though, it’ll be Pruitt’s fault.



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College football recruiting… how does it work, exactly?

The Herm Edwards experiment is rolling right along.

Oh, and to what should be nobody’s surprise…

Yeah, this is gonna end well.


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Nebraska, following the sale of 57,342 spring game tickets in one day just to season ticket holders, has now completely sold out the game.

Check out the insanity on StubHub:

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity stroking his chin.


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“This class is basically a Death Star.”

I got chills, I tells ‘ya, chills.

Georgia spent the opening hours of National Signing Day 2018 overtaking Ohio State for the No. 1 class in the country. The Dawgs’ class isn’t just the best this year. It’s one of the best in the history of recruiting rankings, which go back to about the turn of the millennium…

After the Early Signing Period, Georgia’s recruiting class had an average player score of 93.20 and a raw class score of 311.88 on the 247Sports Composite.

Their surge on Signing Day morning brought them to a 322.39 ranking score with a 94.31 average. That makes UGA’s class — as its stands now, at 26 players — the third-best class in the history of ratings by total points and second-best by average score. But given that we’re talking a matter of decimal points in total score behind a 29-man 2017 Alabama class, it feels right to call Georgia the No. 2 class in ratings history.

You want another example of how insanely, crazy good Georgia’s 2018 class is?  That Ohio State class that Georgia battled with down to the wire today, that Georgia finished more than five points ahead of in the 247Sports team rankings?  That class is the highest-rated class in Ohio State history.

As Munson would say, the stadium is bonkers.


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You wouldn’t look good in Urnge, kid.

Best signing ceremony of the day, from Quay Walker:


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Envy and jealousy, ridiculous signing day edition

Stewart Mandel, for the win…

There are times when the Twitter 140-character format is perfect.


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The kind of day Kirby is having.

Good, in other words.


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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome back…

Well played, Kirby.


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But, it was for a good cause!

Twitter is angry today, my friends.

The only copyrights that matter to schools are their own.


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We’ve all seen examples of former professional baseball players who have given up on their first choice and pursued a college football career without running afoul of the NCAA’s amateurism protocol.

I can’t help, though, but wonder if an envelope is being pushed a little more strongly with the news that Auburn has signed a “former Australian Professional Footballer” to a college scholarship as a punter.  The sports may not be exactly the same, but it’s hard to deny that the skills he was paid for are largely the same skills that Malzahn values now.

It’s February, and devious minds turn to cheatin’.  How far could a well-heeled booster push things with a summer “football, but not exactly American football” league that paid players?  How different would the rules have to be to pass NCAA muster?


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