The weirdest signing day take

… goes to ESPN, who came up with this gem:

The classes are full, and the grades are out. Alabama, Ohio State and Texas impressed and earned the only three A-plus marks.


And, yes, just to make sure, I checked and Georgia finished first in ESPN’s class rankings.

I guess Mickey grades on the curve.


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16 responses to “The weirdest signing day take

  1. It’s Bama, Ohio State and Texas’s world according to the WWL. We just all live in it. #mediabias


  2. Spike

    One more reason not to watch them or pay heed to their bullshit.

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  3. Timphd

    Yet when you read their write up of UGA they give an A+ rank. Guess they don’t read their own articles.


  4. truck

    What else do you expect when a Baron knocks on the Kings’ door?


  5. Fetchstick

    I can’t see the whole article, I assume UGA got an A++.


  6. Let us remind them that the three most watched games of the season all involved UGA.


  7. Scott

    Yeah, what’s even weirder is that if you look at the actual grades, UGA got an A+, and Bama got an A.

    Nice editing, Mickey!


  8. LakeOconeeDawg

    2 words…………..”Tom Luginbill”


  9. Russ

    Bad editing. Saw similar thing on the 247 site yesterday, saying top LB flipped from Georgia to Bama. Clicked the link and it was about Walker flipping to us from Bama.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Journalist today…..apparently not good at math either .
      “There’s some danger that my numbers are off here – journalism majors are not known for math – but follow me here:

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  10. Cojones

    No ESPN and I wouldn’t want to ever be one of your “Insider”s when your info and ratings are that absurd.


  11. Bigshot

    ESPN and SEC bias against UGA is real. SEC and ESPN bias for Bama is real.


  12. Even through my Crimson colored glasses I could see that UGA had an A rated class


  13. WH

    ESPN is NOT above clickbait. Congrats to all the offended Dawgs out there who rewarded them.