Allow her to retort.

So, let’s recap the most recent follies of Butts-Mehre’s Men of Genius, otherwise known as the selling of the season ticket price increase.  It started, as usual, with a little misdirection from our esteemed athletic director.

With the success we have experienced, we will incur increases in compensation to maintain that level of success.  We plan to make substantial adjustments to the compensation of our coaching staff, which will necessitate these ticket increases.

As it turned out, that was a relatively mild effort.  Had he stopped there, well… you’ll see.

Round two saw a new excuse trotted out (“Football’s really our only source of revenue, significant revenue,” McGarity told the media afterward. “In order to maintain your other 20 sports at the level [now]; it’s not my intent to go to the other programs and have cuts. It’s not fair. It’s not the Georgia model. Because we treat all sports equitably. So, this was the way to fully fund those other sports at the same level we have.”), together with the revelation that the proposal was presented in haste to the Athletic Board.  That was combined with a fact sheet prepared by the athletic department and presented to the Board intended to sell the case that the underlying purpose of the increase was to redress a pricing structure at Georgia that was sadly out of line with its conference peers (“UGA athletic officials also were at pains to point out that the football program’s average ticket price of $50 last year ranked 12th out of 14 schools in the SEC.”)  It’s not hard to understand what McGarity was thinking there; it’s just hard to understand why he felt the need to elaborate so.

That all of this was presented in a rush should perhaps have been a tell that all was not as it appeared to be on the surface, but nobody raised any questions.  Nobody except a Georgia alumna with a background in statistics, that is.

Rebecca Phillips, aka StatDawg82, made her introduction at the blog with this substantial dive into the pricing data that should have accompanied McGarity’s fact sheet but didn’t.  As I wrote then, ultimately what she demonstrated with her work was this:

It’s hard to say if the misinformation we’ve received is the result of sloppiness, ignorance or a deliberate fudging of the facts.  What’s not hard to say is that Butts-Mehre didn’t much care either way about accuracy.  Which really translates into not caring about being straight with the bulk of the fan base.

That’s what chaps my derrière here.  Had they merely come out with some variation of “we’re doing this because we can” as justification, I’d  have grumbled some, but in the end, recognized it’s a sign of the times we live in, stroked the check to ‘da Man and moved on.  Instead, we’re fed this “it’s not us, it’s you” garbage.  McGarity can’t bring himself to own fully what he’s doing here.  (Not that accountability has ever been Butts-Mehre’s strong suit.)  This isn’t how an athletic administration should treat a devoted fan base.

That post got a fair amount of attention, culminating in a Seth Emerson piece that contained two items of significance.  First of all, his own research backed up the accuracy of hers.  Second, Greg McGarity chose to respond to her work on the record, publicly.  That proved to be less than convincing:

McGarity, in a phone interview Tuesday, said it wasn’t discussed at the board meeting “because we don’t have the information” on what funding levels are at every school.

“Misleading?” McGarity said. “We never presented that this was an all-in. Because the data is so hard. There are 13 different ways to do that, and it’s very difficult to gather that information.”

In other words, because he didn’t make a complete effort, nobody should have taken his presentation literally.  I’m guessing the Board would have preferred to know that before they voted.  As I posted in response to Seth’s article, there was more to unpack from McGarity’s interview, but the gist of it all was that he’d managed once again to violate the First Rule of Holes.  What should have been defended sparsely  — some variation of “we raised ticket prices because we could” might not have given us the warm and fuzzies, but at least it would have had the virtue of being accurate — became messy because the athletic director wound up misleading the Board and the fan base and lamely trying to defend that in the press.

We’re not done here yet, though.

While I might have been a little surprised that McGarity reacted publicly to a fan’s argument, I wasn’t at all surprised by Phillips’ reaction to McGarity’s comments about her work.

She went back and did more research.  Then she asked that I post it here at the blog.

After Mr. McGarity and UGA responded to my research in the recent Seth Emerson article, I took another look at the data and dug further to see if their facts checked out.  In many cases, they didn’t.

Mr. McGarity’s response to my original email said:

“We were presenting the only real data that was consistent across the board, which was the actual lowest ticket price.”  And so, the data in my original analysis used the lowest ticket price (plus lowest donation) to get the final “in-the-gate price”.

Mr. McGarity’s rebuttal to my original analysis included this:

“Our intent was not to adhere to the lowest ticket price at each stadium, but rather one that best represented the majority of the seats in their respective venues and was the most comparable to our seating options.”  This was a direct contradiction to the previous statement about using “the actual lowest ticket price.”  They went on to say that in some cases the lowest priced sections did not include very many seats.

And so, to allow Mr. McGarity all benefit of the doubt, I completed an additional analysis, this time trying to adhere to the UGAAA’s “rules” for selecting price values (though it’s hard to hit a moving target).  I used the same ticket prices that UGA has chosen as a “fair assessment”.  Looking to their chart, all of the ticket price values now match what I used. Then, I also included the required donation that corresponds to the ticket price (that the UGAAA used) in order to calculate the final “in-the-gate price” for each school.

Again, I’m giving Mr. McGarity every benefit of the doubt by including more donation tiers beyond the minimum so as to include more seats in the analysis.  Even in giving that much ground, the narrative they are spinning STILL doesn’t hold up.  In no academically honest report can you claim that Georgia is 12th out of 14 SEC schools in ticket prices.

A large portion of the UGAAA’s response included naming reasons why the ticket values that they chose to use were most closely aligned with what is available at Georgia.  And so, I reran all calculations using the UGAAA’s chosen ticket price.  And then added the corresponding donation.

Results are shown below, with detail on how each value was calculated.

School Season ticket price Donation amount Per ticket price Notes on how values were selected
Auburn $475 $290.00 $109.29 The UGAAA noted that ‘Auburn has a minimum contribution level of $100, but it is open for a limited amount of seats.’  To combat this complaint, I chose to include the next two donation tiers, up to $290, in order to include even more seats.
Georgia $300 $300.00 $100.00 Because I moved up in donation level for most other schools, I used the $300 donation, which gets into the lower bowl.  I elected not to use the $375 level. Using $300 instead of $375 would put Georgia at #2 rather than #1, but I did not want to have any chance of falsely inflating this value.
Tennessee $420 $250.00 $95.71 Many seats fall in the $0 donation sections, but I chose to include the next two donation tiers, up to $250, in order to include even more seats.
LSU $425 $125.00 $91.67 Within the $425 sections, the lowest donation is $125.
Florida $380 $250.00 $90.00 The $150 donation area is in the lower bowl and includes a large number of seats.  But, since UGAAA says that donation level only covers “portions of 10 sections” of the stadium, I chose to include the next two donation tiers, up to $250, in order to include even more seats.
Alabama $445 $160.00 $86.43 In case the UGAAA feels that the $60 or $110 sections don’t include enough seats, I used the next highest donation tier of $160.
Arkansas $360 $150.00 $85.00 The UGAAA mentioned that they used the $360 ticket price because it covers more seats in the lower bowl.  I chose to include the next two donation tiers that apply in the lower bowl, up to $150, in order to include even more seats.
Texas A&M $490 $30.00 $74.29 The lowest donation price, $30, applies to a large number of seats, and corresponds to the $490 price used by UGAAA.
South Carolina $365 $137.50 $71.79 The $50 donation area includes a large number of seats.  In addition to the $50 per seat, there is a “club” fee of $175 to order 2 tickets, or $87.50 per seat.
Ole Miss $400 $50.00 $64.29 Even though there are a large number of lower bowl tickets available without a donation, I used the next highest level of $50.
Missouri $379 $65.00 $63.43 Even though, there are many seats (including lower bowl options) at a $50 donation level, I used the next highest level of $65.
Mississippi St $375 $55.00 $61.43 The UGA Athletic Association felt there were not enough $200 tickets, so I used their selected ticket price of $375.  The lowest donation amount needed for the $375 seats is $55, and that gets into the lower bowl.
Kentucky $310 $100.00 $58.57 Within the $310 ticket price level that the UGAAA selected, there are many seats at a $0 donation level.  I chose to include the next donation tier of $100, in order to include even more seats, and get into the lower bowl.
Vanderbilt $300 $0.00 $42.86 Although seats are available in the lower bowl for $170, I will go with the UGAAA reported price of $300, which can be purchased with a $0 donation.


I am very aware that it is complex to fairly compare prices across 14 stadiums.  Bottom line.  Until a seat-by-seat analysis is conducted across 14 stadiums, stop publishing that Georgia is #12 of 14 in SEC ticket prices.

And, give the Board accurate, complete information before asking them to vote on a major decision.

In addition to the faulty narrative being presented by Mr. McGarity, my new analysis proved some ADDITIONAL errors in their “facts”.

1) They stated: “For instance, the lowest-priced season ticket at LSU was $360. However, that price is only available in two sections in the upper decks at Tiger Stadium. The rest of the stadium offers season tickets at $425, which was the number cited in our research. It did not make sense to make two upper-deck sections in a stadium that seats more than 102,000 fans as the benchmark for our research.”

Today, I contacted the LSU ticket office.  There are actually 21 sections where the $360 price with $0 donation is available.  Nevertheless, I used the $425 amount for my new calculation to match the value they used.

2) They stated:  “Auburn has a minimum contribution level of $100, but it is open for a limited amount of seats.’”

But, the UGAAA has repeatedly challenged my assertion that mandatory donations should be counted as part of season ticket prices.  How then can they then use this minimum contribution as part of their argument?

And some things worth noting:

– The UGAAA reported that Florida has already approved donation increases for next year.  True.  Though they neglected to mention that Florida has simultaneously announced some donation decreases.  Florida states that “Approximately 37 percent of the seat contributions are going down or staying at the same contribution level.” (It is painful to think I might trust information put out by Florida more than Georgia.)

– I would like to note that my original chart listed USC’s ticket price at $415 while UGA’s chart showed the price at $365.  I learned today that this is because the $415 quoted price includes the $50 per seat donation!  In addition to the $50 per seat donation, there is another $87.50 per seat donation.  Hence a difference from how it was listed before, but the per-ticket price remains the same.

– My original analysis did not use the Pocket Pass at Kentucky, as I too felt like it was not a comparable ticket option.

Yes, there is a lot to unpack there.  Just so you don’t lose sight of what this discussion is really about, let me repeat the money part of her response:

I am very aware that it is complex to fairly compare prices across 14 stadiums.  Bottom line.  Until a seat-by-seat analysis is conducted across 14 stadiums, stop publishing that Georgia is #12 of 14 in SEC ticket prices.

And, give the Board accurate, complete information before asking them to vote on a major decision.

In other words, Greg, if you’re not going to put in the work to show otherwise, don’t make assertions you can’t back up.  Don’t make the Athletic Board an accomplice to the consequences of a shoddy sales pitch, either.

Math is hard.  Being straight with the Board and the fan base shouldn’t be harder.  That’s the way Butts-Mehre rolls, unfortunately.

I was tempted to title this post The Last Word, for obviously snarky reasons, but there’s a part of me that wonders if Greg McGarity is sensitive enough to fashion yet another response to her.  You’d think not, as Rebecca Phillips has shown she’s got some Erk Russell in her, but some people can’t help but rise to take the bait when their commitment to transparency is questioned.  Stay tuned for further developments.



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  1. Bulldog Joe

    McGarity told the media afterward. “In order to maintain your other 20 sports at the level [now]; it’s not my intent to go to the other programs and have cuts. It’s not fair. It’s not the Georgia model. Because we treat all sports equitably. So, this was the way to fully fund those other sports at the same level we have.

    StatDawg82 and Seth: Go ahead and compare what GM is spending on the other programs vs. his competition. And thanks for fighting the good fight.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Greg McGarity reveals his talent for mediocre financial dissembling. Kind of a Mark Emmert of bean counters.


  3. Illinidawg

    This is such a fucking bummer. A great year, so much joy and it HAS to get ruined.



    This gal sounds bored.


    • MHPDawg

      Our passion for Georgia manifests itself in different ways. I’m proud of her for holding McGarity’s feet to the fire. He should be honest with us and the board.

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      • PTC DAWG

        Folks will vote with their for the returns…


        • HirsuteDawg

          Looks to me like the Athletic Board should expect more out of the athletic director. When information presented to the Board for consideration and action is found to be incomplete, in error, inaccurate or misleading; the Board ought to hold AD’s feet to the fire.

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    • The Dawg abides

      Yeah, this “gal” should probably stay home and tend house while the men do the important stuff./ Geez dude, 1965 is calling for you on line one.


      • MLB2

        WTF is your problem?! Nothing wrong with gal. I say it all the time. It’s a southern thing. Georgia is in the south, dumbass. Whining little babies like you are why DJT is in the white house. Keep up your bullshit.


      • gastr1

        “Gal” is almost always used by older men who would rather say “girl” but realize they can’t quite get away with that anymore re: WOMEN. It’s not a very innocent term, frankly. Just say “woman” and get on with it.


    • 81Dog

      Dome folks just dislike the combination of being lied to and condescension, and have the skills to pick apart the condescending lies. Good for Ms. Stat Dawg, I say.

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    • gastr1

      I’m frankly very glad that people like “this gal” and this blogger are around to blow the cover of BS-ers like Greg McGarity. You should be too, if you’re a fan of integrity from your university.


  5. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are still in control.



  6. The other Doug

    One of the things that’s coming out of all of this is that UGA football tickets are very expensive compared to other schools.

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  7. Russ

    What’s the Sanford equivalent of section 37F? That’s where Ms. Phillips is going to be sitting if she renews her tickets.

    Great work on her part. I’d love to see similar comparisons on the other sports as Bulldog Joe suggested.


  8. Lakatos Intolerant

    Spend $40,000 to rubber stamp a coaching hire, yet can’t shell out the nominal cost to hire a third party to perform some data analytics. Although, it’s clear now the analytics would have suggested GM be more transparent with his customer base so it’s easier to defer to BS messaging. Hell, you have a resourceful customer assembling data in her spare time–you can low ball her to do the work and spare yourself the public shaming. Win, win!


  9. Castleberry

    I’m hitting refresh on that inbox. Can’t wait to see the next McGarity’s minutes.


  10. SSB Charley

    Damn. I’m not sure I’ve seen an AD get owned like this before. If I ever need to retain a statistician in any of my cases, I know who I’m calling first. Great job, Ms. Phillips, and thank you for your work.

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    • Macallanlover

      It was great work on her part. The reason you haven’t seem a beat down like that on an AD before is there are few AD’s as incompetent as this one. How many epic, public fails has he had in his tenure? He came in fumbling, yet he remains as a living example of the Peter Principle with no action taken. Which brings to the forefront, why has Morehead tolerated this embarrassment so long? Set a standard at the top and it will filter throughout the organization.

      You usually think of professors as the ones you think of when you wonder how did they they ever get/keep their job; it should never be someone in such a public position where their mistakes are a public display for all to see and ridicule. McDoofus is Emmert level bad, how can we laugh at the NCAA?


  11. HootDawg

    So, how many of us season ticket holders are pissed off enough not to renew next week? I am.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Just as important, how many section HD fans did McGarity convince to start contributing and buy season tickets?

      He needs to convince the ones who are not in the Hartman Fund to join in order to replace those who die or get to old to continue to attend, and his balony won’t convince anyone to leave their HDTV and couch and start buying season tickets.


      • djrichiep

        I was seriously considering jumping in this year for the first time. Now? No, I’ll stay in section HD and buy tickets for games I want to attend through other means as I did seasons past. This whole stinking thing has convinced me not to start contributing.


    • I reached my breaking point with it last year.


  12. Cojones

    You don’t think that McG is crunching these numbers, do you, nor that his rebuttal was formed by his research for the truth? Since the Bd of Regents pretty much have shown that they are directing Greg, maybe we should include them, as well as Dr Morehead, in this discussion since Greg acts as a mouthpiece to them both. What we really need is someone who is a lawyer and can combine legalities to business models….oh, wait…..


  13. HiAltDawg

    At what point would a smart CEO just give StatDawg82 whatever tickets she wants with a Non Disclosure Agreement to shut this down? Lol. I’m single and a trainwreck when it comes to women (I can provide References) but even I know where this is going. Even better for me (and to be honest), I’m a despicable human being so I’m popping corn and laughing my arse off. I never thought Math would be so fun.

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  14. To me – this whole episode is more an indictment of the Board than it is McGarity, but he’s gonna get the brunt of it because he’s the public persona. I know it’s been discussed here in the past, but the Georgia Way couldn’t exist without a complicit Board that very clearly rubber stamps everything.

    Anyone with a slight bit of dedicated intellectual curiosity would ask more difficult questions or require an analytical study of McGarity’s assertions about pricing before voting to raise prices, but alas, the Georgia Way is strong with everybody.


    • DawgPhan

      even the response from the outgoing board person that was published right after was mostly just saying they surprised us with this, but we just approve everything anyway, so why look closely at this.


  15. JoshG

    A fool and his money are soon parted.


  16. Jared S.

    Erk Russell. Yes!

    GATA, Rebecca!


  17. JasonC

    McGarity is honing his POTUS skills.


  18. DC Weez

    Come on people. Quit dumping on McGarity. He must add to that Reserve Fund.


  19. Dawg93

    As both a math nerd and a huge Dawg fan, I can’t express how impressed I am with Mrs. Phillips. Well done ma’am, well done indeed.

    Side note – I wonder what UGA and other schools will eventually do with the pricing & structure of season tickets given the recent change in the tax law for donations. Do they just combine it all into one really expensive ticket price and re-structure the points system for getting away tickets and better seats?


  20. ugafidelis

    I wish I was that smart.


  21. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I can solve all this: Auction tickets off to the highest bidder. Do it before the G-Day game so the buyer can see the tickets he or she is buying and get a big crowd for G’Day at the same time. Buyers would have to ‘buy in’ to get one of those paddles they give out at auction houses (color coded paddles to identify the level of the ‘buy in’) then show the seats up at any one time on the big screen and start rocking and rolling. Now that would be transparent! 🙂

    And ESPN would probably pay to televise it.


  22. ScoutDawg

    Can we get Ms. Phillips some shoulder pads. She is a bad-ass head hunting linebacker for sure.

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  23. MountainDawg

    I’ll predict that the changes in the tax laws for this type donations will have some negative effect going forward.I have been told by a very good source that there is some sort of a “re-assignment program” being discussed that would/could hurt the small, long time donors like myself and many others that are personal friends of mine.This was done at Tech a few years ago with very negative results..


    • Joseph

      I’m actually thinking of jumping back in line to get tickets, so could you give a little more detail on what you mean? …Gave up my tickets after 2016 season…I live in Athens so I had immediate regret that first football Saturday this past year when fall was in the air and I saw all the RVs, knowing I didn’t have my own tickets anymore.


  24. MooseDawg

    First rule of Fights: Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

    She nailed it by using facts not opinions. McGarity…not so much.

    Well done.

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  25. AthensHomerDawg

    “….don’t make assertions you can’t back up.”The McGarity Dossier.

    It was funny when the neighbors horses got lose and headed toward the McGarity pool. PANIC.

    Correction: it was funny afterwards when they were safely rounded up and in their corral.
    And I’ve moved since then. Just sayin’


  26. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Hell hath no fury like a statistician’s scorn …

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  27. Former Fan

    After the way CMR was treated over the years (i.e. having to pay his assistant coaches out of his own pocket, no indoor practice facility, etc.), not sure why we as fans are surprised that we would be treated the same way.

    Well, in fairness to you Senator, you are not surprised. You’ve actually written about it for a while now.


  28. Ms. Phillips has pwned Mr. McGarity. I could even say she has taken him behind the woodshed for a mathematical @$$ whuppin.

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  29. “The” ChilliDawg

    So Senator… I’m a little surprised you’re not pressing a value for money argument in this fight. Certainly these new ticket prices will bring all sorts of stadium improvements for the fan base… errr… they won’t? Well, at least fans won’t have to rent seat backs any… oh, they still will? But the music… yeah, the music… not that either? What’s that? My new seats will be behind the new enlarged scoreboard??? I’ll get nothing and I’ll like it??? OK.

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  30. saildawg

    Great work by Rebecca and the Senator. Keep it up. I think everyone would be ok with honesty and transparency. All they would have to say is “we are increasing ticket prices, because you will pay it.” No arguments here, just don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining.


  31. the football team is implored to just keep chopping and at the same time McGarity just keeps digging……Greg needs to follow President Adams.


    • PTC DAWG

      AS soon as his time is done into the retirement fund, he is gone. The Senator will rejoice…we will all be happy again.


      • Man, you don’t get it.

        It’s called the Georgia Way, not the McGarity Way. They’ll promote internally, or bring Carla Williams back from Virginia.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        THe Georgia Way.
        PTCyou have been Georgiaed, I tried to find it in the Senator’s Lexicon for you but alas it has yet to find its way there. Perhaps this may serve for now. So pay you money be thankful there are concessions and get one of those strap on urinals to avoid long waits or wading through that odd fluid on the floor. You pay your dues and sing your blues.
        We good?

        to be taken advantage sexually without receiving money.

        If a man becomes Georgiaed, it is highly unlikely he will be able to turn the potential whore out, and he should move on.

        Source Iceberg Slim, Pimp: The Story of My Life
        “On the way she played on me. She was setting me up for the Georgia.” pg 60

        “Stay cold and brutal. Don’t let them Georgia you. They’ll laugh at you. They’ll cut you loose like a trick after they’ve flim-flammed you. Your scratch cop is the only way to put a hook in their stinkin asses.” pg 60

        “Her name was Maude and she Georgiaed me in 1921.” first sentence.


  32. Aladawg

    Great work Rebecca and Senator, but I will continue to insist that Jere Morehead is the driver to this train and McGoofy is merely his dunce to pass the word on.


    • Cojones

      You would think a UGA lawyer with a background of Professor of Business Law at Terry College of Business would be able to look into such a ruse and correct it before it becomes an alumni revolt led by the alumna.


  33. AthensHomerDawg

    Allow her to retort.


  34. ATL Dawg

    Thank you for all the hard work on this Rebecca and Senator. You’ve both done a great job.


  35. MLB2

    Shorter Greg McGarity: All these fucking 5* players ain’t cheap!


  36. Thorn Dawg

    GM is making it easier and easier to stay at home and watch.


  37. I can’t believe I didn’t catch the Pulp Fiction reference until right now. I must be slipping in my older age.


  38. NCDawg

    How are we not touching the concept that football is only source of revenue and who is at fault for that? Basketball, while not football money, can be a significant plus if anyone at BM gave a shit. Smaller schools like West Virginia, Iowa St and even historic afterthoughts like Penn St make money.


  39. StatGal

    Seriously–I thought the first take on this was great, but this is too fun (or it would be if it weren’t so aggravating). Another fine effort, Rebecca! Making UGA statistics grads everywhere, proud! (1998, 2000). Looks like she showed up at UGA about the time my husband I were leaving. Sorry we didn’t overlap as (other than my husband – ha) she’s now my favorite statistician. lol


  40. AJ

    Seriously. Time to suck it up and move on. Success isn’t cheap.


    • Are you planning to spend your hard earned money on season tickets? If so, pat yourself on the back for your willingness to accept higher prices. Feel free to let the AA treat you as a wallet rather than a paying customer. If not, don’t lecture those of us who do about the price of success.


  41. Captain Obvious

    I 💖 StatDawg82


  42. Mike

    This is becoming such a boring topic. I think we should move on. The athletic dept has proven once again they don’t really care about presentation and act like a for profit business. Not that big of a deal. The ticket price increase is also not that big of a deal. The team is doing well, we have to pay more to see it. Supply and demand. Who cares if the marketing pitch sucked.


    • I care that the marketing pitch was misleading. We’ll see what impact the ticket price increase has on supply and demand because I don’t see a lot of people clamoring to jump in to increase demand.

      When you say the increase isn’t that big of a deal, are you a season ticket holder and Hartman contributor or not? I am and, yes, while at this time I plan to maintain my tickets, I certainly think it’s a big damn deal.


      • Aladawg

        I am a long time donor and holder of 8 tix. I also think it is a big damn deal. While I am still deciding what to do the deceit involved in the marketing process has been disgusting.


        • Ala, it’s frustrates the heck out of me that our AD had the nerve to use crap data to prove his point. I also think the optics of doing this at a time when everyone is losing their tax deduction for the contribution is a terrible look.


          • Aladawg

            Absolutely. I have no illusions about the fact that we have been successful and Morehead is the real 800 pound gorilla in the room. The delivery has been horrible and as I look back in the lean years I never saw any rebates on lack of success for those who hung with it. Other than window dressing the experience has not been improved. The next dry spell(and that will happen) all these fair weather fans WILL jump ship AGAIN and we loyal ones will have to foot the bill again. Ugh.


      • Mike

        Yes and yes.


    • This is becoming such a boring topic. I think we should move on.

      I’m always amused at suggestions like this popping up in threads with lots of comments and thousands of hits.

      Nobody’s stopping you from moving on, my man.


      • Mike

        Okay. I will. Just saying. It is. Agreed there are a ton of comments, but after all this is a football blog and people come here to talk about football. I guess
        I’m confused on why we didn’t think prices would increase?
        The actual dollar amount of the increase pales in comparison to what we see Delta increase their tickets by during heavy demand, or, the hotels in Athens for that matter.
        CFB has been treated like a business for a while now.


        • Your first mistake is convincing yourself that these posts are about the ticket price increase itself.

          Your second is assuming B-M is run like a business.


          • Mike

            No. I did not convince myself this is only about ticket prices, which I clearly stated in my initial post.

            I’m not really sure where you’re going with the 2nd point. Guess I’m supposed to read between the lines. Cool.


            • Nice try, but you don’t get off that easy.

              If you agree these posts aren’t about the ticket price increase itself, then “I guess I’m confused on why we didn’t think prices would increase? The actual dollar amount of the increase pales in comparison to what we see Delta increase their tickets by during heavy demand, or, the hotels in Athens for that matter.” is irrelevant to the discussion. So why ask? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

              As far as reading between the lines goes, you don’t need a secret decoder ring. Just read the archives here about the Georgia Way, or merely reflect on the fact that Delta isn’t a non-profit agency of the state government with a tax exemption. It’s not that hard to figure out.

              I get it that you’re happy with the football program’s success. It sounds like you believe McGarity and B-M deserve a pass because of that. I find that an incredibly boring take, but more power to you. I would say, though, if you’re looking for a place to join in on that sentiment with you, you’ve made a wrong turn on the Internet. Maybe you should email McGarity directly; I’m sure you’d get a far more positive response.


              • Mike

                I’m not looking to get off easy. I’m also not looking for a bunch of allies in some type of positive PR campaign for BM. I stated the marketing job by BM was poor. All that being said, get over it. Their treatment of the fan base is no different than any other college program. The price increase was also not that significant.
                Your blog is great and I read it every day, regardless of how negative you go on BM. So, not that you care, don’t take this as some personal attack.
                BM is a non-profit with over $116MM in expenses and $123MM in rev (I think). Not huge profit margins so of course they are going to juice the revenue when they can. Why would you expect any different? As for the way they marketed the price increase…I envision some $45k/year employee putting that detail together and I highly doubt they spend a bunch of time analyzing it before its published because at the end of the year they don’t have to. You and everyone else is still going to buy tickets and if you don’t there’s a long line waiting behind you.
                Maybe I’m biased because I ran track and cross country in college and was one of the little people that benefited off the program.


                • Never took it as a personal attack. As I said in my first response to you, it’s amusing that someone can ask folks to move on from a topic that’s garnered lots of attention and reaction, and not just here, either.

                  BTW, the USA Today numbers you’re relying on are outdated. Football program for the fiscal year ending mid-17 generated a net profit of more than $56 million and the athletic department as a whole netted better than $47 million. That’s on top of the $80 million reserve fund. And that’s using the school’s numbers, which are ginned up. The ticket price hike was sold by McGarity as meeting the need to make ends meet. You can call that poor PR, if you like. I’d call it something entirely different.


  43. illinidawg

    People spent thousands of dollars to go to Notre Dame and the post-season. If you think this shit is going to impact attendance you are nuts.