“Georgia is your new recruiting overlord…”

Trust me, you’ll enjoy reading Bill Connelly’s new multi-year recruiting rankings.  Once you get past basking in the glow of Georgia’s numbers, though, I’d like to return to a theme I’ve hit on earlier this week.

Here’s the trend line for the fourteen SEC schools, comparing their five-year rankings against their current two-year rankings, in order of how they stand now:

  • Georgia +3
  • Alabama -3
  • Auburn -2
  • LSU -1
  • Florida -5
  • Texas A&M -1
  • South Carolina +2
  • Tennessee -7
  • Mississippi State +5
  • Ole Miss -10
  • Kentucky +1
  • Missouri +5
  • Vanderbilt +5
  • Arkansas -14

Again, Georgia is getting some separation in the East; the question is how long that trend will last.

The other interesting thing to note is that from a talent standpoint, the bottom of the West is heading towards being as bad as the bottom of the East has been, and rather quickly at that.


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8 responses to ““Georgia is your new recruiting overlord…”

  1. KornDawg

    I don’t see it changing anytime soon. CKS is a relentless recruiter. Take a look at the ESPN rankings for the 2019 class. The top three committed* players are UGA guys. Kirby seems to be hitting his stride, might need to budget for more chopper fuel.

    *I realize commitment doesn’t really mean much in the world of recruiting, but it’s basically all we have to go by.

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  2. Mark

    “Again, Georgia is getting some separation in the East; the question is how long that trend will last.”

    Yep. Five of the six teams in plus territory are in the east.

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  3. engrdawg

    Florida at -5 with Mississippi State at +5…that’s a 10 point swing on Dan Mullen. Is he that bad at recruiting?

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  4. To repeat the question I asked Bill C. that he never replied back to me…

    Is it not optimal that the only P5 team in the city of Atlanta is being outrecruited by football programs such as Minnesota, Purdue, and Cincinnati?

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    • Bulldog Joe

      GT is doing a good job distancing themselves from their other in-state peers.

      GT #52
      GASO #87
      GAST #93
      MU #139
      KSU #144

      The Perfect Optimal.


  5. DawgPhan

    it’s pretty amazing recruiting.

    And it’s not playing around with the numbers either. This isn’ some 300 point class with 30 guys.


  6. lakedawg

    And can you believe the basketball dawgs have the number 1 class in nation. Now I am really torn about Mark Fox.