Son of #93K

You’d think we Dawg fans proved our mettle with the way we showed out last season in places like South Bend and Pasadena, but, hey, I guess it’s a new season for us just like it is for the team, as Kirby figured signing day was ripe for another challenge.

“As we all know, every team that gets a new head coach in the SEC, what is the mantra, what is the battle cry for their fan base to turn out and really represent their teams,” Smart said. “We need our fan base, who has done everything we’ve asked them to do, to turn out April 21st at 4:00 and be out there for G-Day in what we expect to be another sellout, packed opportunity to go out and represent University of Georgia and show these kids in recruiting that it does matter and it is special here.”

Man, this fan stuff is getting to be hard work.


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23 responses to “Son of #93K

  1. Is McGarity going to read the contract for the pre-game entertainment this time?

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  2. J-DawG

    The word “sellout” bothers me. I thought G-day was free admission. Did I miss something there?


  3. Jack Burton

    Fields will help get people there by himself. Kirby is just providing an extra nudge. I have no doubt Sanford will be full.


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    “Man, this fan stuff is getting to be hard work”…LMAO! I about spit out my coffee at that line;-)


  5. HiAltDawg

    Walked by Sanford yesterday and Facilities better “Attack The Day” because they got a lot of work left in the West Endzone “give us your money for recruits to enjoy the game in luxury” Project. Or, It might be 9.3K Day at Clarke Central…


    • DoubleDawg1318

      The project isn’t due to finish until August. The video board will be ready but everything else will probably be walled off and picked up. We won’t be able to fit 93k this year.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Will make my decision when they announce the guest rapper.

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    • KornDawg

      I know you’re likely saying that in jest, but I have a suggestion. I’m an old school (kind of, more liked middle-aged school) metalhead, so I know very little about the popular music of the day, just what a glean from my daughter’s music choices. But that guy from Migos showed up at a few of the Dawgs’ games this season, I think he was even at the Rose Bowl. They’re from Lawrenceville and at least one of them seems to be a UGA fan, that might be something McG and co. want to explore, just make sure to read the contract rider.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Just don’t bring back Kendrick Lamar. That didn’t work out well for us.


      • Comin' Down The Track

        Yep, Migos are good, and Killer Mike of Run The Jewels got the crowd at the Georgia Theatre chanting U-G-A! R-T-J! last night. Sadly, I think all of Big Boi’s (Outkast) kids go to Tech. 😦



    If the weather is nice, it will be done.


  8. Macallanlover

    I had figured 65K to 75K before this KS call out to fans, I have no doubt that, weather cooperating, it will be another overflow situation. I had planned to go but now the hassle factor just went up significantly. With no assigned seating, you have to get there extra early to get a decent seat. It is a full day event where not arriving and hour and a half before it starts means you could be watching (basically) a practice from the nose bleed sections.

    I agree with keeping it a lively event where the stadium is mostly full, but the idea that less than full indicates a lack of fan interest is one that becomes a bad fail every time you don’t have a banner season the year before and a dozen very high profile newbies sets you up to fail. I would have left it like it was, 75K with no extra effort would have been impressive enough, and I think that was pretty much assured.


  9. The Dawg abides

    Per Towers yesterday, the seating in the west end zone won’t be available. Not gonna be 93k.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Kirby Smart led Georgia to an 11-1 regular season, an SEC Championship, the Rose Bowl, and a national championship game. If he wants me to show up at a free exhibition which will cost me gas money and some cash for tailgate supplies, I think I can manage that. It’s a much smaller ask than the ticket price hike.


  11. Mike Cooley

    Torn. Already planned to be there. And I see how this helps recruiting. But I hate that I now have to negotiate a game day style mob when it was going to be far less hectic. Oh well.