Another searing hot take from Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Tony had to wait a few days to make sure it was safe to post this.

Can’t wait to hear about spring ball.  Indeed, why should I wait?  Please take a minute to share Barnhart’s likely thoughts in the comments section.  You can do this!


UPDATE:  He’s just getting warmed up.



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33 responses to “Another searing hot take from Mr. Conventional Wisdom

  1. That Swift kid can really run the ball.


  2. JoshG

    “Don’t be surprised if we see Justin Fields take snaps in open-to-public scrimmage.”


  3. ApalachDawg

    “Kirby Smart can coach some football”.
    “Georgia is a fertile recruiting state.”
    “Varsity hot dogs are very very good.”
    “It is very humid in July in Georgia.”
    Quoteth Mr. CFB


  4. Bryan D Ramsey

    After watching Justin Fields for 7,000 yards and 37 touchdowns today, don’t forget what Smart’s friend and mentor Nick Saban did last year when confronted with handling a true – freshman star at that position blocked by an experienced and winning incumbent.


  5. The other Doug

    Is Kirby Mart building something special at the University of Georgia? The spring practices and game might give us insight.


  6. Jeff Sanchez

    “After taking the Bulldogs to the National Championship in his first year, Jake Fromm has the starting QB position locked up. But look out for true freshman five star Justin Fields. He gives Georgia a different look that teams have to prepare for”


  7. Ga loses a lot of experience and talent, but they have had two great recruiting classes and should be able to field a talented team.


  8. Bright Idea

    From the looks of that roster in spring practice, IF Georgia can get by USCe they’ll be undefeated after week 2!

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  9. Spike

    Usually the better team wins.


  10. gastr1

    I’m waiting for him to point out that he can’t believe people pay him to do this job, it’s just the best ever.

    I also cannot believe anyone pays Tony Barnhart. He is comedy gold, though, i have to give him that.


  11. Copernicus was probably right

    I think it’s becoming clear that the Earth most likely revolves around the sun. Look for more confirmation of this in the coming years but the science already seems pretty firm on this issue.


  12. tbia

    After looking at spring practice, don’t be surprised if some of the same teams pop up in the College Football Playoff.


  13. Tony B

    This is not going to be a popular opinion but if you think North Korea is a nice place, I’ve got news for you…it isn’t.


  14. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Nil Butron may see some snaps on the scout team. Also, he is a pud.


  15. BMan

    Top 5 Hot Takes for Mr. Conventional Wisdom:
    1. New coaches around the SEC are getting a feel for their rosters this Spring.
    2. UGA is the team to beat in the SEC East
    3. Talented freshman really battling for playing time on SEC rosters this Spring.
    4. Brining in talent is only half the battle; coaching them up is the other half.
    5. Jeremy Pruitt runs off three defensive backs and two secretaries before season gets started (sorry, that last one was for me, don’t know how it slipped in).


  16. OrlandoDawg

    3 things to remember about spring ball: one, there WILL be competition, and last, someone’s QBR might surprise us.


  17. Vidaliaway

    Watching Bammer’s spring game last year, I was thinking damn, they just look different than the other teams. I believe we will have that look this year.


  18. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I have no idea what Barnhart will post. I am always totally surprised by everything he has to say.


  19. Jack Klompus

    Don’t think these upper classman at UGA are just going to hand their jobs to all these 5* recruits. They’re going to have to work for it.


  20. djrichiep

    “Although important, the Spring Game just doesn’t count as much as when the rubber meets the road in the regular season.”

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  21. Tony Barnfart

    Georgia fans know that SOMEBODY with the initials J-F will be under center in 2018.

    With Jake Eason transferring, now Jacob Fromm steps into the same shoes he saw in 2017. Follow me here….


  22. doofusdawg

    Still like Tony and his boring traditional self. Maybe it’s just whenever I see him on tv I know there is sec football nearby.


  23. You. Have. To. Be. Able. To. Run the Ball Effectively. To. Set up. Play Action


  24. CannonDawg

    “I know this is going to rub some people the wrong way, but folks, listen to me–with all the recruits they signed, with all the really good players they’re bringing back, and with all the Georgia coaches calling me all hours of the night and day to tell me about the momentum they now have, I’m gonna be really surprised if Georgia’s not pretty good next season.”


  25. Captain Obvious

    No. “1-A”–No one should be surprised if the sun comes up tomorrow


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