MoMass was one of my favorites when he was here.  Today it was a surprise to learn that he’s lost a hand because of a severe accident on an ATM ATV.

If you haven’t seen this yet, be forewarned, it’s devastating to watch.

I can’t begin to imagine what that must be like.  If he’s found peace, that’s great.  It’s also great that he had plenty of support from folks at UGA.



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29 responses to “Massaquoi

  1. So sad. One of my favorites. I think you meant to say ATV, not ATM though.


  2. 81Dog

    that is shocking. MoMass seemed like a cool guy, and he was a great player for UGA. I hope he makes a good recovery, and is able to function in a productive way in the non-football part of his life. I guess it just proves, once again, that life is fragile, and good health is, too, even if you are a star athlete.


  3. I hope he has on a good professional pathway, or is in the process of discovering one. Deserving. This is a tragic story but as a man, he appears to have made peace with this, as much as possible. Nothing but good wishes for him and good health. Godspeed Mo……


  4. illini84

    “The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture> by Frank Wilson is a worthy read about just this topic. He writes about people who make their livings with their hands and how they cope when they lose the use of one (especially their dominant hand).

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  5. I can’t read his name without Munson’s breathless “MASSAQUOI” popping up in my head. I thought that Sony was the one that took the worst from an ATV, but it could of been much worse.

    Wish you nothing but the best Massaquoi. The 1:56 mark is what remember you best as a Dawg:

    Good luck to your bright future.


  6. Borodawg

    Could only imagine had awful that would be (not trying to make lite of the accident) but how amazing is the technology in that prosthetic.


  7. illini84

    “After several years of piano study I began to see musicians as patients. Most came expecting that a doctor with musical training would better understand their physical problems than one without such experience. Later, the “hand cases” also came from restaurants, banks, police stations, dental offices, machine shops, beauty parlors, hospitals, ranches. All came for the same simple reason: they could not do their jobs without a working pair of hands.”


  8. ugadawgguy

    This is awful; I had no idea that had happened to him.

    Last time I saw him, he was interviewing for what sounded like some kind of sales job at lunch in Midtown Atlanta in 2013. I was a couple of tables away from him and recognized him pretty quickly, then was gradually saddened by the realization that this young man’s football career was apparently over.

    But this is obviously on another level. Truly tragic.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    How in the world did this happen with seemingly no coverage of it in the media, national, regional, Dawg, or otherwise? I saw this piece this morning on social media and none of my Dawg buddies had any idea this happened to MoMass. I’m so glad that Ron Courson and others at UGA have stepped up to help him out and it looks like his recovery is going very well. Still, though, I would have loved a chance to show some support. You’re a Damn Good Dawg, Mohamed. We all love you.

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    • WF Dawg

      That’s what I can’t get over–how the story didn’t get out. Really rooting for MoMass. I remember seeing him as a freshman and knowing that he had the “it” factor as a WR. I hope he’ll also have it in whatever he chooses to do in life after football.


  10. OurADisAGlorifiedBoatAnchor

    He was at Goldman or Morgan Stanley a year or 2 ago and pinged me for prospecting. Hope he’s doing well.


  11. Debby Balcer

    A DGD!! Glad to hear he was supported by UGA. Gnatt and Courson are a very important part of our team. I hope the Paul Oliver Foubdation is helping too.


  12. Saxondawg

    Posted about this on the Vent–I’m finishing co-authoring a book with a doctor who rewires the nerves the run from brain to hand, so that a prosthetic hand can be fully controlled by the mind (like Luke Skywalker). That’s pretty new. But this doctor is the first to rewire the receptor nerves so that the person can FEEL through a prosthetic hand, which is pretty incredible. I imagine MoMass has already been told about this–incredible implications, for example, for Wounded Warriors and others.


  13. TMC DAWG

    Man this is tough news, but correct me if I’m wrong. Mo mass is a high character guy. He will land on his feet and do well for n life. Prayers for you Mo Mass DGD!!


  14. One of my favorites. Tough, reliable player.

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  15. Raleighwood Dawg

    As others have mentioned, I’m not sure how this didn’t make the news earlier. Powerful message. He definitely seems to have a positive outlook. Life is precious.


    • Macallanlover

      Add me to that list. When I saw this on the evening news tonight I was having trouble comprehending that it had occurred long enough ago that the procedure was now complete. In this day of instant news and focus on the meaningless details, how could it not have been on every Dawg blog and message board? Prayers for a DGD.


  16. Spike

    What a tough break for a fine young man. And what talent catching the ball! One of UGA’s best and one of my favorite all time Dawgs. I met him a couple of times while he was at UGa as my young son was such a fan. He met with us, showed my son around, took photos signed autographs and stayed in touch with my son well after his playing career was over. Thanks for the memories Mo Mass!


  17. Spike

    I almost forgot.. Senator, do you know how we could write or e mail Mo Mass?


  18. Spike

    Ok, Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.


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