As the Urnge turns…

Vol Nation was happy about Robert Gillespie, running backs coach, being the one holdover on Jeremy Pruitt’s staff.

Gillespie has served in that position since coming to Tennessee in 2013. While fans are likely wanting to distance themselves from all things Butch Jones in a hurry, Gillespie is the one holdover that should excite fans.

After all, the group of RBs that has cycled through Knoxville each of the past two seasons has been one of the few bright spots in a disappointing stretch. Alvin Kamara, John Kelly, and Ty Chandler have produced some impressive performances despite the recent struggles. With that in mind, keeping Gillespie in Knoxville looks to be a smart move.

So, would that make this dumb?

Pruitt’s gonna Pruitt, y’all.


UPDATE:  Man, this is so last week.

New Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt gave no indication any staff changes were imminent last Wednesday at the Vols’ recruiting presentation at the Tennessee Theatre.

During the Q & A portion of the presentation, a fan asked Pruitt why he had elected to retain Gillespie.

“Recruiting against Tennessee, there’s guys that when you go into a house, or you followed them into a house, you know what they have done in respect to recruiting,” Pruitt said. “ You look at the way his players have played, very well-respected in the profession, and we’re excited that he’s here.”

Gillespie also spoke at the Tennessee Theatre last week, sharing his excitement about being a part of the Vols’ new staff.

“I’ll tell you this, some people get an opportunity to coach at the University of Tennessee one time, I’m fortunate this is my second time to be a coach at Tennessee and I’m excited,” Gillespie said. “As you look at the (coaches seated) behind me, obviously coach has done a really good job putting the staff together.

“Having guys like this behind me in the office every day makes you want to compete to be the best coach you can be, because we have really good football players, and I believe right now we have the guys that can get the best out of the guys we have on this campus.”

The dream is over.


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22 responses to “As the Urnge turns…

  1. Russ

    This is going to lead to a spectacular flame out. Not sure Jeremy knows how to be a head coach, but thankfully he’s got Phil looking over his shoulder to take any credit that may come along.

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  2. Randy

    I think CJP could be a fine head coach. But he is stubborn and seems to believe that if it isn’t his way then it’s the wrong way. That works fine when your the boss. But I’m guessing he and Fulmer are going to butt heads more than Vols fans would like. If he doesn’t win early; I predict some stormy days ahead in Knoxville and I do not think this team is talented enough to win a lot early.


  3. Otto

    I know many will scoff at Tennessee but one of the big complaints UT fans had under Kiffin and SOD was that they weren’t allow to fire holdover from the prior staff. I am not saying Pruitt won’t be a spectacular flame out but things are changing in Knoxville.


  4. So he used him to try to stabilize the recruiting class, then ditched him. Should pan out for him well on the recruiting trail… TOP 5 CLASS NEXT YEAR


  5. AusDawg85

    As a D coach, JP sure does seem to have a problem with RB’s.

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  6. Granthams replacement

    Looks like he eats more double cheeseburgers and donuts at UT than he did at FU.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The term ‘parted ways’ includes the possibility that Gillespie just decided he wasn’t going to stay after watching JP at work.


  8. Will Trane

    Appears Chris Low is not that smart after all. Why people regard some of these sports reporters in high regard is baffling!
    Names three RBs while Gillespie has been there. Kamara is good but he was not with UT at first. Went to Bama, kicked out, then to UT.
    So what has Gillespie recruited over this period of time Chris Low. Nothing.
    What did he bring in during this last recruiting cycle. Well, there is your answer Chris.
    No doubt Pruitt was not satisfied with this performance. After all Pruitt spent 2 years with the Dawgs and 2 with Bama.
    So you have to know damn well he knows running backs.
    Pruitt is sending a message. Get on board and produce or be gone…harks back to Hoover days.
    Guess that is hard for the Urange and others to understand


  9. The other Doug

    Any chance it’s a recruiting violation?


  10. Tatum

    Looks like he ate Trooper Taylor.

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  11. 83Dawg

    the implosion is going to be epic


  12. TnDawg

    Attendance is down, Tn fires RB Coach. As college football continues its race to beat the NFL at the business game, so goes its appeal.


  13. willypmd

    Looks like an excellent running game analyst at UGA to me