Gap yapping

The five-year average of the 247Sports Composite team rankings has Georgia sitting third nationally in terms of signing talent.  Now, as the article points out, that’s not the same metric as how much talent will be suiting up in the fall.  (“They don’t take player attrition, player development, transfers or other factors into consideration…”)

Aside from that, there’s another factor to consider — the number of kids from the 2014 classes who will be actual contributors in 2018, when they’re redshirt seniors.  Here’s Georgia’s 2014 list, for example.  By my count, there are two of the twenty signees, Gaillard and Baker, who are still around.  It’s a guess on my part, but I doubt that ratio is an outlier, particularly at major programs where there are various forms of regular attrition.

So, I wonder what those averages would look like for SEC schools if you lopped off their 2014 classes.  Math is hard, but here goes.  Teams are listed in their five-year averages order, with the five-year average in parenthesis.  (The chart only listed the top 25 schools.)

  • Alabama:  2.5 (2.2)
  • Georgia:  4.25 (5.0)
  • LSU:  7.5 (6.4)
  • Auburn:  9.75 (9.0)
  • Tennessee: 13.75 (12.4)
  • Texas A&M:  14.75 (12.8)
  • Florida:  14.50 (13.4)
  • Ole Miss:  21.0 (19.8)
  • South Carolina:  21.25 (20.2)
  • Mississippi State:  25.00 (27.0)

That’s ten out of fourteen conference schools listed in the top 25, which isn’t a bad batting average.

What’s really of interest, though, is that while there was little shifting of the overall order after lopping off 2014, every program but two —  Georgia and Mississippi State — saw its average decline.  Now I doubt anybody’s crying for Tuscaloosa, but some of those drops are pretty significant in a conference where almost every program recruits well.  It will be interesting to see which coaches can reverse those trends over the next couple of seasons, but, again, the signs are there for Georgia to have an edge in talent over everyone but you-know-who during that time period.


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11 responses to “Gap yapping

  1. Sanford222view

    I think Keyon Brown is still around but I don’t think he plays much at OLB. Maybe he is on special teams.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Best part is that I counted 11 who made good contributions last year. That’s a decent percentage of guys hanging around 4 years in this day and time.


  3. Mike Cooley

    Whatever happened to Shatttle Fenteng?


    • The Dawg abides

      He finished his eligibility, but had shoulder problems and never lived up to the reported potential. Only made a few garbage time appearances.


      • Mike Cooley

        Thanks. I remembered that he had some excitement around his recruitment but was one of several juco players that didn’t seem to pan out. Jake Edwards was another one I had forgotten about and can’t remember what happened. I seem to vaguely remember him leaving the team. Was it injuries?


  4. DawgPhan

    There is almost no way you can slice the recruiting data where UGA isnt in the top 3. It really is amazing how consistent they have been


  5. rchris

    In 2015 247 had us 6th, just ahead of #7 Auburn, our highest rated regular rival. This year we’re likely to be 3rd, while Auburn probably slips to 9th. I think it’s fair to say that our rising and their falling are interrelated events. It’s nice to know that our signing a top rated Georgia kid not only helps us, but weakens the Plainwartigers as well.


  6. Ozam

    I love gaps!


  7. The name Jacob Park feels 100 years older than Sony Michel.