Ole Miss strenuously objects.

Well, now, who doesn’t like to watch a school go to war against the NCAA?  I’m not talking about Notre Dame, which strikes me as having valid grounds to criticize the organization’s double standard regarding academic misconduct.

Nah, I’m talking about the SEC’s Rebels without a cause who think they have one.  And they’re pretty belligerent about it.

Ole Miss submitted its written appeal to the NCAA last Monday. The university published the document on Wednesday, and in doing so kept up with its recent aggressive tone toward the Committee on Infractions and its ruling.

“This Committee should vacate and reverse the penalties and factual findings,” the appeal stated, “because the COI abused its discretion, departed from precedent, committed procedural errors, and reached factual conclusions inconsistent with the evidence.”

I’m sure this makes for great posturing with the home folks, but does the school really think anyone at the NCAA is going to be impressed with heated oratory like this?

The Committee on Infractions handed down its ruling to Ole Miss on Dec. 1. In its ruling, the committee essentially determined Ole Miss had an out-of-control booster culture, which spanned decades and cited cases from 1986 and 1994.

The use of cases which were more than two decades old as an aggravating factor bothered Jeff Vitter, Ole Miss’ chancellor, and Ross Bjork, the Rebels’ athletic director, when they addressed the media that day.

The written appeal hit on that point again.

“At what point does an institution get a clean slate in the infractions process? For this COI panel,” the appeal stated, “the answer appears to be ‘never.'”

Um… that’s how patterns over time get established, fellas.

Ole Miss wants an in-person appeal with the Infractions Appeals Committee, presumably because the one thing more persuasive than heated writing is in-your-face arguing.  I’m guessing the NCAA won’t be receptive, but who knows?



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6 responses to “Ole Miss strenuously objects.

  1. Macallanlover

    Old Miss deserves punishment, and there is no doubt if you feel rules must be obeyed, and punishment applied when you break them. But I can understand how they feel singled out when so many have been ignored. Auburn 2010 with Cam was an obvious example, and was right next door. How does the NCAA not punish Auburn, unless you count the mysterious “flash suspension” of Cam that lasted about 12 hours? If he wasn’t guilty, why was there a “suspension” at all? Truly a cave in to the public profile Cam was at that time, but another example of what the NCAA has become.

    I don’t say this is the worst travesty of justice the NCAA has been involved in (or close to being the only evidence of dirt on Auburn), but their actions certainly seem to bend to how strong the winds are blowing relative to public outcry or protracted legal action. Ole Miss cheated, they deserve punishment; but there is no consistency: State Penn, AU, UNC, Miami, etc. (and yes, the NCAA has some solid ground with UNC because they have mandatory, educationally based academic standards that must adhered to so theyhave some say as to how they must be consistently applied.)


  2. Bigshot

    Ole Miss is an easy whipping boy for the NCAA.


  3. Russ

    Damn, the NCAA is so screwed up they’re almost making Ole Miss a sympathetic figure. Almost.

    Ole Miss’ punishment fits their recent transgressions in my opinion. I think the mentioning of events 30+ years ago is just blustering by the NCAA, but it does look stupid given the NCAA’s lack of action on other cases.


  4. 69Dawg

    They are taking the Miami approach “Let’s get ready to rumble”. Big problem is that Ole Miss is not a very large school and they don’t have a president that was politically connected. The other thing they have going against them is the general publics belief that “if you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying” is the moto of the Southeaster Conference, not “It just means more”.


  5. Look ,I can’t see how you criticize Ole Miss for this approach. Have we learned nothing …..Butts-Mehre cooperates and A.J. Greene and Todd Gurley get suspended for 4 games for next to nothing while Auburn denies…denies….denies and the Scamster gets a 12 hour suspension. It appears to me that Ole Miss is learning the correct lesson. I likewise don’t want to answer for alot shit I did in 1986.

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  6. 81Dog

    You read all that, especially the gripes about an out of control booster culture and a history of infractions, and you just have to shake your head at how Auburn skated on the Cam Newton thing. You also have to wonder if the hammer is coming for Pearl after all the Chuck Person/Adidas/FBI fiasco stuff finally gets aired out.

    Pearl was a brilliant choice for AU. Great coach on the floor, great recruiter, seemed to be very comfortable with skirting/bending/ignoring rules. But with the feds involved, and their unlimited resoures and ability to squeeze little fish until they say what the feds want them to say about the bigger fish, it’s going to be a little tougher row to hoe than trying to outwit the NCAA.