Musical palate cleanser, still bringin’ it edition

I saw Delbert McClinton again last night at the Variety Playhouse.  For a man in his late seventies who’s had heart bypass surgery, he’s remarkable.  Show was great.

Here’s one of the songs he performed, “New York City”, shown here in a very different setting, the annual Sandy Beaches Cruise he sponsors.

The band was just as tight last night as what you hear there.


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17 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, still bringin’ it edition

  1. Billy King

    I was at the Variety as well. 5th time i’ve Seen him. He remarkably remains the consummate showman and has the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand. Were you near the stage?



    Every time I roll the dice…


  3. Delbert McClinton spent several hours with John Lennon in 1962, giving Lennon tips on playing harmonica. The Beatles were the opening act for Bruce Channel – Delbert played harmonica for Bruce (think “Hey, Baby”). Delbert, who will be 78 this year, influenced Lennon’s harmonica style.


  4. 86BONE

    WOW….best cup of Joe I have had an a while! That band and Delbert’s unique vocals can flat bring it!


  5. DavetheDawg

    I saw Delbert open up for Atlanta Rhythm Section back in about ’79, I think…maybe ’80 in Stegman Coliseum. Despite the horrible acoustics of the Steg (don’t know if it has improved any), he was great (as was ARS).


  6. Athens Dog.

    Lyle Lovett was quoted as saying “if you could choose how you sound you’d want to sound like Delbert”.


  7. Rampdawg

    Saw him a lot when I was stationed at Ft Hood back in the late 70s early 80s. He would play the Austin Opry house and he used to rock out The Armadillo World Headquarters.