The best preseason happy talk

… is the preseason happy talk that comes from the mouths of Georgia’s rivals.

Those Gators are gonna be awesome this year, I tells ‘ya.  ‘Cause nobody else has hard preseason workouts.


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18 responses to “The best preseason happy talk

  1. Spike

    But you gotta like the S&C Coaches name…. “Nick Savage”…


  2. J-DawG

    Only the new recruits will benefit from this new attitude and work ethic. The other “veteran” gators won’t be able to shake the lazy culture they’ve been living in. This year makes it two in a row at Jax. Also, his S & C program didn’t help his MS puppies against us last year.


    • Cojones

      You bet – and therein lies the rub for them.

      We need to wait until the week before the Jax game and give them a bloviated view of our S&C such that it would negate the mental conditioning that they receive along with their s&c. Deflating them mentally just before game week should make for a better UGA game in the 3rd and the 4th qtrs. Maybe leaking sumpin’ along the lines of a daily cage drill and dog biscuits for dessert after carrying logs plus other team-building physical exertions that puts SEAL training to shame.

      It is permissible under the rules to lead them into mental attrition concerning their physical preparation, isn’t it? Along the lines of Russian hacking in the last election?


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    I remember the off-season after the disappointing ’09 season, and all the so-called insiders were raving about the new and improved S&C program, and how the team in general was recommitted, and the players themselves suddenly were leading the charge. Even questionable types like Ealey were totally on board, and ’10 would be a huge year. Of course, what followed was a 1-3 start and eventual 6-7 record, which made the previous year seem special in comparison.

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  4. Macallanlover

    I don’t doubt the lazy culture, and lack if discipline, FU has had will be challenged by a new/enthusiastic S&C coach. Let them whine, they will not out work us, certainly not enough to make up for the talent gap. They will still be FU, and we will continue to expand our lead over them.


  5. Bigshot

    I don’t think I would downplayed this as a UGA fan. Sounds pretty much like what was said when Kirby took over at UGA. With Mullen at UF, Muschamp at SC and Pruitt at UT the eastern division will be much better.

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  6. truck

    Nobody remembers how giddy we were about Mat Drills?

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  7. I wonder if the new program made any of Grantham’s new players “choke” because it was so tough?


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    In the off season, everybody’s Hercules.


  9. ChiliDawg

    “gained 5 lbs of muscle and only a week in.”

    Hold on, let me find my composure, I seem to have lost it while laughing uncontrollably at my desk.

    Guys, at this rate every one of them will be 300 lbs and 2% body fat by the time the season gets here.


  10. Dave

    The fact that just about every team w/ a new S&C coach says these things notwithstanding, I don’t recall UF’s troubles stemming from fading in the fourth quarter or being overpowered.

    A harder off-season workout routine isn’t gonna change the fact that they wouldn’t know a completed pass if it took a dump on their heads.

    I definitely do think they’ll be more competitive this year, regardless.


  11. Charlottedawg

    So you’re telling me they’ll be able to cover a slant now?

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  12. BMan

    Every program says this kind of stuff, including UGA. To me, some of the best conditioning a team can do is to build a 3-plus TD lead midway into the 3rd quarter. Play the backups, rest the starters. Fresh legs all around. Georgia did a lot more of that last year than they have done in recent (or long) memory.

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  13. JCDAWG83

    We’re in trouble now. Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing that everyone is buying into the new system, the seniors are really showing leadership, everyone is participating in offseason workouts and Mullen is changing the culture around the program.