The road map to the 2019 signing class

Here’s a nice summary from Jeff Sentell about where Kirby Smart is headed with Georgia’s next class, not from the perspective of individual recruits, but overall needs for the roster.  The staff has already sent out 192 (!) offers, broken down by position as follows:

  • QB: 10 (5 Dual-threats, 5 Pro-Style)
  • RB: 9
  • WR: 28 (Already with a pair of 5-star commits)
  • TE: 5 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • OT: 22 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • OG: 7
  • OC: 1
  • K: 0
  • DE: 33 (Both strong-side and weak-side DEs)
  • DT: 16
  • OLB: 14 (Already with a 5-star commit)
  • ILB: 2 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • CB: 18 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • S: 11
  • ATH: 16
  • Total: 192

It’s interesting to see the points of emphasis at this early stage.  Apparently, somebody has figured out that you can never have enough offensive tackles.  That’s a refreshing change.


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16 responses to “The road map to the 2019 signing class

  1. merk

    Another thing to consider with improving OL depth is competition. Not for the OL but for the D. If the D is going against the 2’s it is a lot better for those guys to be capable of starting than just some bodies to stand in if someone goes down. Same thing with having more than 1 capable QB, they will help push the D when practicing and keep from placing your started into excess reps.


  2. Granthams replacement

    What’s refreshing for me is the depth at every position, with a surplus of DL/OL. You are correct about OTs Senator, it’s a lot easier to make a tackle a guard than a guard a tackle.


  3. Russ

    Somewhat related, I just read that we have 17 OL right now. Of those, 12 are freshmen or sophomores. Where are my shades?


    • Derek

      We also have 5 top-10 rated offensive lineman. Only one is a sophomore. 1 is a RS freshman and 3 are true freshman.

      OSU and Bama have 5 top ten rated OL between them.


    • TXBaller

      Ahhhh, the days of G-Day and having Andrews going both ways are a far memory……


  4. HiAltDawg

    I know I’m turning into a parrot here: Kirby has the program strategically building a roster that focuses right on the strengths of the premier programs we need to dethrone. Right now to win the title in the current configuration (whether we like where the game is or not) UGA has to go through Alabama (in our own conference), Clemson, Ohio State and then another elite team that’s out there (the Rose Bowl wasn’t one of THE greatest games ever because Oklahoma sucked). I mean objectively that seems like the hardest road a team has ever had to go through; and Kirby appears to be assembling the parts. I think it’s a fair question (because we only have two seasons as a body of work) to wonder if “ace recruiter” coaches can develop the players but it sure looks like we got it going on.


  5. rchris

    I think not only are they making OTs into OGs, but also CBs into Ss, and OLBs into ILBs. Of course, they’ve been making WDEs into LBs for quite a while now.


  6. When you’ve got the Jimmies and the Joes, the X’s and O’s become a lot easier. As time goes on, the teams that are going to be able to make us one dimensional will be few and far between. Who doesn’t love 2nd and 3 ?!


  7. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Beginning to look a little like the Dooley Days when the 2’s were as good as the starters at a lot of positions. Nothing like having the ability to keep fresh, talented bodies on the field so the other guy gets worn down. You can pull out a win in the fourth quarter.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    I just can’t help myself…26-23.


  9. 92 grad

    You know what all this beautifully responsible recruiting stuff tells me? Kirby is firmly on notice because if things don’t go extremely well there’s zero excuse, barring horrific serious injuries which I don’t even want to think about. But really, what a ton of pressure to bring it home.


    • Sanford222view

      I feel like that pressure existed as soon as he accepted the job. When you replace a coach who was averaging 10 wins a season you are expected to move the program over the hump to the next level and bring home championships.