Alex, I’ll take potential train wrecks for $200.

Tennessee returns the SEC’s worst offense, brings in a new offensive staff with a different scheme in mind and has personnel questions up and down the roster.  Not exactly a recipe for success in 2018.  Then again, if Pruitt’s defense can shut out every opponent, there’s not much to worry about, amirite?


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  1. I look forward to the train jumping the rails in Knoxville. Jeremy Pruitt has never coached on a staff with the quality of roster he has at UTK this year. It’s going to be fun to watch his head explode at some point during the year.


  2. Jim

    Nowhere to go but up I guess


  3. Borodawg

    What is “Throw-away season”.

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  4. J-DawG

    By midway through the season with mediocre results and Fat Phil’s meddling Pruitt will totally regret taking this job.

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  5. Vidaliaway

    6 & 6 at best this year and that’s being generous.

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  6. Go Dawgs!

    The answer there, “It’s what you think of whenever someone mentions the words ‘shutout’ and ‘Tennessee’ in the same blog post.”

    “What is, 41-0, Alex?”


  7. Tennessee fans on Twitter seem to think this is their year. They are especially excited about playing us for some reason.


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    As much as UT fans still like to think that they are a superior program to UGA historically, we will once again tie the head to head record against them this year, and we are only 15 wins behind them in terms of all-time wins. So a few more 5-6 win type campaigns from UT and we very well might tie them by 2020; not to mention that we are also tied with UT for 2nd in the SEC all-time with 13 SEC championships.

    Within a few short years, UT folks will have absolutely no arsenal left when trying to convince anyone that they are the 2nd best SEC program all-time.

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    • Dawg1

      Neyland got them half of their conference championships. They have underachieved for 50 years, save for the 90s, and even then Manning was 0-4 against UF, correct?

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    • Muttley

      Georgia’s place in the cosmos is radically altered by the fifties- we basically gacked up a whole decade because the department was in financial arrears (due to the original Sanford Stadium note from the late twenties, supposedly). Scholarships were yanked after they had already been extended, and the team was whored out to unreturned road games like Michigan (’57 and ’65) and even (ugh) undercard contests at Grant Field before tech played the main game.

      I have always amazed people by pointing out these two stunning facts: (1) the team played (I think) two games in Sanford in 1957; and (2) when Theron Sapp crossed the goal line to break the drought at tech it was (again, I think- going from memory)- the first time Georgia had scored against Florida, Auburn, or tech in two years. (Or maybe it was just the first touchdown since ’55- not sure; media guide not handy).

      By the time Butts was fired- as coach, but not as AD- it set up a bitter situation where the former head coach, who desperately wanted his job back, was at cross purposes with the current coach for three more extremely disastrous seasons.

      Which brings us back to Knoxville 2018. Come on, September…

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  9. Dawg Stephen

    Look at Tennessees Schedule– Heads will be exploding going into November….

    West VA- Loss
    ETSU- Win
    UTEP- Win
    Florida- Loss
    @ UGA- Loss
    @ Auburn- Loss
    Alabama- Loss
    @ South Car- Loss
    Thats 2-6 after October

    Heading into November they will have Charlotte, Kentucky, Mizzou, and Vandy left…. trying to WIN OUT to be 6-6….

    Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch

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  10. barneydawg

    Fulmer can’t lose. If Pruitt fails, it was because he wouldn’t listen to Fulmer and Phat takes over as Coach. If Pruitt succeeds, it is because of input and sage advice from Phat.

    I think Pruitt is a good DC, but I still have issues with what Florida, especially with Treon Harris, did to us twice.

    I only heard rumors, but does anyone really know how much input Pruitt had on staff hires, such as Rob Sale and Schotty?


  11. 69Dawg

    What kind of offense can we expect from Tyson Helton?


  12. Ozam

    I hate to root against Pruitt. Imho he ran some really good defenses while at Georgia and laid the foundation for last years success.

    I still hate Urnge!


    • Macallanlover

      You are pulling against Pruitt, you are going against TN, which is always the right place to be. The fact Pruitt will be wearing orange makes it OK for him to be associated with losing, every time he takes the field. I think he made a bad decision to take that job, particularly when he saw Foolmer was going to be his boss, and was certain to stick his nose into the football decisions. Sorry he is likely to fail, it will probably hurt his chances to maximize his career. Waiting would have given him a better opportunity at a HC job where he might succeed. I am still unsure he has the skill set to be a good HC at this level, but this looks to be a problem from the start. May the Vols wallow in misery forever.

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      • Ozam

        Regarding his decision, not many people walk away from guaranteed life changing money. Even if the TN gig fails he will be a sought after (and richer) D coordinator.


        • Mayor

          Agreed. Pruitt was offered the HC position at the #2 winningest team all time in the SEC plus millions of dollars. He had to take that job. SOD got paid, what, $12 Mil including the buyout? If it doesn’t work out back to DC. Only richer.


  13. steve

    I don’t think you should ask a Macarena band to play ‘Shoot to Thrill’.
    UTK now appears to have employed a very heavy outside consultantcy group….or several. They are giving directions that are probably funneled then distilled through King Phat Ass before being delivered to Pruitt. There is too much to lose for this to be home-brew only. The media outlets are remarkably coordinated with the message UTK wants to metastasize. This effort will turn up-side-down the first time Pruitt misses a scheduled appointment with his shrink and shoves a microphone down the throat of a nervous cub reporter who asks a question Pruitt didn’t like. This or something like it will probably happen within the next 24 months. There should be a coaches group called ‘not ready for prime time’ like the SNL comedians. Pruitt is trying to channel Angus Young from AC/DC but he is wearing a sombrero.
    Authentic Macarenas typically don’t play with amplified electricity. Oh. And the answer is:’what do people stop and stare at, Alex’.

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  14. Mayor

    The UT players, coaching staff and HC were all shitty last season. Starting with new everything would be an improvement.