Mississippi (still) Burning

Shots fired.

Florida’s Dan Mullen and Scott Stricklin, both formerly of Mississippi State, NCAA investigator Mike Sheridan and the NCAA itself have been throw into the Rebel Rags legal saga.

Rebel Rags, the Oxford-based outlet store, filed a lawsuit against Mullen, Stricklin, Sheridan, the NCAA, Mississippi State’s Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones, and Lindsey Miller, Laremy Tunsil’s estranged stepfather, in Lafayette County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Talk about your motley crew.

The complaint is centered on defamation, civil conspiracy and commercial disparagement. Those are the same allegations the original case, which was filed last June against Lewis, Jones and Miller, are based on. That stems from statements those three provided to the NCAA during its investigation into Ole Miss’ football program.

Rebel Rags alleges that Mullen, Stricklin, Sheridan and the NCAA were a part of an overarching conspiracy, which impacted the outlet store when it was named in the Notice of Allegations.

Well, it’s a theory.

As I like to say, America is a great country — anybody can sue anybody over anything.  Making it stick is a horse of an entirely different color, though.  Still… hey, can you pass that bag of popcorn over this way?


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8 responses to “Mississippi (still) Burning

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Could be a decent business decision, I’m sure the Ole Miss faithful will make sure to support Rebel Rags by purchasing all of their commemorative t-shirts memorializing the upcoming 3-9 season to show their appreciation for the attempt to stick it to the NCAA. Doesn’t matter if they have an hope of winning. As we all know, the Ole Miss people are big fans of lost causes, after all.


  2. Bill Jones

    What is wrong with Rebel Rags? Don’t they know they should allege an “ism” and commence a twitter lynching. No due process or pesky factual inquiries required. College administrators at UF would fire both in a heartbeat if Rebel Rags could trigger an angry mob of sanctimonious students. Huntley has already eaten that lawsuit for breakfast and shat it out.

    Legal process? How 2012 can you be?


  3. TomReagan

    I think the folks watching the Miss State baseball scandal aready have all the popcorn in Mississippi.


  4. The other Doug

    Any chance they get Mullen and Strickland under oath?


  5. Cvegas Dawg

    The only way this could be better is if it was Tennessee and Florida or Auburn and GT instead of Ole Miss and Miss St.


  6. Lrgk9

    Only in Merica.

    Can’t make this stuff up. I figure there is a lawyer in the family…


  7. steve

    I have it on good authority that coach Chuckles disparaged Ole Miss by stating: ‘even a gummy retard can win a river-dance contest sometimes’…(blind squirrels and acorns not withstanding). Mullen now is swearing he was talking about State not Ole Miss and he should not be held accountable…..for anything…bad