“I got your back.”

Sony Michel’s love letter to Dawgnation is a must read.

So read it.


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  1. paul

    Thank you Sony. You will be missed in Athens though we look forward to your future success. You are a Damn Good Dawg!


  2. Defacto_Dawg

    Thank you, Sony Michel, for your dedication to UGA. Your example of leadership and commitment is one that young men who wear the Red & Black will follow for years to come. #SECChampion #RoleModel


  3. The Truth

    No, I’m not crying, you’re crying…

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    • The Truth

      Now that I’ve gathered myself.

      I told my daughter that I already get chills when I think about the first time in the future when there’s a TV timeout and the PA announcer says, “…let’s give a Sanford Stadium welcome to Nick Chubb and Sony Michel!” (Of course, there’s a great chance it won’t be next year because their bye weeks won’t be in sync).

      That place will come unglued. And it will be cool. And folks, as bad as we rightfully bitch about how the AA slaps us around, it’s moments like that that you can’t experience at home.

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    • I’m not a crier….. you know, I, uhhh, I work out.


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    Wow, what a powerful letter and excellent shout out to the DawgNation. We so often think of these guys as athletes that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact they’re also just a bunch of college kids. So much of what Sony talks about reminds me of my feelings about the great times spent at UGA, how hard it was leaving, but how wonderful it is going back with the life long friends you make while there. No different than any of us……ok, except the part about playing in the Rose Bowl;-)

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  5. Timphd

    Damn Good Dawg.


  6. 81Dog

    what a great letter from a kid who has been not just a great player, but a great representative of the university. I am proud of him, and Nick Chubb, also a great kid and great representative, and I hope that both of them know all of us feel about them, and UGA, the way that Sony feels about us and UGA.


  7. tbia

    If Grindhouse doesn’t take that burger, put it on the menu and call it the Sony, they are missing one hell of a marketing opportunity.

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  8. Wow! That article is exactly what #DGD is all about. The man loves Georgia and appreciates what those 4 years meant.

    Sony, you have no need to apologize for the Alabama game. You and all of your teammates left it all out there. You and your senior class have built a foundation that will last.

    We the DawgNation, say, “Thank you.”

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  9. Connor

    Sony seems like a great guy, hoping for the best for him.


  10. Boz

    That guy has already won at life, and will forever be a DGD. Always a good sport, not a showboat, and got better every year. Not much more you could ask for in a College Athlete.


  11. 3rdandGrantham

    Holy cow that was amazing. I honestly was expecting one of those ‘thanks to the greatest fans in the world!!’ type of things that pro athletes do in newspaper ads as they are leaving town. But that was so heartfelt and genuine that it gripped me as I too thought back to my days at UGA.

    I mean, damn, he even waxed poetic about his favorite Athens meal, complete with condiments. Now that’s deep.


  12. Bob

    Awesome. Truly a Damn Good Dawg. And you know what? This is truly a Champion for Life.

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  13. Nate Dawg

    Please, NEVER apologize for that Officially compromised game, or anything else concerning UGA and what you did for Dawg Nation.
    Thank you Sony, Nick, and all you SEC Champions! We love all of you!


  14. OhioDawg

    I feel kinda bad that he apologized for not winning the national championship. I hope he knows that we wanted that one for him just as much as he seems to have wanted it for us.


  15. Cojones

    We will miss every time he gets the ball and we hold our breath. He not only represents his college team out there, but also his hometown of Plantation, Fl. What a good and sincere person he is and that will keep his memory high among the fans. He always seemed to feel he was a Dawg and his acknowledgement of his legacy to our RBs is something that’s hard to express, but he did great.

    Best wishes to you as well, Sony, and we will see you later.


  16. RandallPinkFloyd

    What a great guy. I hope he gets paid, several times, and is able to help out his family. What a unique background, his parents taught him what hard work and sacrifice were all about and he showed it on and off the field. Good luck, Sony. You deserve whatever comes your way.


    • His people came from one of those “shithole countries” (Haiti) didn’t they? What good are they to America? What can they contribute?

      Sorry to do this here but people who support that fuckhead and that attitude need their noses forced deep into the shit pile they’ve crapped on America’s floor with the hope that they won’t fucking do it again.

      Just so you know Ireland was a shithole when we left too ya morons.


      • RandallPinkFloyd

        I believe the CBS story about his upbringing and his parents background including their immigration from Haiti came out right around the same time as the butthole countries comment from our clueless leader. Have to wonder how that struck him and some of his teammates to hear those comments from the POTUS and in the same locker room they have a living, breathing example of someone whose parents immigrated here and is on their way to the American dream.


      • HiAltDawg

        Why are you “sorry to do this here”?


        • David K.

          I figure he feels bad hijacking a feel good post and making it political. That being said, he’s right and our president is a disgrace to this country. At least we have DGD’s like Sony Michel to help restore faith in humanity.


      • lakedawg

        His parents immigrated to the United Staes of America under the regulations and laws governing immigration, nothing illegal about this fine family. They represent what the American dream is about.


        • If the current administration had its way Sony’s parents legal path here would be foreclosed. That’s the issue. No one is claiming they are illegal.

          The “shit hole” comment was in the context of legal immigration. Trump was saying “why do we want people from shitholes like Africa and Haiti. Let’s get more people from Norway.”

          There are two different political questions on the table:

          What do we do with the people already here illegally?

          What sort of legal immigration policy do we want?

          They are seperate and distinct. The shithole comment came up on the second one.


          • Mike Cooley

            Pfft. Come off it, Derek. You don’t care about somebody saying another country is a shit hole. This only matters to you because a Republican said it.


            • Bullshit, this jerk is no republican but he’s hijacked your ass with this and of crap. Keep up the fire Derek!


            • I wouldn’t care if he called a place a shithole and that’s why they should come here, like Sony’s parents did.

              What I object to is the idea that we don’t want people from so called shithole countries. Our best people came from shithole countries. Including my Irish ass.

              There’s a reason there aren’t thousands of Danish knocking on the door. They aren’t living in a shithole.

              People in a shithole want to come here and have better lives for themselves and their children. It’s worked for centuries and will continue to. We’ll get past the racists and the “European nationalist, neo-Nazis” and we’ll continue to live up to the promise enshrined on our Statue of Liberty.

              In short, if you think we’d be better off if Sony was in Haiti, like trump and his voters say they want, well I respectfully disagree.. you fucking idiot.


  17. JasonC

    Geez, and I thought I had too much of a man-crush on Chubb. DGDs!


  18. It’s too bad the falcons just re-signed their walking concussion to a 5 year deal… Plenty of Grindhouse to go around in Atlanta…

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  19. Biggus Rickus

    That’s pretty cool. Good luck to him.


  20. dawgtired

    “but I hope that we gave you all enough amazing memories throughout the season that you can forgive us for not getting it done on that night in Atlanta.”

    Yes Sony, this team DID give us enough amazing memories…and the NC game was a hard fought game and there is nothing to forgive. Go Dawgs and thanks Sony and 2017 team for a great season!


  21. Wow. That letter was just plain awesome. I miss him already.


  22. Russ

    Best of luck to Sony. He sounds like a genuinely nice guy and I hope he gets all he deserves.

    Scroll down and watch the video of Hines Ward returning to Athens. It’s pretty cool, too. A bunch of DGDs, for sure.


  23. JAX

    That hot brunette is licking her lips thinking about getting her a Sony burger.


  24. rchris

    Damn. Good. Letter. Thanks Sony, and thanks Coach Richt for recruiting Sony and coaching him for the first half of his career.


    • Charles

      Not sure it means anything at all, but I did notice that there was no mention of Richt in his list of thanks.


      • Debby Balcer

        Maybe because this was a letter to the Bulldawg nation I am sure he thanked Coach Richt too. His parents raised him right. Great letter.


  25. TomReagan

    This video from Hines popped up below Sony’s in my feed. That’s a cool site.



  26. Just Dawg

    It reminds me of a day 28 years ago when my grandparents, both UGa alumni, were visiting me during my first year in Athens. I told my grandfather, “Athens is so much fun!” He looked off in the distance (into the past, I am sure) and smiled and said, “It sure is. It is the most delightful place in the world.”

    It seems Sony agrees.

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    • WF Dawg

      It’s been 15 years for me, and I understand what your grandfather meant on a deep level. I’ll also add my thanks for what Sony, Nick, Lorenzo, Davin, Isaiah, Roquan and so many others have done. Guys, you may not be playing for the Dawgs anymore, but you’ll never leave the family.


  27. hassan

    Not enough words to describe how much of a DGD he is.

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  28. Comin' Down The Track

    Jazz Hands


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  29. TMC DAWG

    Shows what hard work and determination will get you. At least a 2nd round pick. After Nfl career is over Sony would make a great graduate assistant coach! DGD always


  30. ugafidelis

    That is an awesome reminder of how how Sony and Co. made this a truly special season. We wanted it as much for those that cane back as we did for the team as a whole.

    I’m sure most of y’all have seen this but I’m posting it here for those that haven’t…


  31. Joseph Bastow

    We will all be pulling for you. Thanks for all the great times.


  32. What an incredible endorsement for the football program and the University. I know the staff will use it to help us bring in football recruits but heck it speaks so passionately about the school and the community – you could use it to recruit ALL students.

    Thank you Sony Michel for capturing your entire UGA experience so eloquently.


  33. illini84

    We were fortunate enough to walk back to our car with the Michel family. I shot a quick cell phone camera just because I thought the “Michel Mom and S Michel Dad” shirts were so cool. I didn’t say much to them beyond saying what a fine young man he was and they were very nice in response.


  34. Rebar

    God Bless this Damn Good Dawg


  35. TnDawg

    Thank you Sony!